November Haul, New Products Plus Shopping Tips

 November has got to be my favorite month of the year because it is my birthday month. In view of this, I went a bit crazy with hauls. Also, there are new products sent to me by companies for review. I am honestly overwhelmed with the products I am testing right now. I have tons of products lined up for review. I really need to start planning my blogging schedule from now on.
Let's get started with my recent acquisitions, shall we?

I bought the Miners lippies from SkyeAvenue in Multiply. Visit this link for their shop:
I want to thank Ms. Dee for the super fast transaction. She was very kind and thoughtful to throw in a freebie. She gave me NYX Lipliner in Pinky and discounts. My orders also came with lip swatches courtesy of a fellow blogger, Kim Mendoza of Kimpossiblygorgeous. I have been lemming to try the Miners Matte Effect in Vixen because of Gem of Rare Vanity. She has been raving about this lipstick when we had lunch. I also wanted to try if the Miners Lip Paints are as good as the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream.

 This is the new Cream de Cheek from Majolica Majorca. I bought this on a whim because of the blog posts I have recently read about this product. I was drawn to the shade Coral, however, when I swatched it the color turned medium rosy pink on my skin. I was expecting it to be a true coral color. Instead of getting Coral, I got the shade Custard Cream which is peach. This retails for 495 pesos. 
These are the two newest products from SanSan. I have been road testing these babies for weeks now.  I am loving the packaging of these new products especially the BB Cream. Also, the SanSan BB cream has a superb coverage. Thank you so much to my HBC family.(feeling artista lang haha)
 I was contemplating on buying the Urban Decay Naked Palette but ended up buying this Oh So Special Palette from Sleek. I bought this for only 650 pesos in Multiply. 
 I ran out of a makeup remover so I finally had the chance to try this Lip and Eye Remover from Etude House. This retails for 198 pesos. I am honestly disappointed with this product. I bought this because of the good reviews about it. Sadly, this is not comparable to my trusted Ponds Cold Cream.
 These are the items I got from the Neutrogena Online Store.These are the products I have been wanting to try from them. Thank you, Neutrogena for these goodies. Check out their Facebook Page: 
 The other week, I was raving about Sample Room Ph. I finally received my Benefit Porefessional Sample. 
For months, I have been debating with myself if I should get this NYX E/S Base in Skintone. The ELF Studioline Eye Primer and Liner Sealer was a huge fail for me. Though I have seeing a 
lot of local makeup gurus using it. Also, I find my Etude House Proof Ten Primer very hard to blend. It also creates weird white streaks on my lids. Etude House Proof 10 Primer has been raved by my many bloggers as an alternative to the infamous UDPP. I totally disagree!! Due to this, I was on the verge of buying the UDPP. Thankfully, I was saved my practical side and bought the NYX HD Base instead. Kuripot lang talaga ako.. hehe I bought this eyeshadow base and primer for only 278 pesos each at the Pinkshoppe in Multiply.

I want to share with you a few tips on buying makeup especially in stores and bazaars with a quick chika on the side. I was in Alabang Town Center with my friends. I recalled that there was a NYX Booth located at Pop Culture. So, my friends and I went there. Upon arriving at the NYX Stall. I wasted no time swatching products. I immediately tried the NYX HD Eyeshadow base and I was amazed with its creamy consistency.I looked for the seller but he/she was  nowhere in sight. The nearby stall sellers told me that he/she went to the restroom. I asked them if they know if the NYX Stall has stocks for the the eyeshadow base but the other stall sellers answered in unison that there was no new shipment. I shrugged off what they said since they are not the seller of the stall. 
We left the NYX Stall and went back again after a few minutes. The seller of the NYX Stall was already there. I asked him how much was the NYX HD Eyeshadow base, and he answered me "500 pesos". I was astonished with his answer. As in nagulantang aketch! Hello?!? I have seen a lot of sellers online and in bazaars selling this for 350 pesos or less. I asked him if he was sure with the price and he said yes. I told him that it was quite pricey compared to other sellers. Then I asked for a discount. He told me that he will text the owner. After a while, I checked back on him and he said that 450 pesos is the last price. I was about to get the product plus the NYX Eyeshadow Base in SKintone. The good thing was I asked for a stock. He handed me the NYX HD Base. I twisted the cap and saw that the outer rim of the lid messed up with the product as if it has been used. Then it occurred to me that he was selling the tester instead of a new stock. When I asked where was the Tester that was on the stand, he told me that their tester was already all dried up. How can the tester be all dried up when I just tested it a few minutes ago.  Anyways, I left the store mumbling to my friends that the seller was trying to fool me. Yay!! 

When shopping in bazaars or stores, make sure that you check the product that you are buying. Make sure that it is sealed, not expired and in good condition (I love the fact that Fanny Serrano Sales ladies would never fail to open the compact of their powder foundation to show me that the powder is intact and the mirror is not broken). Also, have an estimate of how much a product cost especially if you buy in bazaars, you will never know if you are saving or overspending if you don't have a price in mind. Lastly, never settle with what the seller claims his/her products are.

Godbless everyone!

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Donnarence! :) I want my own copy of that "brochure". haha And oh, we have quite similar palms, I was very insecure with them in the past but now I always remind myself that "my hands are gifted do magnificent things" :)

    xx, Kim
    Kimpossibly Gorgeous

  2. lovely haul! really curious about San san's new products! cant wait to try it too :D and yesss I love the NYX hd eyeshadow base :D I got mine from digital traincase :D hope to see more reviews! :)

  3. Grabe pala yung ibang sellers sa bazaars, garapalan much.

  4. Wow kaloka naman yung seller na yun talagang tinatry ka nyang gaguhin... nako. Haha. Buti alam mo yung price talaga!

  5. Also have NYX HD eyeshadow base. I was quite disappointed with its performance. So-so lang. I find it oily. Parang same lang ang effect pag yung colorless Vaseline lip therapy ang gamit ko as "eyeshadow primer"

  6. i think that stall sells fake benefit products.

  7. Lucky you! WHen I logged in to wala nang Benefit Porefessional :(

  8. I love everything in this haul! And I love the mattefactor :)


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