Pinkies Collections: Eyebrow Cake Review, Photos and Swatches

Did you know that Jes Roque of has the most beautiful brows that I have ever seen?  Whenever I see her, I can't help but stare on her brows with awe and pure envy. Hahaha I have always been frustrated with my brows. I have tried a lot of tricks and products. Most are hits but some are misses. Anyways,  I ran out of my K-Palette Lasting 2 Way Eyebrow (which I super love). Check my review here:  I was supposed to get a K-Palette's but I ended up buying this eyebrow cake. This brand is Pinkie Swear, a sister company of James Cooper.  Whenever I go Watsons or SM Department Stores, I can't help but notice this brand and James Cooper. They have loads of affordable and promising products lately. Btw, Thanks to Ohitsandee of youtube for featuring this product. :) I could not curtail my excitement to share with you my review of this product. Here it is:

Pinkies Collection Eyebrow Cake in  EBC-03
Price: 169 Pesos
Weight: 3 grams
Available in SM Department Stores and Watsons Branches

This eyebrow cake comes in three shades to choose from. I got EBC-03 with two shades that is perfect for my eyebrow color. It contains a muted pale brown and a medium taupe color. The finish of this eyeshadow is sheer matte. The color is very buildable and with a wet angled brush, you get gorgeous pigmentation. The texture of this eyebrow cake is quite hard. Also,this is not too powdery and this blends perfectly on my brows. I could use the light brown of the taupe on its own and the shade just look so natural. I use this with my Marionnaud  Spoolie with Angled Brush. This is best used with wet application. I just use normal water or water with Glycerine. Whenever I use this in the office or some place where there is no water in sight, I use Visine drops.  For a very affordable product, Can I just say that this is extremely amazing especially if used with James Cooper Eyebrow Gel in Frosted Brown. This lasts almost whole day  (whole day means office hours haha) on me to be exact for like 6-8 hours without retouching. The clean and sharp edges may blur at the end of the day but the color per se is still intact. My only rant is the packaging. The lid cover is not sturdy at all. I only have this for  two weeks and I am afraid the lid cover will be detached anytime soon. Waahh!
This eyebrow cake applies smoothly  even with dry application.
For busy people, I do not recommend this eyebrow cake. This takes up 10 minutes of my makeup routine. I know a lot of you will say "ang tegel nemen 10 mins!" Exag! However, it is the truth. If you have untamed brows like I do and you want that perfect shape and arch, the process can get really tedious. Plus, I just don't fill my brows, I draw  my brows (literally)! I apply the light brown on the inner brows for that natural look and on the the middle and on the tail, I use the taupe shade for a sharper and cleaner look. 

My untamed brows.
What do you think with my drawn arch? hihi

Ohh wait let me give you a sneak peek of another brow product that I am currently in love with:
Thank Iya Boto for the review!! Were it not for your review on this product, I will not buy it. I bought two shades of this brow gel. All I can say is forget about Etude House Color My Brows that dries up easily. Try this brow gel and you will definitely love it too. Check out Iyah's review and comparison with MAC Girl Boy: 

I am so proud that our local products are getting better and better!

Godbless everyone!



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  1. Nice review! :) to think it's only less than 200! Indeed, our local products keep getting better! :))

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    will try this brow powder

  3. Want the brow gel! :D Still have in2it to finish kasi XD

  4. Thanks for this review. I love my In2it brow kit but I'll definitely try this one soon :)

  5. awesome review! >w<

  6. I should definitely try this and the brow gel (brow addict here!) :)

    Thanks for the special mention. Don't worry, I'll teach you my 'tricks'. :

    I love you! :)

  7. Uh oh! This is not good for my brows addiction! :)) Definitely checking out the products in this post :)

  8. I accidentally saw and bought this because it's really affordable. And I also love it! :)

  9. Wow this is great and affordable! Will try this as soon nakapagpaayos na ako ng brows hehehehe :D


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