Acne 101: Putting on a Face

This post is my fourth installment for the "Truth Seeker Campaign" which intends to clarify common misconceptions about acne and skin care. 

Overactive oil glands coupled with bacterial infection generally produces pimples. Frequent pimple breakouts is called acne. Acne usually develop on the face, neck, back and even at the chest area. Having acne is very troublesome, emotionally and also financially. Thus, some people even tend to resort to home made treatments to clear their skin. Have you ever tried doing your these home made beauty remedies? Aside from the fact that it is less expensive than beauty products sold in the market, home made beauty remedies are made of natural ingredients. These home made treatments can range from the most simple to the most bizarre.  Let's go through a run down of the most popular home made treatments for acne or spot treatment for pimples:

1. Toothpaste is not only used for burns but also for spot treatment. Make sure you use the white toothpaste than the one in gel form.

2. Rubbing garlic on affected areas several times a day has been known to heal acne quickly because of its anti bacterial properties. Do not let the fresh garlic stay for more than 5 minutes. Beyond five minutes, you will surely feel a burning sensation.

3. The pulp of ripe tomatoes can be made into a mask. Let it seat on your face for about and hour.

4. Oatmeal is not for breakfast only and for diet enthusiasts. This can also be used as a mask to help dry pimples.

I could go and on for these makeup remedies you can do at home. All you have to do is rummage your kitchen and you have an instant remedy for your pimples. The weirdest I have tried is not actually a natural product but a lot were telling me that lipstick can be used to spot treat your acne. I tried this and nothing happened to my pimples.Well,it did leave me stained pillows!! Arggh.. Aside from this, I have been very loyal to oatmeal mask during my high school years because Panoxyl (which is quite popular during those times) only left me with burned spots.I did not find this helpful either.  I have also tried mixing Dallacin C and Eskinol Toner to prevent acne which I find really useful. These home made beauty treatments are reliable because they are readily available at your home.Plus, the idea of creating your own mask and toner can sound really appealing and exciting for most people especially beauty enthusiasts. Using home made products is in line with concept of "going green" which is a trend in the beauty community lately. Making your own beauty products, does not only help the environment, but you also avoid the harsh chemicals that are often found in traditional beauty products.However, the process of mixing these products can be really tedious and time consuming. Having good personal skincare or hygiene is still the best in clearing one's skin. Removing the gunk and grime after a long day's work helps a lot in treating acne. Also, not all these weird remedies work. That’s why people should rely on clinically-proven treatments. There is nothing like using the product with the proper ingredients in treating acne.

What home made pimple treatment have your tried? Did it work?


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  1. Two weeks na ako nag o-Oatmeal mask every night. . Na-reduce niya yung oiliness ko by 50-70%. Gumagamit ako ng blotting sheet every morning before washing my face para makita ko yung difference. Super effective sa akin. :)

    Nasubukan ko na din once yung egg whites. Maganda din siya. makikita mo agad yung difference after rinsing. Nakakaliit ng pores. Okay siya para pag oily ka. Medyo itchy nga lang. :)

  2. Wooow great tips! Hindi ko pa na-try yung 2-4. I tried toothpaste before and na-reduce yung size ng pimple ko :) Thanks for this!!


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