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I must admit that I had been remiss in blogging lately. yay!! Imagine my horror when my list of products to review is getting longer!! Waahh!!  Anyways, Manila or shall I say the whole Philippines is soooo hot these days!Ohhh Btw,  I am already running out of my Mosbeau Facial Cream and I need  a new moisturizer asap!! Any good recommendations? Anyways, Sweety Pink Cosmetics (http://www.sweetypinkcosmetics.com/) contacted me if Iwant to feature their new site in my blog. They sent me these awesome goodies to review. I chose everything. haha  I am very curious with the Lipcote. Have you heard of this already? It is a lipstick sealer and it makes your lipsticks lasts longer. I tried it yesterday and so far so good. I told my boyfriend that I am wearing it and tried kissing him on the cheeks. My lipstick did not transfer. He told me that I should include him in the review showing a picture of me kissing him and a proof that my lipstick stayed on. lol I think I should it on with a lipstick since I applied on top of my NYX matte soft lip cream in San Paulo. It also claims to mattify the lipstick. Very promising right? I also got two Barry M lipstick. I love the consistency and pigmentation of Barry M lipstick. They lasts longer too compared to most of my other lipsticks. I got Pink Ribbon and Sunset. I also got the Beauty Uk  Blush in Royal Rose. Another baked blush for me,, :D I still want a Milani Coralina!!!

These are the products from Elite Minerals. The eyeshadow primer is really creamy. The eyeshadow Candy Girl is a very beautiful pink shadae with golden sheen!!! I can even wear it as a blush. This summer I like anything light on my face. No layering of products for now. I want everything to feel light and natural on my skin, Thanks to Mineral Makeup, BB cream and Pressed Powder!!! I still have one mineral foundation to review the one from Priori! I am not a fan of foundations with slight shimmers but this one is an exception.
This is where I spent my Holy week. This is shot of Mt. Maculot Cuenca Batangas. Hi to all my readers who are from Batangas!! Ala eh!! My mom inherited this huge place and we are very thankful for this  haven. I just want to share to you that there was this guy who told my dad that would give us 2,000 pesos for every tree that he will cut!! My dad was like NO WAY!! A tree costs more than that. Tsk Tsk.. Oh people these days.. They think that they can buy everything with money. Hopefully, I can take pictures of products that I will reviewing today!! :D

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  1. wow.. thanks for introducing sweet pink cosmetics ^__^

  2. do a review of the lipcote pleasee!:)

  3. i actually like their mineral primer. :D they can really make colors stand out.BUT they are a bit poor in the non creasing department

  4. HHmmm interesting ang Lipcote Don. Please do a review on it. waaaahhh!! I want one...for my BF's sake.


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