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Hi guys! Finally, I bought a new makeup kit. hoorah!! I made a previous makeup kit post here. I got a separate organizer for my toiletries. I felt that there is a need to buy a new makeup kit since I tend to bring a lot more makeup than before. My Philosophy Makeup Kit was just too small and everything was a mess because I just threw all that I need inside it without organizing them. I wanted a clear makeup kit with a divider. I want to instantly see the products inside. It really takes time to  rummage through all my makeup till I find my eyeliner or lipstick. It was too time consuming. Have you experienced this? the time when you need to pull out your lipstick and what you get is your lip balm or mascara? Haha  That is so weird, right? The first time I saw this makeup kit at SM department store, I refused to buy it since I did not like the color and print (polka dots?!?No way!). When the time came that I need to buy this, I can't find it anymore. It was always out of stock. I have been to 4 different SM branches but thankfully, I found one at SM Makati.  
Look how neat it looks?
It is only 199 pesos!Proudly Made in the Philippines too. :D

The brand is KARA NINA (reminds me of the old series in television Anna Karen Nina.. haha). 
Here is a quick run down on what is inside:
Fanny Serrano Lash Curler
Yanquina Volumizer Mascara (I need to get a new mascara.. Any recommendation?)
Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cherry (I got tired of the scent and minty feel of Carmex.. I am planning to get the Maybelline Baby Lips soon because of your comments.. :D)
Avon Simply Pretty Brow Powder (I love this!! )
ELF Brightening Eyeliner in Coffee (I use this for my brows too.. It matches my brow shade perfectly!)
Nichido Lip Liner in Rosette (My HG and I cannot live without this.. I AM NOT KIDDING!)
Nichido Eyeliner in ONYX
Venus and Mars Lip Butter Tints in Pink Posies and Cherry Berry ( I am loving this a lot lately but it is not as moisturizing as I expected them to be because I need to apply a lipbalm first. I also change lipsticks every now and then. My lipstick and blush that I carry everyday changes depending on my mood.)
Jenny Angled/Slanted Brush (Could you see the weird dent?I cut the bristles because they were too thin and flimsy for filling my brows. I cut them and I love the course edges after I cut it. )
ELF Matte Bronzer (I carry this because it can really change my look in an instant. I can slim down my big flat nose and make it more aquiline looking, trim down my chubby cheeks and I can darken my crease are too for that quick eye fix.)
NYX Cream Blush in Natural

I forgot to include my 150 pesos retractable brush in this picture.

Myra E Pressed Powder in Light (I love this for touch ups.)
Fitness Oil Control Sheet ( I am so new to this Oil Blotting Sheets.. I just bought this because it was really cheap. Anyone knows a good one?)
My Leopard mirror (so cute!!!)
Fanny Serrano 2 Way Foundation in Chino (I hit the pan AGAIN!!!)
Ellana Concealer in Smile
LA Girl Pro Conceal HD Concealer in Pure Beige
A small tester bottle of Chanel Pink (I bring this because I always forget to bring my perfume or mist because I change bags often depending on where I will go)
This is my retractable brush which I forgot to include in the pictures above. :D It is so soft and so dense. For 150 pesos, it is such a steal.

I am loving this Myra E Pressed Powder. I made a post about this before and the one I reviewed was in the shade Natural. I was debating to myself if I will get the Natural one or this Light shade. I got this light shade because I wanted to test the color if it suits me! I was utterly dismayed when I opened this. It looks so white on the pan. I told myself - Are you thinking that your Snow White's descendant? Dream on Girl.. haha When swatched, guess what?


Perfect translucent finish!! It blends nicely on my skin.
That's it!
Godbless everyone!Have a nice weekend!


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  1. ive been waiting for you to post this hihi do they have it in orange yellow stuff like that :D

    oh for mascara, try na the cat's eye! it's really amazing :D promise! :D

    1. thanks kumi.. i will check that.. :D may orange like coral pomelo color.. :D limited prints and colors.. ang sad noh!! i wanted a fuchsia pink!!!!!

  2. haha natawa ko sa karanina na soap ba yun?:)) lol

  3. Hahay. :( Kakaiyak na talaga! Why don't we have those stuff here in Dumaguete!! But maybe meron, I have to look harder nga Ayaw mo polka dots? ahaha..

    Don! We have the same retractable brush! Super ganda noh? Mine is in black nga lang :) Tsaka the Myra E is my HG sa pressed powder talaga because it's just - SUPER!!

    BTW, I tried the Vaseline lip therapy (I turned our little Watson's upside down talaga, hehe) it works for me! Super thanks for mentioning this lip therapy. It saved my lips talaga. hehe.

    Thanks for posting this Don, Godbless.

  4. For some reason, I love it when people post their make up kits. I love to see what you ladies like to use. Nice collection by the way, I can see how much you love your beauty products :)

  5. i love your vanity kit! will pick out a few of your stuff tomorrow when i visit the mall :) thanks for sharing!


  6. Cute makeup kit :) and you carry a lot of stuff. for masacara, i'd recommend covergirl's lash blast. hands down the best mascara (for me at least). btw, where did you get the retractable brush? mine's kinda scratchy so i wanted to replace it.

    thanks for the post :))

    1. hi juvy.. i bought my retractable brush sa 168.. :D

  7. ang daming laman! naloka naman ako...hahaha.

    sa akin kasi press powder, eyeliner, lipstick and lipbalm...

    ay may mirror at blotting papers at brush.


    btw i'm the one who bought your etude house nymph aura volumizer :D good to know you're back in blogging! haven't visited blogs lately but the first time i did, (today), i visited yours agad! okay, so i have to read more to know what happened to your bar exam:D but i hope you nailed it! :)

    cheers! (dunt forget to answer my question puhleaseeeeeeee i'm addicted to anything leopard!!)

    1. I bought it at landmark sa accessories section.. :D

  9. Where'd you buy the retractable brush? Thanks.

  10. I think I gotta check out Chino. I got Duchess, but Im not impressed, i dunno.

    You must love the FS foundie Donnababe! You hit pan AGAIN.

    Re: blotting papers, Shiseido has a VERRRRY good one. But it's way too pricey for my budget. I'm happy with J&J ones--- ive tried cheap blotting sheets and I keep coming back to J&J. It's a lil over a hundred pesos but it's very much worth every centavo.

    1. yung una ko foundie organza yung shade.. not impressed din.. i have dry skin argie ah.. baka kaya super saya ko na sa FS haha... hindi ko alam na may blotting papers ang jandj.. ang nakita ko lagi clean and clear.. will definitely check this one out... salamuch!! mwaaahh

  11. ang cute ng bag!!

    and wow! ang daming laman!

    sakin kasi lipstick, lipbalm and powder...mukhang need ko magover haul ng kit...:)

  12. i have the same pouch! pero violet sya. i love it, kasi transparent, mas madali mahanap yung kailangan hehehe

  13. Wow, You have so much stuff in your makeup bag! I want that retractable brush! I've been thinking about buying a Marionnaud or a Charm brush, but I want something cheap. (Yes, 300~ Marionnaud brush will burn a hole in my wallet, still a student!) I just wish I can go to 168 one of these days. Thanks for sharing sis!

  14. great stuff! thanks for sharing! :)

  15. i adore that retractable brush! makasugod nga sa 168 hehe!


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