My Diet Diary: A Prelude to a New ME

The bar exams did not only cause me emotional and mental torture. It also made me heavier. It was on my second month of review that I have decided to let go of my weight. I am the usual 108-110 lbs. but I cannot study without eating more than I used to. I ate a lot during that 6 months. I just literally binge on anything. I ate 5 times a day at least. I ate breakfast at 5 am then I get hungry around 9am, lunch by 11 or 12noon, then I ate meryenda at around 4pm then dinner. Sometimes, I even eat after dinner. My brain just do not work without food. I know it was an excuse but I cannot sacrifice my exams. I just can't. I usually eat rice even during meryenda. Yes. I love rice to the nth level. I can eat rice with ketchup alone. Disgusting? I love it!!! haha The results - I gained 10 lbs. The worst part? I think all the fats went to my tummy because I sit for hours when studying. My grandmother asked me once, "are you pregnant?" My reaction was a mixture of bewilderment and sadness. I know you all think that I am not fat at 120.1 lbs but my tummy is ust too distracting. It is very evident on the pictures right? 

I cannot wear anything now. I just can't go out because my pants can't fit me anymore. I have to squeeze myself into them. Thank goodness my boyfriend loves me for who I am because I just felt so ugly during my review.  I am determined to lose weight as I was determined to gain it during the review months. I can do this. My eating habits are really bad. I love eating carbs and sweets. A little veggies will do for me. I love stuffing my tummy with junk foods, chocolates and soda.  I also blame my addiction for milk tea for my weight gain. I can drink two large milk teas in a day with extra sugar please. wahh.. I love chatime, serenitea, moonleaf, teatap cafe and happy lemon.

I started my diet last week. I have a fast metabolism. Thank you, Lord. I steered away from rice and ate more healthy foods. I also ran on the thread mill for 15 mins. then day after day I add more minutes. Now I can do 30 mins. with some 1-3minutes breaks in between. No iced tea or soda for me. Just water ,fresh juice,and green tea. From 120.1 lbs, I am now 116.8 lbs but my tummy looks like that of Mr. Bogus so I need to exercise more. I already prepared an exercise routine.. :D yey. I want to live healthy. I want to be fit and feel beautiful inside out. I posted these pictures to challenge myself that I can achieve the weight and body I want. It will take me a lot of hardwork and I just need loads of motivation to do this. 
My boyfriend gave me this as a post birthday gift. He asked me what do I want for my birthday and I want a running/ workout shoes. And his initial reaction was, "Is that for real? not makeup??". haha I just have to get hot pink because pink is my favorite color.
I also bought a yoga mat. Is it usually worth 500 pesos?? I find this too pricey. tsk.

This is me 2 years ago. My body is still proportioned then. haha.. I am far from being sexy but I feel good with my size before. I am 5'2 in height. My ideal body weight is 105 lbs.  I will achieve it. I must.

Godbless everyone.


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  1. Mahal talaga mga yoga mat lalo na yung good quality. I bought mine for 300 in Landmark. You look fab in that fascinator! How tall are you? I also need to start a diet diary pero the holidays would be my excuse. Haha!

  2. I think it's okay naman that you gained weight kesa naman sa iba na naglo-lose ng weight because of stress.
    Good Luck

  3. you can do it donnarence! :) goodluck with your diet.

  4. Goodluck! i am also gaining weight naman since I wasn't able to do running due to busy sched! Naku..WE MUST! kaya natin yan!

    I love your shoes and agree mahal talaga ang mat but it's worth it naman :)

  5. You can do it! I believe in you! I gained a lot of weight before my wedding due to stress perhaps, but I lost all the weight and then some by doing Turbo Jam, a DVD workout and I'm drinking a Glowing Green Smoothie everyday. :)


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