Etude House Face Color Corset in No.1

Etude House Face Color Corset in No.1

I was never into shimmery blushes and lipsticks. I always feel that shimmery blushes would enlarge my pores and make it more conspicuous than usual. I would always opt for the matte or satin finish blushes. However, since I am loving the Korean makeup look, I am so drawn to their glowing skin. Their secret? Highlighters!!! Wahh.. I am so in love with this picture of Dara Park of 2ne1. 

(credits to Etude House FB page for this picture)

I just can't stop staring. Her skin looks sooooo amazing. When I saw this ad at Etude House counters, I knew I have to get a highlighter.  I have a highlighter which looks very natural on me. Click here for more info. I wanted something more striking but not too garish on my medium skin tone. I am very curious with white highlighters but I was really afraid that it would look so off on my medium skin. I asked my beloved DUX/Sorority Sister/Atty. Anna to buy me some makeup at Etude House when she went to Korea. The prices are lower compared here in the local market. I got one of their Face Color Corset.

I love Etude's packaging. They always look so cute. On the pan it looks a light pinkish shade. 
The product is not hard to pick up and not too powdery. 
When swatched, it gives my skin a beautiful white sheen. It is really nice because it blends well on my skin. I tried it to highlight my nose bridge (kahit pango ako, may konting nose bridge pa rin noh!!haha). It looks natural when applied sparingly.  Make sure you blend the product very well on your skin. This costs around 170 pesos in Korea. I think this is around 250 here in the Philippines.

Do you use highlighters to accentuate your features?

Care to share?

Godbless everyone.


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  1. What a pretty blush :) The model looks really glowy!

  2. Like it! :) the packaging is adorable ^^

  3. i use benefit's higbeam a lot hehe. it's my HG highlighter but i should try out other highlighters too. ^_^

  4. same as sugar sugar hehe i use benefit high beam :D i always loved that blush on packaging but when i test them on the counter they r not pigmented enough huhu T^T


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