Glamorous Sunset Eyes (with Video Tutorial)

Hi guys!! I was inspired to do this look because Valentine's day is just around the corner. I was thinking of doing a prom makeup tutorial or date makeup tutorial  but I wanted a sultry and elegant look that could be worn on a date or even at prom night  ( I do not like the usual smokey eyes). So,  I opted for a coral and burgundy blend of shadows. Of course, the lashes made it look  glamorous!!

Here are a few photos of the eye makeup:

I made a video tutorial for this one. Here is the link:

Glamorous Sunset Eye Makeup from donnarence on Vimeo.

It may seem that I misspelled the word glamorous in the beginning. I am too lazy to edit it again and  it will take me hours to upload it. In my defense, Glamourous is also correct because it is the British Version while Glamorous is English Version. (pwede... haha)

Wahhh!! My BF asked,, did you place it in youtube? I said HELL NO! I am too shy (charing!!).  I am sorry for the change of lighting and the poor lighting too. The light was just too much for my eyes that I had to change the position of the light. What do you think? I am such an amateur with video tutorials. :D
This is what you call - I want a more prominent chin smile.Ughhh! I do not have a decent full face picture of the entire look. :S But an FOTD will never be complete without my face plastered on my post, right? :D

Complete List of the Products Used:

Sansan Matte Liquid Foundation in No.3
Chanel Teint Innnocence in Cameo
LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer in Pure Beige
Fanny Serrano 2way Foundation in Chino
Yanquina Mascara
ELF Primer and Liner Sealant
Milani Bronzer in Medium
ELF matte bronzer
Fashion 21 Arctic STone
Wet n Wild Bronzzer in Acapulco Glow
Moi Cosmetics 88 Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette
Rimmerl Night Jewel Eyeshadow
NYX Pearl Mania in Orange Pearl (from Starmaine Cay Shop) 
Nichido Liner in Onyx
NICHIDO minerals liquid eyeliner
HBC falsies
Nichido Lash Glue

What makeup look would you like to see next?
Godbless everyone. :D


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  1. wwwaaahhh! eto nah! eto nah!! How many video tuts do you have Don, is this the 2nd yet? Anyways, I super duper enjoyed it. I'll try this tomorrow, but I'll change some of the colors to matte ones..hehe. Tsaka nag explain talaga sa spelling? :D
    Thanks so much sa video, it helps a lot talaga. Sana nasa youtube para ma download ko sa lappy..hehe.

  2. Pahabol: Now I know what you mean by: "I'm not a brush kind of girl..." hahaha...

  3. fabulous everyday look....awesome brows

  4. Ganda! I wish I could do makeup like yours. All I know is put on a single shade of eyeshadow! XD

  5. ano yung ginamit mong brush for the grey eyeshadow? (brush bah yun?) hehehehe!

    1. yup brush siya.. :D it is marrionnaud pointed bullet brush.. available at watsons.. :D (may advertisement pa..

  6. Very pretty and I loved that pop of orange in the middle. What you don't have these videos on youtube?! I enjoyed this one and think you should put them on youtube. It'll be another great way for people to find you and connect to your blog. Anyways great look and thanks for doing a video.

    1. thanks fannie!! i am too scared to put this up in youtube.. there are a lot of haters out there.. :S

  7. you never fail to amaze me with your beauty...kainggit! :)

    1. adik ka debi.. makeup lang yan.. i am not close to beautiful.. haha pramis.. kalurki ka.. godbless

  8. Ang galing!!! That tutorial made me want to make up myself too..

    1. thanks godbless.. go na makeup na.. practice lang and you will learn the right techniques.. :D

  9. Waaah!! I'd love to see you Youtube! I freaking love all your makeup looks. They're so bright, flawless, seamless! ^___^ Don't be shy! HAHA.

    1. thanks senyth.. practice practice practice.. :D

  10. Ang ganda!!!! :D



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