The Hall of Shame

Hi guys! The hall of shame represents the worst products that I have tried last year. They are in this list because these products did not work for me or some just fail in shade selection and other criteria. 

Chanel Mascara Base Beaute
I was thrilled (to the bones haha) when I got this. I told myself finally my first mascara base and it is CHANEL!! I remembered during my college years I went crazy with Maybelline XXL Mascara. Anyone remembers this? The dual ended mascara where you get the normal mascara on one end and the other was a base. I love that so much!! Anyways never be deceived with the brand. What it does? Yes it lengthened my lashes however it was very clumpy my lashes looked like lumpy spider legs.  (awkward!!) I am not a fan of this look because I wanted volumized but well separated lashes. It does not hold my curls either. So much of having a Chanel mascara (at least when someone asks me,what is it? I could loudly say OH IT IS CHANEL..hahaha), I would rather buy korean cosmetics that carries mascara base or those mascaras with fibre. 
Professional Touch Styling Mousse
I was looking for this particular V05 hair mousse (the one that can be used with iron curlers..) at Watsons which is unfortunately unavailable at that moment. The only hair mousse that caught my eye was this. This only costs 149 pesos. I bet now you know why I bought it. It was the cheapest hair mousse! This product does not do anything at all. It says extra hold but id did not curled my hair. It did not even hold my hair. It absolutely did nothing! 

Pure Beauty Super Brightening Eye Gel
Ok. With its name, I was expecting that it will brighten my eyes, remove the puffiness and dark circles with regular use. Guess what? It also did not nothing. I religiously used it every night and before I put make up on. 
SanSan Concealer
Initially, I love this concealer! A lot! However, the shades are very limited. I got this in olive and it looked way too light on me. Texture, consistency and longevity is really good. I also think that this is the culprit which caused the darkening of my under eyes. I have dark eye bags but it got worse when I started using this. 

Ever Bilena Pro Shimmer lipstick
The berry rose shade was really nice. It was a close dupe for Barry M shocking pink however rosette just had to be thrown to the trash bin! I bought this on sale for 60 pesos. It was one of the new lip products of Ever Bilena at that time. When I swatched rosette, it was a gorgeous coral pink shade. Nothing I have ever seen, very unique color. Then I tried it on my lips when I went home, Ughhh!!! Worst lip product ever.. This is not exaggeration but truth.  It has this gritty texture and the smell was horrible. It was like plastic. It won't even blend on my lips. It looks streaky when applied. I contacted Ever Bilena about this but they did not respond. I really thought I got an expired product but I read from a blogger that she did not like rosette too. 
ELF Essentials lipsticks
You all know how I love ELF products. I think this is one of the cheapest  makeup brand that produces good quality products. These are the 1$ lipsticks. I got gypsy which is a very beautiful deep purple pink shade and  seductive which is a beautiful medium neutral pink. The pigmentation is really good. The downside? They are super drying on my lips and the lipsticks themselves are also dry. I had to reapply more lipbalm than usual when I use these. I have read a lot of good reviews about this products. Perhaps, my lips was just too dry for these lipsticks. :C

Go Natural Lip Sugar Scrub
Apply petroleum jelly on your lips and scrub it with sugar and you'll get the same effect when you use this. That's it! Now, I wonder why did I ever bought this?!?
Nichido Minerals Spot Concealer
This is very  creamy when swatched but when I tried using it on my blemishes it was too dry. It highlighted my blemishes instead of concealing them. However, I like to use it as a liner on my lower lash line to brighten up my eyes but as a concealer -- NAH!
Aido Eye Putti
This was my first ever eyelash adhesive 3 years ago. Now, it does not even stick my falsies  properly. My falsies kept on falling down when I use this. I found a better alternative which is the Nichido Lash adhesive which only costs 60 pesos.. :D
Ever Original Brow Pencil in Brown
The shade has a tiny hint of red and it looked so fake on my natural brows. This looks good on other Filipina Youtube Gurus.. Sigh. :C
Avon Smooth Minerals Mascara
This does not hold my curls at all and it even makes my lashes weigh down. It is also very clumpy. It did not lengthen nor created volume on my lashes. 
(photo not mine,credits to owner)
Maybelline Clear Smooth
All in One Shine Free Foundation

I have normal to dry skin and this was way too powdery for me. It was also very cakey and heavy  for my taste. I also had a hard time choosing my right shade. I got in sand beige and it was an epic fail. 

Etude House Color Me Nude Lip Concealer
I bought this on a whim because as you all know I have dark lips. I wanted the MAC lip erase so bad but ended up with this one. It does a good job of concealing my dark lips and my lipstick looks better when I use this but it was very drying. My lips also looked cakey and too much made my lips look weird. It also settles on the fine lines. I would rather use a concealer than buy this one again since this product does not add moisture nor make lipsticks last long. It is just like a normal concealer (only for the lips though).

What products did you regret buying last year? Care to share?
Godbless everyone.. :D



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  1. Among those products, I've only tried the San San concealer. But it's not mine. I just tried it like once or twice. I've got loads of products that I regret buying... like when I went to a dollar store when we were in LA for a vacation. Haha. I even bought a brown mascara because i mistook it for a black one. :P

  2. This is exactly the reason why my BF doesn't want me to keep on buying and "experimenting" haha.
    When I come to think of it, I noticed my under eye was darker than usual during the time I was using the San2x concealer. I gave it to my sis because I bought the concealer palette.
    Anyhoo, thanks for sharing Don. :)

  3. I didn't like the nichido concealer too.

  4. I agree with the Professional Touch Styling Mousse. Mine turned out soooo liquid-y after about 2 weeks. It's supposed to be "foamy" hair mousse. Useless pa! Kalurky lang! I bought it because it was affordable nga. >.<

  5. I also regret buying the maybelline shine free foundation.kabibili ko pa lang po siya tapos nilagay ko sa bag ko mga 1 week pa lang dutog durog na .tinanong ko yung iba ganito din po na experience nila.and may mga nagrereklamo po about that sa page ng Maybelline Phils.

