Introducing Snow Caps, Plus Acne Care Update and Giveaway

Having fair skin is highly attributable to genes. This is not true nowadays. Today, there are a lot of aesthetic procedures you can undergo to achieve beautiful and fair skin. On top of the list is taking in glutathione. Glutathione is widely known for skin whitening but it primarily aims 
 for a glowing skin. There are a lot of brands in the market right now and the most promising is from Snow Caps. It's price is Php1,475.00 per box ( 30 capsules). It's cheaper compared to other Glutathione based on content. Most brands have around 250mg or less of Glutathione.

Here is are a few notes from Snow Caps to know more about their product:

SnowCaps Reverses Signs of Aging
The curse of the free radicals

The good things in life are free. Well, as it turns out, even the bad things are free too. And the worst part, we get them even if we don't ask for them. One example are free radicals. Free radicals are like rebels. They are the drifters in our bodies and they create imbalance wherever they are.

Free radicals are formed inside the body naturally, it is a part of the aging process. However, our daily activities and habits can trigger massive production of free radicals. Smoking, being exposed to pollution, harmful rays of the sun, exercising... all of these and more can produce free radicals in our system.

Free radicals can damage an enzyme, a protein molecule or an entire cell. These free radicals are like rebels, they steal and grab other chemicals and combine with them. This is called oxidation. Like when you cut up a potato and then see dark spots on it after leaving it exposed for a while.

The gift of glutathione

The best thing about nature is that it usually gives a fair chance to everyone, if there are free radicals that promote oxidation and speed up aging, then there are also anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are like the body's defense against the rebellious free radicals. They hunt these free radicals and destroy them thereby stopping them from completing the oxidation process and wreaking havoc on your body.

Anti-oxidants are produced and are present in our bodies but if we want to combat more free radicals, we need to get it from other sources such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and the like.

Glutathione is one of the most important cellular anti-oxidant. It works directly in the cells! Our skin and everything else are made of cells. So as we increase the levels of glutathione in our diet, then we are taking care of our skin and our entire bodies from inside!

Younger with every pill!

There are a lot of glutathione pills in the market, but there are few brands that give you the right dosage in one convenient pill. SnowCaps has 500mg of premium glutathione. Check your brand, it may be more expensive but it possibly has a lower dosage, or worse a low-grade glutathione. This means you have to take more capsules in one day or that you just take one capsule and not get your money's worth. Low-dose, low-grade glutathione is like letting five weak soldiers handle an army of free radicals!

So get the right brand of glutathione. SnowCaps is your anti-aging bestfriend! You can find SnowCaps in your nearest Mercury Drugstore.

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Snowcaps is distributed by Vida NutriScience. This company also distribute Acne Care. Click here for information about Acne Care:

A lot of people have been sending me email for my brother's progress in his use of Acne Care. 
Sadly he stopped using after a month's use because he was too lazy to do this routine. 
In the first weeks, he experienced purging. His acne broke out even more and I was telling him that it was
part of the process. It was really discouraging but I know had he continued using Acne Care, he could see better results.

I know a lot of you want to try these products, so I am giving away one box of Snow Caps and one bottle of AcneCare to one lucky winner.
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This giveaway will start today and will on the the 22nd of December. :))

You can share the link on Facebook and tweet this giveaway once a day until the 22nd to earn more points!!

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  1. how long will you wait to see the effects of this so called snow caps ?

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    1. I did not choose any winners. I preferred not to pick any because the prize for this giveaway was burned. You can refer to my latest post. My house was gutter by fire last Christmas day. I apologize for this. Godbless

  3. Glutathione capsules are counted among the best medicines for fairness. They help you to procure healthyand good looking skin within shorter periods of time.

  4. can you buy 10 capsules only? I just wanna try it

    1. you can buy it po per piece at mercury drug...:)

  5. hello po long will u wait to see the results?/ thank po ... and how many capsule should i take per day?

  6. Hi. Iwant to ask how to take this glutathione with vit c

  7. Hello. Can I ask how much is a ten pieces of this?

  8. I've been using snowcaps for 2 weeks now.bought it from lazada(much cheaper price)im seeing changes i have brown complexion however one thing ive notice nglabasan pimples ko at super itchy pa sya. Is this something to do with snowcaps or my body is just adjusting? Should i stop it?help pls thanks


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