Bargain Find: Daiso Makeup Brush Holder

Hi everyone!!This will just be a quick post on my newest bargain find. I had been meaning to buy a nice brush holder because I just use a mug to hold my most used brushes all together. These are the brushes I mostly use. However, in truth and in fact - I only use 5  brushes when putting on my makeup. Sometimes, I just use my fingers to apply liquid foundation/bb cream and even eyeshadows. I rarely use blush when going out especially with BF because he does not want me wearing makeup especially foundation! Argggh!!! I was with my mom when we visited Daiso last week. She was going loco with the bowls that costs 88 pesos! Hahaha When she was paying at the counter, I saw these plastic containers and I immediately thought of  using it as a brush holder.

I like that it has dividers so I can separate my face brushes from my eye brushes and so on.

For 88 pesos, who would not agree that this is such a steal?? hehe

The best part is the wide compartments where I place my Etude House Babydoll Puff with my Kabuki Brushes.

Look at my Etude House Babydoll Puff? It looks so gross already. I have only been using that for weeks ha!? Now, I can truly say that I will definitely not repurchase!

My eye brushes. Can you tell my favorite? Of course that would be my ELF Blending Brush. :D I can create a lot of eye makeup looks using only that brush. Btw, those are faux MAC brushes the ones my Aunt from NYC gave me. She ordered it from Thank you tita!! I hope you are reading this post. I love what you sent me and I am using them already.. :D

That's it! What kind of  brush holder are you using?

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  1. thanks for the idea Atty! Lagi ko siya nakikita sa Japan Home Center pero never ko pinansin, ngayon alam ko na use nia! Salamuch!

    1. feeling ko nga for pens yan.. haha naisip ko lang for brushes

  2. what branch of daiso did you go to ate donna? :) I've been looking for one of those in saizen, and sadly did not find any...

  3. I use old pencil holders when I was still in grade school. :) IMagine my happiness when I found them one day...hehehe brings back so many good childhood memories. :D

  4. I have several brushes the same as yours! The ELF crease "blending" brush is also one of my favorites! I have 2 of them at the moment. My "brush holder" happens to be an aluminum flower pot. HAHA. Too tamad to get a "real" brush holder.

  5. My mom actually made me a paint brush holder na ginawa ko ng make up brush holder hehe! ^_^

  6. Great bargain purchase I hope I can find one these holders when I visit Daiso. BTW nice makeup brushes. I love it! Thank you for posting!


  7. I am digging this review/discovery! What a way to save moolah! Thanks Atty. Donnarence <3

  8. hi atty! i recommend cleaning your baby doll puff with laundry bar soap. rub it against hanggang sa mawala yung stains, I bought mine nung december pa, so far good as new parin sya! :)

  9. we found the same one!!!haha!only i've been using it as a holder for my eyeliners..i bought mine at japan home centre!:)

  10. Hi! How do you take pictures? Do you have your own studio? cause it's all white. :)

  11. hi.. bkt di ko po mkita mga pix??? :(


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