Heels, Prints and a Failed Makeup Tutorial

I was polishing and cleaning a bunch of shoes in my closet a while ago because I will be hunting for a job.  (Finally!! I know my parents are soo happy when I announced this to them. Haha). Oh please someone hire me!! haha These shoes have been there like forever and I have not even used most of them. I am not into heels.  Why? because I am very clumsy and I walk like a gangster. In local parlance "siga ako umasta." Yes, I love makeup and I am maarte but that  does not mean I am very posh and graceful!! Hell no! How I wish I was noh. I think I have more boyish ways than girlish attitude from eating habits to walking. And you do not want to hear my big deep voice. I sound so gay most of the times. haha  I remembered that when I wore my favorite high heels in school before;I fell down from the stairs. Guess who is in the background of that scene (my law school crushie.. Yes I have a crush noh! And I told my boyfriend for 10 years about him.. haha I know I am such a weirdo.. I have the guts to write this on my blog because that guy was so last 2 years ago.. haha ) Anyways, those are my two favorite heels. The Calvin Klein one looks perfect in any outfit. Be it a dress or jeans. My favorite brand of high heels - Naturalizer. I can walk, run and even jump wearing them. hehe They feel so comfortable.
I know animal prints are everywhere. I am loving them too. I never thought I will be into them. I even remember seeing grandmothers wear these kind of prints before. I am now in the process of overhauling my closet. I am incorporating more formal and professional looking clothes!! I feel so old. Waahh. I am having a hard time buying clothes.We are advised by my grandmother that we must not wear clothes with happy shades/colors like red, pink, orange and the like because of my grandfather's death. This will be for one year. I came from an average and very traditional Filipino family and I respect this custom of ours. 
I was supposed to do a makeup tutorial blog post about this look. I just added falsies for drama but you can do this look for 5 mins. only I only use one shade of eyeshadow!! This is a very quick and natural look for everyday. I was not very happy with the turn out of the photos. I did this look this evening. Look at my brows looking tacky with foundation. Waah. I need to fix my brows asap. I am having a hard time filling them with brow powder.
More of this quick makeup look soon. 
Godbless everyone!
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  1. Congrats on the job! :)

    Do I smell more makeup haul and review posts? :)

  2. When are you gonna be a lawyer? I'm too excited for you. Sana ako rin maging lawyer someday. You inspire me to take up law.

  3. thanks Ivy. In god's time... I will be a lawyer.. the results will be out in a month or two.. wheew.. pinaalala mo.. kinabahan ako.. haha

  4. congrats sa trabaho :D way to start the year with a bang talaga! <3

    "siga ako umasta." LOL i don't wear heels that often too. maganda naman kung mas komportable di ba? ke sa tumemblang din ako XD

  5. ahaha! I am relieved to hear that hindi lang pala ako ang hindi overall posh and polish. Haha! But I do love heels, just not for everyday use. Like church, party, office, or something. But if I go out w/ family or bf, I am on slippers..haha :)

    Wait, me confused..do you have a job nah or hunting pa? Anyways, God bless Don. :)

  6. hunting pa lang... dapat last december ako magppass ng mga applications but a lot of things happened.. :c hopefully makakita na ako

  7. Sobrang clean mo talaga mag blend Atty! I know magkakajob ka agad. :)


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