Revlon Photoready 3D Volume Mascara Review

This latter part of this year is a mascara craze for me. I received three mascaras from K-Palette and Fairy Drops.I bought this Revlon mascara because of the good reviews from US bloggers. Also,  I was really curious with the 3D Volume thingy. Plus, the fact that this mascara came from the Photoready line made it more interesting.
In the Philippines, this mascara costs 750 pesos. I was shocked to learn this. I told myself  that this must be worth every penny if it costs this much. Well, I did not buy this at the local counters. I am not that dumb to spend 750 pesos when I can buy it at more than half the price. I got this on ebay for 300 pesos with shipping. I have it blackest black.

This mascara has a wet formula. As you all know, I veer away  from mascaras with wet formula because they tend to weigh down my lashes. Surprisingly, this mascara has a good curling quality. Most of the time, I use it alone without the need of curling my lashes. It can hold the curl for about 3-4 hours or  even more. The pigmentation is good but not as incredible as the L'oreal Volumious Carbon Black. Please refer to my review of L'oreal Mascara here.

This mascara separates my lashes really well but it does not give my lashes my desired volume with just two-three coats. The problem with this mascara is that 5-6 coats can definitely make my lashes clump. I have to be really careful in applying this to avoid clumping and it just takes a lot of time in my makeup routine. Clumping issue aside, this does a good job of lengthening my lashes. HOwver, I do not like using this mascara on my lower lashes. It just make my lower lashes look like spider legs which is too unnatural for everyday wear. I ain't gonna sport a Twiggy look on a daily basis you know. This mascara can be easily removed with soap and water or makeup remover. 
The bristles  of the brush does a good job of separating my lashes but I fin the bristles too stiff. To the point that I could not even apply this mascara close to my lash line because the bristles tends to poke my lash line like crazy. This is the first time I have such an experience this with a mascara brush. Also, I noticed that the wand does not pick up the product fairly well. Most of the time, I need to scoop out the product using the tip of the wand. Well, the mascara brush is not that bad because it can apply the product really well on hard to reach areas like the lashes in the inner corner of the eyes.

Here is a before and after shot using this mascara:
Without mascara
With Revlon Photoready 3D Volume
It did a great job of lengthening and separating my lashes. 

Do I love it?
No. I gave it about two weeks and I just gave up on it. I really wanted to make it work but sadly, it did not. I think that it will suit people with thicker lashes but not those with sparse lashes like mine. 

Have you tried this mascara?
Share your thoughts on the comment box please.:)

Currently, I am using Fairydrops mascara. I have to admit I love it! It is definitely HG material. Review coming soon. :)

Godbless everyone.



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  1. Aww too bad that it pokes the eyes. So want to try Fairydrops and K-Palette's lash perm! Will wait for your review! :D

  2. I've heard a lot of positive reviews about this particular mascara. This is way useful. Thanks for this review.


  3. I agree, it does poke the eyes when you get too close to the lashline. Sometimes I end up ruining my eye makeup. Haha! This does lengthen and curl my lashes so I like it, but yeah, it clumps easily, so I never go beyond two coats.

  4. aww buti nalang di ko to binili. im trying to find a replacement for my hg etude house proof10 mascaa. too bad they discontinued it.

  5. Thank goodness this isn't what I bought when I saw this before. You should try the green one :)


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