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It’s hot! And the idea of jumping in a pool or the sea at the end of the day has never felt more appealing. For some ladies however, the idea of donning a bikini or a swimsuit fills them with dread. Everyone has parts of their body they would rather keep under wraps, and as you are never more exposed than when in your swimwear, it’s understandable to have a few jitters. Fortunately there are loads of different types of swimsuit available to combat those trouble zones and give you the confidence you need to step proudly into the water. Take a look at George's swimsuit range to find something that will make you feel a million dollars, but only cost a few pounds. Start by finding solutions to common worries here.

You have an upper body that is the envy of women everywhere, but they may soon change their tune if they had to carry a large bust around everyday and try to find swimwear that won’t let you down. The solution is to buy your top and bottoms separately. Most bikinis are sold like this now as retailers have realised the average woman does not exist. Go for a top with cup sizes not just dress size as this will be more accurate, and get measured properly before you buy to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions when you hit the water.

The trick for girls who want to create some curves is to look at a suit or bikini when it’s not being worn. If it holds its shape then it’s likely to add some to you. Ruffles, fringing and tassels are all in this season and will help to draw attention to your curves making them appear more prominent. Try a halter-top to give breadth to your shoulders to help give an hourglass effect.

Women who have undergone a mastectomy often feel anxious about wearing a swimsuit in public for the first time. Post-op swimwear used to be expensive and difficult to get hold of, but luckily manufacturers are wising up to your plight, and you can get mastectomy swimming costumes from George at Asda for no more than any other suit.

Tall girls may have the pins many can only dream of, but a long body means that one-pieces are a no go. Bikinis too can look disproportionately small on a tall frame, so a tankini is a happy medium. There are loads of great tankinis on the market in all sorts of patterns and designs, so you’re bound to find one you love.

Older ladies sometime find it hard to hide the effects of gravity in swimwear. A swimming costume made from one piece of fabric will do nothing to help you stay supported; instead opt for a suit with built in under wires. A supported waist may also be of use and teamed with a little ruching on the stomach it will give you a highly enviable figure.

Whatever you wear to cool down in the water, team it with a healthy does of confidence and you will radiate style. Leave your insecurities at home, throw on your fabulous swimwear and dive in!

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  1. This helps a lot! And yes, confidence is a key! It doesn't matter if it's not too suitable as long as you have confidence, why not? :)

  2. Thank you for the tips regarding swimwears. I love this -- "Whatever you wear to cool down in the water, team it with a healthy does of confidence and you will radiate style. Leave your insecurities at home, throw on your fabulous swimwear and dive in!" Whenever I do something, I will always remember this. Thanks! <3


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