Quick Post: Updated Brush Collection Plus Beauty Cosmetics Brushes

Hello MLI Readers! Miss me? I hope so.. :)

I am honestly not a brush person. The best makeup tool for me are my fingers. I can live with 5 types of brushes - a flat top, an angled blush brush, a flat shader brush, an angled liner brush and  of course a dome shaped blending crease brush.  However,  the Youtube community has been influencing me too much. I ended up buying two brush sets last week. Huwaahh.. I initially wanted the Samantha Chapman Brushes particularly the core collection but I ended up buying the 12pc Beauty Cosmetics Brushes with black handles.  I also bought their newest face brush set.  I will do an in depth review on these soon. 
This explains why my brush case/organizer looked too small to hold my brushes.FYI, I bought this brush set from Daiso for only 66 pesos. :) I will be getting a brush holder with a cover or lid. My mom was telling me to cover these brushes to avoid the accumulation of dust.  Hmm.. I never thought of that. 
The new face brushes of Beauty Cosmetics. This is a knock off for the Sigma Sigmax Synthetic Brush Kit. They are as big as my Sigma Flat top brush and as soft as my Sigma!!!!!! I actually can't believe it! These brushes are very soft and the bristles feels very much like my Sigma F80! This set only costs 850 pesos! Could you believe that? This is definitely a steal! However, I am not a fan of the 12 pc. Brush Set that I bought from Beauty Cosmetics. The bristles are soft and okay but not extremely soft. Also, the flat top brush in that set can pass off as a stippling brush! It is not dense or firm at all. The eye brushes and the powder brush are really good. Anyways, I will reviewing these sets soon.

Check out their Facebook Page:

You can also order there.. :) You can also try their multiply shop:

The three toned bristles looked really special, don't you think?

** This is not a sponsored post. I bought the Beauty Cosmetics Brush Sets with my own hard earned money. 

I will end my post here. I need to hurry because I have an appointment with Benefits Salon in Eastwood today. I will finally have my hair rebonded again after 3-4 years. Thanks to Ensogo, I got a good deal on this one. :)

Have a blessed day ahead!


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  1. Hi Ms. Donna- these brushes look great! I shall wait for your review! See you soon!

  2. Omg you have so many!!! Mine are not organized at all :( I want to find some kind of system that works for organizing my makeup tools. And yeah the brush guards are great for covering the bristles so they don't get dusty. :)

  3. Hi sis, I know what you mean! I've been using those "pencil" holders na nga kasi kung san san na nasisiksik! :) I love the way you store your brushes :D

  4. Whoa!! That's a toooon of brushes! ^_^ love it!




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  5. So many brushes! I just ordered BC 12 pc brushes and 4pc face brushes as well. Cant wait to see them. Your storage looks so nice. Parang display sa landmark. Ill check that out on Daiso. :) thanks for sharig this!

  6. Weee! *takip-mata* naiinggit ako! :p


  7. Very Sigma-ish nga! Will put that in my to-buy list! Will wait for your reviews pa rin, esp sa 12-pc set.

  8. I've always been intrigued by that 4pc brush set from BC. Hmm.. Thanks for this post! :)

  9. Thanks for posting this Atty! I will show this blogpost to my friends and family and tell them that a lawyer own this! I now have an excuse to collect more brushes! Kalowka kasi sila! sarili ko lang daw minemakeupan ko pero pang-makeup artist na daw dami ng makeup at brushes ko.. eh i am planning to buy that BC 12pc brush set pa! we makeupjunkies need selection kaya! mahirap maging kikay! hehe!

  10. oh wow!!! Your photos are really great!!!
    I'm about to order the BC 4pc face brush set, im really excited..especially after seeing this post!!!
    I agree with your comment regarding the Flat Top brush included in the 12pc set, its too flimsy and not dense enough..
    Hmm..you should get your hands on the Real Techniques Core Collection, its really amazing!
    I did a review on the collection on my blog.. :)



  11. Wow!! These brushes look really good! Next up on my bucket list :P

  12. Oh my I have to try this before the year ends! I haven't tried the Sigma brushes but these look promising, not to mention affordable too! Thanks for sharing! :)


  13. Wow you have a lot and this was 2012! I wonder how much more your collection has grown hihi


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