Have I Finally Found The Perfect Red Lipstick? Lime Crime Lipstick in Retrofuturist

Hi everyone! I really have a hard time finding the right shade of red lipstick for my medium yellow skin. Most red lipsticks would make my teeth look more yellow.  This lipstick was sent to me by Charmaine of Starmaine Cay. You can also check her sister's site, Anna of The Makeup Suite. I will put their links at the end of the review. 

 Lime Crime is known for their slogan, Makeup "so bright, it's illegal".  
As I have said before, Lime Crime lipsticks have the best packaging ever. Hehe I really adore the purplish pink packaging with glitzy designs of stars and a unicorn. It looks so creative and cute! The price is quite expensive, in my honest opinion. I could splurge such amount on some MAC lipstick instead. The lipstick formula is very ordinary. It reminds me of the Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick. I am not a fan of the scent. It smells a lot like a regular lipstick. The best lipstick scent I have smelled are from NYX Black Label Line.

The lipstick glides smoothly on the lips. 
The shade Retrofuturist is a True Red.
The color is a very neutral one leaning a bit on the blue based red color range. This lipstick is vegan, thus, they do not test on animals. 
The shade is really really pigmented. The color pay off is extremely great! This can leave a stain on your lips. This swatch I made on the back of my hand was really hard to remove. The staying power is good. Although, it does come off when you eat. I was wearing this lipstick a while while having dinner and I noticed that the color on the inner portion of my lips close to my teeth faded. 
The sheen really bothers me a lot so I have to blot it off with tissue or set it with a translucent loose powder. Glossy lipsticks especially the dark and bright ones  accentuate my big and pouty lips (and I hate it). I love to pair this with a dark red lip liner from Nichido. You need two layers of lipstick to achieve that even red sheen.  For everyday wear, I use my pinky finger to dab the lipstick on my lips for a more natural look. This red lipstick does not make my teeth look more yellowish.  Further, the shade really  brightens  up my face.

Is this my perfect red lipstick?
No.  I want to try other matte Red lipsticks like the NYX Soft Matte lipcream in Monte Carlo. I also want to try the beautiful MAC  Ruby Woo.

Have you found your perfect red lipstick?
Care to share?

Godbless everyone!
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  1. im cool with mac's russian red, nyx's snow white.
    this one looks cool...

    as for the local brand...i wanted to try ever bilena in scarlet..orangey ang base nya...

    1. hi debbie ako gusto ko itry yung eb storm.. :))

  2. how much is limecrime? I wnat to try out their multi colored eyeliners and rainbow colored lippies... :)

    1. their lipstick costs 800-900 pesos online,,:))

  3. it's really pretty on you! my perfect red is ruby woo by mac for orangy reds and MUFE blue red for most other times :) revlon fire red colorburst lip gloss for a pigmented red gloss look


    1. thanks vonnie for sharing... ruby looks perfect on everyone

  4. I wanna try the Mac Russin Red. Hihihi. Or the Ruby Woo (both are my target buy next). I was really curious about these limecrime lippies. I was gonna order from Charmaine but I cancelled cuz my tita from US said she'll send one. But untill now, no limecrime lippie. Anyway, now I don't think I wanna try this anymore cuz I do not like "ordinary-smelling" lipsticks. Doesn't appeal to me.

  5. Oh and btw, I am happy with my current red lipstick/s. First, I use NYX SMLC in either Amsterdam or Monte Carlo (depends if I want darker or lighter) and then on top of the lip cream is NYX RLS in (I have four choices) either Pure Red, Chaos, Electra or Eros. If I want darker, I put Models Own LS in Redwine on top of Monte Carlo. :3 The Staying power is unimaginable.

    I remember one day, I applied it in the morning and then when I went home by 2 am, the lipstick is just slightly thinned. That's with eating and drinking and without re-applying. Try it. :)

    1. Now i want to NYX monte carlo!!! thanks for this.. :) I want long lasting lippies..

  6. wow,that's such a beautiful bright red! love it!

  7. I already found my perfect red matte lipstick in MAC Ruby Woo a close second is MAC Russian Red. I also have Monte Carlo and it's also pretty. And super agree that NYX Black label lippies smell so good! I like the color of Retrofuturist though. :)


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