Sophie Martin J'adore Lipstick

Hi guys!! Last last month, I overhauled my makeup stash. I threw away blushes and lipsticks because they have been with me for like 3 years. Some of the stuff that got thrashed was a bunch of my NYX lipsticks. Imagine, some of these lipsticks are barely used because I just swatched them. I thought of giving them away or like sellling them at Ebay but hey!! they are like 2-3 years old. YAY!! I even told my long time friend that I wanted to gave her these lipsticks but they are too old. The reason why I never used the NYX round lipsticks (as much as I want to) is because they smear like crazy on my teeth. They are so creamy that get everywhere on my lips and my face. It was so messy using them for me. Plus, I am so bothered with the soapy scent. I was horrified (haha) that there are only few lipsticks left on my stash and mostly pink and red!! yay. Then I read Maggie's blog about her Sophie Martin Lipsticks, she featured these cute and dainty shades and it only costs 79 pesos!! Visit her blog here. Thankfully, I found a supplier and I bought 6 shades. However, Ice Pink is not available. SAD!! This color is their best seller. It is a bright barbie pink!!

Here are the lip swatches (no lip concealer or lip liner is used in these swatches):
Mango Peach
This is a light peachy shade. 
Caramel Sugar
This is a beautiful nude pink but the shade will not definitely wash you out.
Cotton Peach
A gorgeous pinky coral shade
Velvet Nude
A mixture of peach and brown
Summer Pink
The shade reminds me a lot of NYX Tea Rose but this is more on the pink side. 

Over all, the shades are really nice. I love all the shades. For the color selection, I will definitely give them an A+! They are all wearable and they compliment my medium skin tone.  When I first use these lipsticks, the color hardly come off as I glide them on my lips. You have to warm up the product first. The texture is not as creamy as NYX. Just two more notches of creaminess and the texture will be really good. I like to use them over my lip concealer. They appear better on top of a lip concealer. They do not have that ugly lipstick smell (YEY!). Like my NYX lipsticks, these can be so drying on the lips. You have to moisturize really well and a good lipbalm will be needed. This lasts on me for 3 hours and I have to retouch again. I just love that they are not overtly creamy like the NYX ones, so no more lipstick on my teeth!! The pigmentation is okay. I have to swipe two - three times to get the color to fully show on my lips.
I wanted to show the shades more so I swatched them on my arm and on a white paper.
Have you tried these lipsticks?
Share your thoughts on them..

Godbless everyone. 


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  1. I love Sophie Martin Lipsticks too!! They aren't that long lasting but very affordable and they smell like donuts too. :)

  2. I have tried them and I actually have to complete set of 10! ^^, you can check it here

    I definitely love Summer Pink, Red Wine and Red pepper ^^.

    Great post!

    Much love!

  3. I've tried them too! I like them as well. Very affordable! I had mango peach and summer pink too! And Ice Pink and... I forgot the other one. Haha! They are very matte but it dries my lips sooner than the matte lipsticks I use now kaya I'm not using them anymore. :(

  4. I am a Sophie dealer and have tried red pepper, summer pink, ice pink, caramel sugar and mango peach. All colors from J'adore collection are wearable day or night. Though they only last 2-3 hours on me, but still the colors are good at a reasonable price.

  5. Summer Pink looks absolutely stunning! Lovely swatches, thanks!

  6. Ahh, thanks for the swatches!!!!!!!!!!! =) I love them!!!!!!!!

  7. i like the look of mango peach xxx

  8. Wow, Im loving the swatches, these look so pretty :)

    Xo, Christine♥


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