To Cut or Not to Cut, That is the Question ( Pondering about Short Hairstyles)

Hi everyone! I am thinking of cutting my beyond-the-shoulder hair.. I think my hair goes down as low  as to the bra line (is there such a thing?). Anyways, I wanted to get a haircut because my plaque psoriasis is getting worst. Last year was very very very stressful for me and it is only now that I am experiencing the effects of it. I have been sternly warned by my derma to veer away from steroids that is why I keep on using the petrolatum plus other ingredients medicine she gave me. Hmm.. I know a lot of people do not know about psoriasis and the usual reaction is "eewww,, what's that?" I think people should stop being dumb and insensitive about people with skin conditions (whether they be contagious or not). Psoriasis, btw, is not contagious at all. I became more confident on my skin now (unlike before that I would sob to death because of my condition). Being a beauty blogger, it took an immeasurable amount of courage to announce to the whole world that I have psoriasis (I already blogged about this before). I will do separate post on this.

 Anyways, moving on with my haircut. Aside from my psoriasis, I am also considering the minimal amount of time I could spend every morning to get ready before going to the office. My hair is quite thick too and it takes a long time for it to dry. I am not fond of blow drying at all. When I saw Charlene Gonzales last Sunday at The Buzz, I was so mesmerized with her new look. I told myself that if I just have that jaw line like hers and those cheekbones, I would get such haircut and  even go shorter! :D I sought an approval from BF that I would cut my hair short and the answer was in the affirmative! The dilemma? the kind of hairstyle! haha  I need advice from ladies working on their online bachelor degree in cosmetology - which one do you think I should go with?

Choosing the right hairstyle for people with round face (like me) is very hard. I tried having a haircut (like a boy's cut) back in my high school days and damn, I looked utterly ugly! haha as in super! The following haircut look so pretty!! I do not if I could pull this of this layered razor cut. 

I really like this cut because it deflects the width of  the face.
Kelly Clarkson looking good with a short hair. 
After her break up with Piolo, KC Concepcion  chose to keep it short.

I would probably go for the inverted bob which became quite popular. Thanks to Victoria Beckham! :D

(all photos not mine.. credits to the owner)
What do you think? :D

Godbless everyone! Thank God tomorrow is Friday, Friday, Friday!!! :D 


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  1. hm, i think you should start out a bob rather than the one that charlene had just so could get a feel if going shorter is what you really want. i never had problems like this because i'm impulsive and just go with it :) i used to have really long hair when i was younger then i had it short and been cutting it constantly. ive been trying to grow it out (i get jealous at long hairs), but i get anxious and get a haircut.

    another advice i would you is there is a simulator where you can see what you would look like with a a certain hairstyle. basically, you upload a picture of yours then choose a hairstyle and you would see how it would look on you :) hope this helps :)

  2. If you have a small face it should be ok. You can get extensions naman if it doesn't work :p

    1. korak!! sige i will be waiting for the right moment and i still have to think what cut will i get.. :D

  3. go sis! i think you'd look good with this IMO:

    for a change! :))

    1. yay!!! if i have the courage i will!!! waahhh.. this is so nice.. thanks a lot

  4. love the victoria beckham cut! will be doing it in June!

  5. I have the one that kelly klarkson has. It was good for the first few weeks but it became such a pain. I didn't realize that having short hair was more "high maintenance" than my long hair. :( But I think you can rock that, Don.

  6. oh, I love all the hairstyles! I was also thinking of cutting my hair short but my sister is getting married on April so I would have to wait after that! go for it! lapit na mag-summer! :)

  7. I swear, Charlene's hair will look great on you!



  8. At least ikaw straight hair!! I know you can rock any of these looks... But I agree with rannmay, short hair gets more high maintenance! It's so much easier for it to frizz out. Heheh.

  9. Go for it! :P You can rock it. :)

  10. Ay, I have the same issue about looking for a short haircut to suit my monay-ish face. But I decided to keep my hair long because been wearing my hair short for quite some time, and feel na feel ko na girl ako with long hair.

    The sites I read keep on saying that long, straight hair is best for round faces, so I really should invest in a hair iron soon.

    I think you'd look best with a Pob (Posh + bob). You have thick hair so the layers at the back will really show :)

    As regards psoriasis, my mom also suffers from that and the plaques flare out whenever she's stressed. There really is no cure so it's just a matter of living with it and trying not to get stressed out, which is quite impossible given our profession right?

    Right now she uses argan oil to spot treat the flare-outs and it seems to be working well for her, and her skin is no longer as spotty as before. I hope you find your long term cure too :)


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