Shapely and fabulous: plus size swimwear for beach glamour

As many plus size advocates continue to emphasise, the average size of a British woman is a size 14 – but the continual domination of stick-thin models on the catwalks seems to ignore this fact.

However, luckily for more realistically proportioned women, the media and high street retailers aren’t ignoring it, thanks partly to iconic curvy ladies like Mad Men’s stunning Christina Hendricks. Plus size clothing is becoming more trendy and more talked about: out with the drab, ill-fitting fabrics of the past, and in with new glamorous outfits that flatter and flaunt womanly curves. With summer just around the corner, stores across the UK are stocking up on plus size swimwear that’s both flattering and fashionable, allowing real women to show off their natural womanly curves this season. This summer, plain black or white one-piece swimsuits are firmly in fashion. Although this may seem a conservative style to confident ladies who want to wow the beaches this summer, the traditional one-piece can be as daring as any string bikini.
This was proved by A.Z Araujo in his designer swimwear collection at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim in Miami. His collection featured this number, an all-white piece with daring straps that show off the model’s shape beautifully. Twinned with classic sunglasses and metallic heels, this look oozes chic confidence.Of course, this daring style isn’t for everyone, and that’s where the plain black swimsuit comes into play: it’s a well-known fact that black is a slimming colour. However, curvy ladies shouldn’t feel the need to restrict themselves to full black suits: why not look for a suit that combines bright colours with a summery feel to emphasise your assets, using darker shades to cover any insecurities you may have? Multi-coloured costumes are definitely the way forward for less adventurous girls who still want an eye-catching look.
With the great selection of shapewear for plus size women on offer this season, we’re spoiled for choice. Just remember: the best accessory is confidence!


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