The Most Popular MLI Reader's Question: What Camera Do I Use?

 I have been very vocal over the fact that I AM NOT A WRITER. I aint good like other bloggers who write like a magazine editor. Also, I blame lawschool and my profession for my writing style. I was accustomed in writing brief, concise and straight to the point pleadings that a grade 2 student should understand. Hence, the lack of creativity in the way I write. Thus, I try to compensate my lack of writing creativity with pictures. I am very passionate in taking pictures for my blog. I could go on for hours, the average photos I take for a blog post could reach a hundred. Yes. I take and retake shots until I get the perfect shot. It is not being meticulous or OC, rather, I call it loving your craft. I love to give my readers photos that showcase the true color and size of a product. Yes. I edit my pictures. Why? It is very hard to capture the true color of a product through an image. I do not think it is cheating. It is being real with colors. I use photoescape not photoshop. I would love to learn photoshop as in!!!!!! I have been plagued with this question by my readers ever since I started blogging. Before, I honestly do not like to share the camera that I use. Well, for me it is akin to spilling a trade secret. Over the past years, I have realized that other bloggers may have the same camera or lens like I do but the manner of taking pictures is a different story. It all boils down to style and  technique.

I think the proper question that my readers should ask is:
What cameraS do you use?

Yes. I am using  two cameras.

Before, I use a Sony H70. I am pretty satisfied with it. Until it got burned last Christmas together with my whole house. I was debating with myself if I should get a new micro lens or a digicam. I chose a digicam instead. The new digicam I am using is this SONY CYBERSHOT HX30V. This camera has   a lot of  features that you can play around. This is my all around camera and I can live with this.
When I got this Nikon D5100 as a gift,, I thought this is the answer to all my dilemma. Not knowing that I would encounter more dilemmas in using a dslr for blogging. I am not a photographer and I have a hard time choosing the right lens. The clarity of dslr pictures is incomparable.  That's why I still plan on getting new lens in the future.

If you would ask me what camera do I sue in product shots etc. I can not specifically tell because it depends on my mood and lighting on the camera  I use. 
 Do I use photobox or lightbox? NO!

I answered this before. I only use a white folder like this:
No artificial light just natural lighting.

However I do plan on getting a light box. This is one of the photos I took with my light box. I asked for a light box during our Office Christmas Party as a whislist. I got to use the light box once!! Yes just once then it got burned at the tragedy.

This is the photo I took with the light box. 
That's it. :))

Godbless everyone!!

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  1. Great post Donna! :) I am actually planning on getting a DSLR too but thinking of purchasing the separate lenses just gives me headaches LOL but I think it depends on the person that is taking a picture on how great you are at taking pictures and you don't really need to buy a lot of gadgets to get a great shot :) I actually get a lot of compliments when I take pictures with my nintendo 3ds cam or my Canon A490 cam because of its great quality ^^,

    Much Love

    xx Alice

  2. Is that the elf concealer palette?

  3. One of the things I love about your blog (aside from your great and honest reviews and so gorgeous eye makeup looks, of course) is your style in taking photos! Promise. Your photos are always soooooo clear and HQ. Kaya I always enjoy reading your posts :)

  4. wow.. i never thought of using white folder as background =) thanks for sharing this =)

  5. I agree, you have the best photos. Clear and crisp. Your lip shots are the most amazing, as well.

  6. awesome post dear
    and great idea about using
    a white folder for images.


    am following your lovely blog
    through GFC and Bloglovin.


    keyti of brushesandpens

  7. This one is awesome! Naku sorry to here that your house got burned!
    But anyways, I know nakasurvive kayo and what matters most is walang nasaktan sa inyo.
    Gayahin nga kita ang cool nito!! Hehe

  8. I have the HX30v too! I love it. It takes photos like my sister's DSLR. You just have to play with the settings. :)

    Just wondering, do you know where to buy lightboxes? ung hindi international ung seller ha, lol :D

  9. I was about to ask this question, good thing you shared it, thanks :)

  10. Great post Miss Donna! <3 I am thinking of buying a camera. I think this is worth to check this out :)

  11. super late comment.. :D but you DO do great photos..


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