Physiogel Cream and Cleanser: My Attempt to Pacify My Skin

Lately, I am stressing myself out. I have to admit that I am undergoing quarter life crisis. Dr. Phil!! Oprah!! I seriously need help. On second thought, I just really need more quiet time with God to enlighten my mind and heart. I am dumbfounded with my career right now. Also, I am honestly losing my interest for blogging. Why? It seems that my blog has been a beauty review blog and I don't like it. I miss those days when creative juices about makeup and beauty overflows my brain. I sincerely want to do more makeup looks. Due to stress, my face went berserk for the past two weeks! I have rashes everywhere and I am not even using any new products. Crazy right? The other day when I was walking in Galleria, I passed by at Mercury. I saw Physiogel products and I remembered how Physiogel cream pacified my rashes and helped my dry skin before. I do not like the Cleanser when I tried it before but I am giving it a second try. So far my rashes started to dissipate. They are not that itchy and inflamed anymore but they are still reddish/pinkish. I will be doing an in depth review of these Physiogel Products soon. These two products came in a promo box and costs 658 pesos. Another thing that I must really develop to lessen my rashes is to prevent touching my face with my hands. A truly bad habit that I must learn to stop.
A picture of my skin plagued with rashes. :(
That's it for tonight!

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  1. My dermatologist also recommended Physiogel when I had eczema, it really a great brand. ^_^

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  2. aww... those rashes will surely go away soon. Don't stress to much and always think about positive things. ^_^

  3. When I get irritation like that I always go back to the basic. I use J&J baby soap or tendercare since even the sensitive skin of my baby can tolerate it.
    It's cheap too!

  4. my derma recommended Physiogel atty.. so dont worry.. :)

  5. I experienced this before too, and a clear face is something that everyone needs. You're a great blogger and I hope you will never lose interest in it ;)


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