Review: Aido Lipstick (Cheapest Local Lipstick)

Aido Lipstick

Hi everyone!!! I saw these lipsticks from a post of Kumiko or I wanted a red lipstick that is really cheap since I am not into red lippies (they have the tendency to makeup my lips look bigger!!! arghhhh!!! ). Anyways, I am so late on finding these lipsticks considering that I have a strong penchant for local cheap thrills! Correct me if I am wrong but I think they are the cheapest LOCAL brand of makeup available in the Philippine market. Of course, I was expecting this to be made in China but it is made in Taiwan. Hmmm.. Will there be any difference if that's the case? NYX and Maybelline are both made in China and their products are very nice! I am also looking at their ingredients and I saw no sign of parabens in it .. or perhaps they just included a different name?? 

I wanted to get five lipsticks but I forcefully (haha) restrained myself from getting five! Why? Because I ordered 6 or 7 NYX lippies!! They have not yet arrived but I am really excited to get my hands on them.  
Here are the lip swatches:

This shade is a very pigmented neutral deep red. This is perfect for warm/yellow skin tones like me. I have a hard time finding a nice red lipstick and this one compliments my skintone and does not make my teeth yellow.

This is a very beautiful peachy pink shade. I find this lipstick creamier than the other two shades.

This is a frosty blue toned pink. This shade is quite tricky. It may not suit majority of Filipina skin that much.

What I love about these lipsticks:
  • Pigmentation is good. Shade N and J are very pigmented! With shade Q, you have to double the layer to get your desired shade/pigmentation.
  • The texture of shade N is creamier compared to the other two. They are easy to apply and glides smoothly on the lips unlike Ever Bilena's Matte lipsticks. Also,  compared to the very soft texture of NYX round lipsticks, these are way better since they do not smear nor stain my teeth.
  • Very cheap!!!
  • Locally available
  • It has a nice staying power (2-3 hours, if my memory serves me right).
  • It has manufacturing date. This will serve a good guide in determining whether these lipsticks have already expired.
  • They have a wide range of colors. Majority of the shade are very wearable.
What I do not like about these lipsticks:

  • The packaging is very tacky. Poor packaging talaga!!!! Well, what do you expect in a 50 pesos lipstick!?!
  • These can be drying on the lips (not too much though.. that is for my lips ahh.. ).
  • No funky smell when applied on the lips. However, when you will intentionally smell these lipsticks (as in close to your nose..), it has a faint plastic smell. 
  • I hate the alphabet shade names!!! Hello!?! A B C D E F G?? The names are so hard to recall.

N looks peachier when swatched. 


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  1. haha..kainis talaga ang mga names na ganyan. o di kaya puro numbers lang. Anyari? Mahirap tlaga gumawa nang name? haha

  2. Q looks phenomenal, color-wise. :)

    Kiss Kiss,
    Bec of

  3. I was turned off by the names. Haha. It's only 50 pesos? Matingnan nga yan. Thanks for the heads up! :D

  4. is this the one that is only for P25?
    i remember owning a lipstick from aido that are just minis for only P25 e!

  5. naloka ako sa lip swatches! nagulat ako sa lips mo eh! ang lapit ng mukha ko sa screen! haha i love aido lipsticks. lol they're so cheap and like when im bored, i dont feel bad wasting them :D

    i also hate the packaging and the name! omg i ended up buying two of the same shade (separately) paguwi ko natawa na lang ako. was like, aww. i must really like it haha

  6. the colors are so pretty :) xx

  7. LOL I agree with the shade names being so funny. The swatches look nice :)

  8. The shade names could have been more creative! Haha! But I love J! :)

  9. haha, for a 50 pesos lippies..pati yun naming ng shades get what you buy for..^_^~

  10. cool!! san nyu nabibili ung ganyan?? :D

  11. wow!!1 ang saya in fairness maganda ang kulay. :)

  12. I learned before that Aido, Fashion 21, and Fanny Serrano are all from the same company, Cosmetic Revelation chu chu I forgot. Pero it's a local company which outsources all their make-up from suppliers in Taiwan. Okay naman quality-wise. If same suppliers lahat yun, sa packaging lang nagkakaiba. That's why minsan when I want something from Fanny Serrano, I tend to search for a dupe from Fashion 21 para mas mura. :) Great post! I love the pictures as always!

  13. wow sis! I just bought these last weekend! and they're amazing too. love it!

  14. These are my first lippies and I really love them! ^^, I got F,L and H. Maybe you should try them as well. ^^, You are right about the Q shade, it doesn't really suit me but good thing it's just 50 pesos hehe ^^, Thanks for the swatches of N and J, I'll try those next. ^^,

  15. I have an N shade. I've been using it since November, and I'm really loving it! :D

  16. saan po ba to makikita?
    sang department store po?

  17. @Sachiyoku: SM Department Store. Nasa Fashion 21 stall ang Aido.

  18. I bought 2 of these on Sunday. I think I have B and K if I'm not mistaken. I agree that the packaging is poor, there's a tendency to break the lipstick when you're closing it but not looking but the pigmentation is definitely good. I like them, I'll buy new one's for my sister.


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