Cheap Thrills: Fashion 21 Marble Lip Gloss

By now, you have figured out that I am a lipstick addict. There are more lippie posts in this blog than any other review posts combined, however, I am not fond of lipgloss. I do not normally wear glossy lippies because glosses tend to highlight my pouty lips and I feel uncomfortable wearing them.   I attended the Nutmeg Event last month and I saw Monika of She is my current favorite blogger because she loves budget finds like I do. I was ogling at her throughout the event. I was even surprised to learn that she is a mommy blogger and a reader of my blog. waahh Her makeup looks so perfect but I was particularly drawn to her lips. I can't help but ask what lipgloss was she wearing when she retouched. She candidly told me that it was just a chipipay one from Fashion 21. I tried my best to remember the packaging of the gloss because I got very shy to ask more details about it. The other day I saw this Marble Lip Gloss from Fashion 21 and if I am not mistaken this is the exact gloss Monika used. My heart even skipped a beat when I saw the tag price - 65 pesos!!! This gloss is on the small clearance portion of the Fashion 21 Stand. I got two shades and I am in love with it!
The packaging reminds me of Korean cosmetics like the ones from the face shop and VOV. For 65 pesos, this product is filled to the brim and can last me for months! It comes with a doe foot applicator. The lipgloss has a subtle vanilla scent to it which is very nice. It has a very smooth texture, not grainy at all. It feels light on the lips and sticky enough to last for hours. I did not experience dryness or chapped lips in using this product. I can put layers and layers of this gloss sans that heavy feel. It applies evenly and does not settle on the fine lines. . What impressed me the most are the pigmentation and coverage. These glosses has a semi-opaque finish to them. I can even use them alone or with a lipliner only. The shimmers of No. 2 or the pearl finish of No. 3 do not appear flashy at all rather they give the glosses that high end feel to them. 
Here are the swatches at the back of my hand. If in any case you'll find No. 01 please tell me where you saw it. I like to complete all the shades of this gloss. 
The Good:

  1. Pigmentation is awesome.
  2. Hydrating
  3. It lasts for hours even after eating or drinking.
  4. Glides smoothly and does not settle on the fine lines.
  5. Affordable
  6. Not grainy
  7. Lightweight consistency
The Bad:

  1. This gloss is now on clearance. ;(
Take a look at the lip swatches:

No. 2 is a richly pigmented shade that is very vibrant and gives off that fun vibe. It is a pretty berry pink with iridescent shimmers. 

Finally found the perfect nude gloss! No. 3 is my ultimate favorite. I have never fallen madly in love with a gloss before. It was the same gloss that  Monika wore, if I am not mistaken. The color is beautiful peachy nude with a pearl finish. This is perfect for everyday wear or a perfect match to smokey eyes.

Overall, I am impressed with this gloss especially the No. 3 shade. Hopefully, Fashion 21 will not totally phase this out but will just repackage it.

Have you tried this gloss?


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  1. yay me rin not a fan of lipgloss i hate ung feeling na madidikit ung hair ko.. pero type ko ung nude nya sis hihi checheck ko xa..

  2. I have #3 too. It's a beautiful nude color, and I was surprised that the shimmer did not make it overly frosty.

  3. I wanna try that nude No.3 gloss! I hope Fashion 21 won't discontinue it too soon! Thanks for reviewing Ms. Donna! Always on my reading list! ♥ Lots! :*

    Gem Stoelzaed Ü

  4. I agree! It's such a steal. Ganda ng color payoff..

  5. It looks really nice considering its so inexpensive :P

  6. Yes. yan nga yun! I also have the pink one. Awww... clearance na sya? Sayang naman. I'm glad you liked it too. One of my favorites talaga yan. :))) It was so nice to meet you!

  7. the colours look so amazing! thanks for sharing :D
    im in love with your blog layout!

    xx Michelle

  8. Naconfuse ako Ms. Donna. I bought the shade No. 2 pero nude siya. Haha! How come parang hot pink un nasa swatch mo. Ohh well. Still looks nice. Hehe!

  9. Yay for Fashion 21! Great color and affordable! <3

  10. I havent tried this gloss yet. but im willing :) nice colors! :D


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