  6. dang, i wanted to try the lipsticks! ugh, my lips are already too dry

  7. I was to buy Professional Touch Styling Mousse too because of its pink & black container, thankfully I bought VO5 instead. :)

    This post is so nice and so helpful that you saved me and my wallet from buying the wrong stuff, Thanks!

  8. I got the mousse too and yes you're right, it did'nt hold my curls, it just made it dry and ugly! blame it on the deceiving price it has..

  9. :o i was going to buy that etude house lip concealer too. thanks for sharing your thoughts about it!
    i threw away skin care items that broke me out :(

  10. I know the V05 mousse your looking for, its the curl up control one. I bought mine at Watsons SM Manila. Its the Watsons on the 2nd floor. hope this helps :) Btw, i use the clear smooth foundation, i have oily skin so its works for me (i still get oily tho), but i use it with a liquid foundation and a kabuki brush instead of the sponge.

  11. wont be buying the etude li[p concealer after this post ahahhaha...
    thanks for being so honest about these products sis,,really helpful :-)

  12. I don't like Rosette too! I have the Burgundy one and I love that but Rosette? No, thanks. Agree with everything you said about it. That's my exact experience with it too :/

  13. you don't like aido? hmmm... i have been using that eyelash adhesive for quite some time now. shall check the one that you're using when i run out of eyelash adhesive hehe. =)

  14. Oh well, you win some and you lose some! Honestly I have the Aido eye putti. Such a useless waste of money!!! Stings my eyes pa!


    Philippines Makeup Artist | YouTube

  15. I also don't like the Professional Touch Styling mousse. Lesson learned, I'll keep on using the V05 Styling Mousse.

    good thing I didn't buy the PureBeauty Super Brightening Eye Gel, I bought the other one in red packaging which is much cheaper. the PureBeauty Pomegranate Eye Cream which I've been using for almost 3 months now, it slightly brightened my dark circles.

    as for the Maybelline Clear Smooth All in One Shine Free Foundation, I never bought it again after having tried it twice with different shades. It breaks so easily and yes it's too powdery. but it does a good job with keeping my oils at bay. ^_^

  16. Omg. I just bought the Professional Touch Salon Styling Mousse :(

  17. super agree on the EH lip tends to look so cakey...this is also a major fail for me..For the Lip scrub, you can try the Ellana gently exfoliates and make your lips smooth after using..=)

  18. buti nlng!i was about to buy pa nman sansan concealer kc prang nsabi mo ata dun isa m0ng post na u love it e?
    prang nbsa ko ky ms. noe mae ung tngkol dun sa purebeauty?but i'm not sure if ung pomegrenate or ung eye gel ung gmit nya..:)
    thinking of buying the nichido concealer for brightening up my eyes.. lol
    nkta ko kc ky jen of frmheadtotoe & christine of xteeener ata un na they use concealer too..
    but its from stila.. :D
    great post girl!

  19. ang far wala pa naman akong upic fail stories. :)

  20. OMG hahaha same reaction ko sa go naturals lip scrub. i really didnt like it too! parang waste. what else from them did u get! i think i bought them kasi bago yung line hahaha

    Color me nude is great kaso it does leave a little cakiness to it. tricky siya. dapat tama yung kapartner.

  21. i have a question? hmm kase bumili ako ng salon styling mousse ,i dunu nmn how it use.can u all guys help ??tnx muah.Godbless :)

  22. i have a question? kse bumili ako ng salon styling mousse then i dont know nmn how it use/can u hepl me guys?? tnx Godbless. :)

    1. jun run it through your hair parang gel.. :D

  23. Uhm..
    I would just like to inform you that "Aido eye putti for creating double eyelids with ease" is NOT an eyelash glue. The purpose of this product is to create a "double eyelid" or simply a faux crease on the eyelid to create an illusion of larger eyes. This is usually done by asians with monolids. :)

    Here are pictures that may aid to your understanding:

    I just want to correct you... I'm sorry if I made offended you...

    1. hi.. :D i know its purpose like a double lid tape or what most japanese or koreans would do to their monolids. however, the salesladies in the local malls claim that it can be used as a lash glue. I bought one because they told me so..i bet a lot of filipina women bought this aido putti because the salesladies told them that it can be used as a lash glue

    2. *I'm sorry if I offended you

      gosh, my grammar is so off. T_T sorry.. hahaayz, salesladies talaga~

    3. no its ok.. Godbless napaniwala ako ng sa hahaha

  24. aido eye putti is not an eyelash adhesive/glue. it's actually used to create double eyelids for thoe who have monolids like most asians. :) just a correction.

    oops, it seems someone already posted the same content. so lesson learned for everyone: do not believe salesladies always. after all, they persuade us to buy products since it is how they earn their commission. :)

    1. But in the box/ label, it does mention that it's a muli-use product that can be used as an eyelash adhesive.

  25. Thanks for checking out my blog. I felt kilig. I've been reading my lucid intervals for a long time now (but I know you can see that from my comments since years back) :P

    Anyway, it's actually not your fault. Coz nakalagay sa box na pwede syang eyelash adhesive. I was actually looking for an eyelash adhesive for 'practice' purposes and I saw this. It says double eyelid glue but I was sure aido has eyelash adhesive. And then I saw in the box na nakasulat pwede daw so I bought it. And you're right, it's not good.

    PS. Whenever I see those exclamation mark images, I'm reminded that I'm glad that you continued blogging even when all your photos were deleted last year.


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