Sophia Eyelash Enhancing Kit

Introducing the Sophia Eyelash Enhancing Kit.. Yey.. I am dying to try this lash enhancing kit ever since my  sorority sister told me about her latest discovery months ago. The Sophia Eyelash ENhancing Kit is being distributed by AltheaMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (owned by my beautiful sorority sister of course). These company distributes lenses for glaucoma and other eye medication treatment so when I heard  that they are introducing these into the market, I was super excited. This only costs 1,600 pesos. For the record, I bought this from her. This is not  a sponsored at all. This is made from all natural botanicals. I told her if this works for me as well as it worked for her, I will be a distributor. :D I went to her beautiful office yesterday and she shared with me a lot of things about the product. Her staff are also using these, and I was freaking out because their lashes are starting to lengthen (bongga super!! as in pumipilantik ang effect!). haha Here are her photos that I asked her if I can share with my readers.. of course, she said , "YES!" 

This is how her lashes look like before using Sophia.

1st month after use.
This is already her second month of using Sophia. Taken January 26, 2011. 
February 14, 2011.. Long and luscious lashes are to die for!!!
March 25, 2011
She told me that she used lash enhancer from Belo and even Flawless before and it did not worked for her. This is the only one that worked wonders for her lashes that is why she brought it here in the Philippines.
Ok. That's it. I am sold!!haha
The kit comes with the Sophia Lash Enhancer, a complimentary eye solution so as to prevent redness or itchiness in case you'll develop adverse reactions. I will explain this further later. It also comes with a brush.  She told me that when this comes out in the market they may not include the eye drops anymore.

 The manual is very useful because it is very informative. All my questions were answered like who can use it, is it safe for the eyes and other stuff. This is made in India.  The trademark Sophia is now being registered at the IPO and the BFAD already went to their company for inspection purposes. I can't wait for this product to be out in the market. 

The bottle is small but do not get your hopes low. It could last for two months. 
 How to use it:
You should use it with a clean face. NO MAKEUP AND OTHER IMPURITIES. You pour one drop on the cap of the SOphia bottle and dip the brush. Using the brush provided, it is the same process like putting eyeliner on your lid but this time more closer. You could apply it repeatedly apply the solution until it is gone.  You must blot out the excess to prevent unwanted hair growth on other areas. 

What are the possible side effects:
Eyelid pigmentation - I asked my sis if your whole lid will turn brown, she told me only the area nearest to your eyelashes, so imagine yourself with natural looking brown liner. One good thing about this is that this side effect is reversible upon discontinuing the use of Sophia. 
Hair Growth Outside the Treatment Area - That is why you have to blot out the excess. 
You can also experience inflammation, eye redness and itching. 

I also used it last night. My eyelid was a bit itching but not too much. I was expecting my eyes to get swolled and all the worst effects that I could imagine but nothing of that sort happened. haha

More of Sophia soon. I will be blogging about it after a month or so. I am crossing my fingers that this will work for me.

Other product shots of Sophia that she emailed me. 

Sophia is available only at authorized distributors and more inquiries here is their mail:

or Call: 584-5880 and ask for Rea

What lash enhancer are you using? I remembered that Ardell and L'oreal have one. Do they work?



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  1. interesting! i wonder if its ok for contact lens wearers?

  2. yes.. the manual says it is ok for contact lens wearer but you have to remove your lens first.. :D there's a direction for those who wears contacts.. :D

  3. wow. i am realy interested. if this works for you, i'll get mine too :)

    Please post your eyelash diary soon :)

  4. how many boxes did you use to achieve those lashes above?

  5. would you know the contact number of the distributor of this product..i cant find it here anywhere.


  6. Hi here is the contact number:

    Sophia is available only at authorized distributors and more inquiries here is their mail:

    or Call: 584-5880 and ask for Rea

  7. Nice! I'm wondering if they could be used on eyebrows too? I have non-existent brows and lashes. lol.

  8. Hi Donnarence. Thanks to your blog, I was able to discover Sophia Lashes, it really does work! Actually, I'm not the actual user, my Mom is! She's already 53 yrs old but she's more vain than me. hehehe. I bought her the kit after I saw her looking at some lash enhancing products in Watson that are waaay over priced. I suggested she try the Sophia lashes instead because it looks promising base from your reviews. Now, mukha sya naka eyelash extension. I told her to take pictures of her before/after para naman we have evidence.

    1. wow!! i have a friend too na sobrang haba na ng lashes!! now sophia is bfad approved and you will be seeing them soon sa mga malls.. :) godbless


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