CLOSED! Week 3: Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream Giveaway

Hi everyone!! We are now on week three of the Neutrogena Fine Fairness BB Cream!  Weehh.. :D Btw, congratulation to Apol Duque and Candy Matira for winning the week 2 giveaway! The answer to week 2 - YES! I am wearing the BB Cream.
I took the above photo with flash. :D Careful.. Flash can make me look wash out in photos. I also made the picture smaller so you will have a harder time deciphering if I am wearing the BB Cream or not.

Also, the prizes are now ready for pick up.. To my batch 1 and 2 winners, I will send prizes next week. Please be patient. :D I already made a huge effort of sending out the prizes to all of you for your convenience and I also want those in the province to join my giveaway. :D

To join, answer this very simple question:
Am I wearing the Neutrogena BB Cream in the above photo?

Here are the mechanics to qualify for this giveaway:

1. Follow my blog though Google Connect (if you have a blog)
2. Like my Facebook Page : 

(this is mandatory)
3. No person will win twice. (Let us not be greedy!!Give chance to others..)

4. This giveaway is for PHILIPPINE RESIDENTS ONLY. 
5. Sample Answer/comment:

No/Yes! You are wearing it!
Fb Name: Donna Banana
(you could add more comments if you want but make sure you write your FB Name)

Godbless everyone!


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  1. YES! you have it on :)

    will be keeping my "fingers cross" till the announcement day!

    FB Name: Econ Lanuza Margate

  2. Yes! You are wearing the BB cream.
    Fb Name: Maly Naine
    *crossing my fingers*

  3. Yes, you are wearing it! :)

    FB Name: L de LionCourt

  4. No,you're not wearing it dear:)

    gfc: arra
    fb: Arra Morta

  5. Yes/You are wearing it
    FB Name: Rhania Escueta-Chang

    hugs and kisses

  6. nope!! you're not wearing bb cream on this photo..
    fb name: debbie jane de dios

  7. Yes! You are wearing it!

    FB name: BabyFlores Yap

  8. YEHEY! I WON the 2nd week giveaway! ♥ THANK YOU!

  9. Yes! You are wearing it Donna Banana!
    Fb Name: Micah Andrea Napiza

  10. Yes! You are wearing it.

    Fb name: Maricel-Bangilan Oloan

  11. Yes Atty! You have the bb cream on your face :)

  12. YES :-)
    FB NAME: Charina L. Espinosa

  13. no! you're not wearing it...

    fb name: Janelle Dumalaon

  14. Yes! you are wearing it!
    FB name: Mylene Garzo

  15. Yes, you applied the bb cream :)

  16. Yes! You are wearing it!...
    Fb Name: Gizzele Alfonso

    thanks for the giveaway...

  17. Yes, you are wearing the BB cream. ^^,
    FB Name: Lora Duo Misolas

  18. No, you're not wearing bb cream
    FB: Issa Chavez

    This guessing game is getting harder but exciting! :)

  19. Yes! You are wearing it!
    Fb Name: Leigh Calaycay Villanueva
    Hope to win.. :)

  20. Hi! love your blog! I dunno why it's only now that I stumbled upon it... anyways,my answer is yes, you are wearing the BB cream.. hope you'll pick me! ^^v
    Fb Name: Nicole Paler

  21. Nope, you are not wearing BB cream
    FB name: Czarina Garcia

  22. Yes, you are wearing Bb cream! :D Fb name: Bea Labilles

  23. nope! no bb cream on this one!
    fb: Tracy Daroy

  24. Not wearing it :)
    FB: Rann May Luba

  25. you're not wearing it this time..
    FB name:Agnes celine

  26. no BB cream this time :)I hope I'll win this!
    well, third time is a charm..
    fingers crossed!

  27. no BB cream this time... I hope I'll win this time.:)))
    well, third time is a charm, I wish it works!
    fingers crossed!
    FB name: Agnes Celine

  28. yes you are wearing it.
    fb name: salmon cat

  29. yes you're wearing it :)
    fb name : Winnie Dabu

    hehe makisali ah :)

  30. Nope! you're not wearing bb cream on this photo.. i knew it because i'm bb cream user too..i compared it out with you're week 2 photo..and there's something difference between the the latter and this you have dark circle on your eyes..that's it!


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