Week 1: Introducing the Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream plus Giveaway

Hi guys! If you rummage through blog posts, you will see that I have been  a  BB cream user. I was really excited that Neutrogena finally released their own version. The Neutrogena BB Cream  is  exclusively distributed by Watsons here in the Phils. The moment I got a sample of this BB Cream, I immediately tried it on. BF and my friend even commented how nice my skin looks.. :D This is very different from the BB creams I have tried before. This one is super light weight (emphasis on super). I tossed away my liquid foundations for a while and used this more often since Manila is so hot these days.  (super!! di ba? then in the evening until morning it is super cold.. :s) I have been using it for almost a week now. 

Here is a quick introduction about the Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream:

The power of two, in one product.
Corrects blemishes in an instant. Whitens skin from within. Factored in one bright formula.
The new NEUTROGENA® FINE FAIRNESS® BB Cream UV provides instant fairness and blemish-free skin through special skintone-matching minerals. Because NEUTROGENA® is a strong advocate of healthy beauty, this BB Cream also contains the science of FINE FAIRNESS® to work within your skin and provide continuous whitening from the inside out.
The FINE FAIRNESS® BB Cream UV is the final addition to the existing FINE FAIRNESS® line.

This is now available locally. For the love month, February, this BB Cream only costs 575 pesos (its special introductory price, 20% discount from P720). 

Here is a quick swatch of the product:

This swatch will serve as a guide for the giveaway. :D Full blown review on this product soon. 
 Let's get to the super fun part. For six weeks, I will be giving Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream to two lucky readers of Mylucidintervals. This giveaway is only open to Philippine residents (I will try to make the succeeding giveaways open to my international readers but I am not yet that sure. :C) 

Here are the mechanics:

1. Follow my blog though Google Connect (if you have a blog)
3. No person will win twice. (Let us not be greedy!!Give chance to others..)

Make a wild guess. Answer this simple question:
Am I wearing the Neutrogena BB Cream in this photo?
(include your Facebook Name in your answer..)
I went out to our veranda to shoot this photo (natural light is the best!) . I also turned off the flash of my camera( HAHA.. Well, I am not that dumb to make this giveaway easy for you.. joke..).

Winners will be announce on my Facebook page. (That is why it is required for you to like it... hehe)
1st Week GIVEAWAY ENDS ON February 12,SUNDAY 11:55PM


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  1. i think you have it on. :) but i'm not very sure.. hahaha if you have it on, i will definitely buy this because it's looks oh so natural on you :)

    FB Name: Carmi Zate

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  3. You definitely have it. :)

    FB Name+ Arra Bondoc

  4. you have it!
    i almost thought you didn't have it but i think that whitish part at the side of your nose could be because of it, but wow! if you are wearing it indeed then it means that you have a great skin to start with & this bb cream just enhanced it!

  5. You have it on! :)

    FB name: Janelle Dumalaon

  6. You are sis :-P...I;m just assuming ahaha but it looks so natural...I initially thought you didnt have anything on...hmmm now I'm confused haha

    fbname: louise cachuela ^^

  7. meron!!! hahahah

    goodluck to those who will join. :)

  8. definitely not!! :D you're eye bags says it all..

    FB Name: Toni Capistrano

  9. you are not wearing the bb cream.. halata sa eye bags mo.. :D

  10. Yes you have Neutrogena BB Cream on :)
    FB-AteeNadj Nadj

  11. I think ur not wearing it :)

    Fb name: charm picana

  12. I think you have it on. :3

    FB name: Tricia Mae Farin

  13. hmm.. i think you have the bb cream on
    fb name: anya mendoza

  14. i want to try this. :) yes, you're wearing BB cream!

  15. I think you have it on. Your cheeks kase looks so smooth and so pretty but your forehead slightly gave you away. But I'm not quite sure kase 'yung face and neck mo parehas ng color. Parang nakakaconfuse lang. Hihi :>

  16. I think you're wearing the Neutrogena BB Cream,the eyebags are still visible because this is more of a tinted moisturizer than a BB Cream as it has really light coverage.You either have to top it up with mineral foundation or a full coverage powder to have dramatic results.In this photo,you only have the BB cream alone,nothing else and that explains the eyebags and BB cream doesnt conceal eyebags:)right?...

  17. You have it on sis! :) FB: Maggie Malonzo

  18. you have it ms donna...wow! it looks so natural if ever :)
    Candy Valencia-Matira fb name

  19. I think you have it on. :)

    FB Name: L de LionCourt

  20. You have it on. :)

    FB: Selina Bianca Romero

  21. I think you don't have it on. :)

    FB: Rann May Luba

  22. you have it on.. i guess hehe

    fb name: Hassana A Dm

  23. You're wearing it. :)

    FB Name: Micah Andrea Napiza

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  25. it's hard but my best guess is that you have it on..

    fb name: dioana de mesa

  26. You have it on.. Well, i hope :D

    FB: Donna Mae N. Pugay

  27. i think you don't have it on.. :)
    fb: Jen Gerez

  28. It looks like skin, but I think you're wearing the BB Cream! :D
    FB: Helen Blas

  29. You have the BB cream on. :D

    Janine Monasterial

  30. FB:Christine AbrogueƱa

    You are not wearing it.

  31. No bb cream. :)

    FB: Patricia Reyes Vega

  32. Monique L. FlorendoFebruary 8, 2012 at 10:51 AM

    Yes you are wearing BB cream

    FB name: Monique Lising Florendo

  33. You are wearing it! But damn! it looks so natural, I had a hard time thinking about it. :)

    FB: Faith Balisacan

  34. You have it on =)

    Fb: Erin Calma

  35. I think you have it on. (but it's so natural-looking!)

    FB Name: Jacqueline Isabelle Albano

  36. you have it on.

    FB Name: Ryjill Roa

  37. Yes, you have it on. :)

    FB Name: Ara Dela Rosa (Aralyn Dela Rosa)

  38. YES! you are wearing the BB cream on your lovely pic! <3

    FB Name: Econ Lanuza Margate

  39. YES! you have it on..


  40. Yes, you're wearing it.

    FB Name: Michelle Grace Magramo

  41. I don't think you're wearing it. New reader here. :)

    xx, Kim

  42. Hi,I think you're not wearing BB cream.
    FB name: Beatrice Marababol

  43. yes, with BB cream

    Agnes Dc on Facebook

  44. hhmmmm...No, you're not wearing BB cream :)

    FB: Samantha Lorraine Efa

  45. Yes, you have it on.
    GFC: maly
    FB: Maly Naine

  46. Yes, you're wearing the bb cream. :)

    FB name: Paula Palo Panlaqui

  47. Yes my instinct tells me you are wearing the BB cream on your face :)
    GFC: christine
    FB: christine Reyes

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  49. I think you have it:)) I just notice some on your forehead...

    FB username: ann.m.cabuenas

  50. Hi Donnarence. Does this BB cream come in different shades? If yes, What shade are you using? Thank you!

    1. only one shade.. :D sorry i forgot to include this.. :D

  51. I think you're not wearing it :3

    FB name: Krystar Sean Ricio
    GFC: inside star's heart

  52. yes, ur wearing it :)

    FB: gel nagrampa

  53. You're definitely wearing it. :)

    FB name: Jonah Marie Evangelista


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