Quick Review EOS Lipbalm: Hit or Miss?

I first saw this egg like balm from Michelle Phan's video. I am very curious with this balm because there was and there is still an ongoing phenomenal rave on this balm in the Youtube community. The sphere/ dome shape is very cute indeed but it is very bulky. Th e packaging is made of sturdy and durable plastic. I did countless of experiment with this balm.  I would usually apply it on my lips especially when there are a lot of people around and it never failed to catch women's attention. Haha Whenever I use this in the washroom, I would see girls looking at me. (agaw atensiyon) 

I got this balm from Digital Traincase and it was sold for only 250 pesos. I got it in Summerfruit and the shade is sweet but not too overpowering. 

I have been using this balm for over a month now. The shape of the balm itself makes it easier to apply the product on my lips. It goes on smooth when applied. It is not sticky nor too glossy at all which I love. I love the texture and consistency of this balm on my lips. It is as if I am not wearing anything. I hate lipbalms that feel so heavy and warm on the lips. It also has that hint of of sweetness. Due to this, I can't stop licking my lips and this bad habit would make my lips drier.  Is it moisturizing? Hmm... It is actually good. However, this is not highly moisturizing as I expected it to be. I can say that Maybelline Baby Lips and Ilog Maria Lip balm moisturize my lips slightly better compared to EOS. The best part is that this is made of natural and organic ingredients. 
No parabens or petrolatum at all. 

Will I buy again?
Yes. I would love to try a different flavor. :)
I do not recommend this to people with super dry lips. 
How it looks like on my lips.
It does not look glossy but it gives my lips a moisturized look.

EOS means Evolution of Smooth.

Godbless everyone!


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  1. I really like the EOS lip balm too, I have it in Sweet Mint. But there's really nothing special about it, just the shape. ^_^

  2. Iactually like this! I finished up mine and mine is the minty one (in light green) :) Super love the packaging, super love how easy it is to use, and I tend to use it more often than other lipbalm due to its odd and super cute shape!


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