Avon Ultra Glazewear Lip Gloss Review + Swatches

When the Avon #makeitbeautiful box arrived, I was excited to use the lipsticks and eye shadows. I was not keen on using or even making a review of the glosses. Oh, by now, you would know that I am not a lip gloss person. The sticky formula of most lip glosses turns me off and lip gloss makes my pouty lips more prominent. At the back of my head, ''Oh noes!! five more glosses in my stash that I will never use?'' My mind immediately changed the moment I swatched the glosses. Definitely keeping all five for good!!(I will be giving the rich raspberry to a friend) Sorry mom and tita! No glosses for you.. hehe

Ultra Glazeweare Lip Gloss
New Formula, New Shades, and New Packaging
Avon's Ultra Glazewear Lip Gloss has a new formula with True Color Technology and self renewing pigments that glide on with a visible brilliant shine of rich color. The new lip-nourishing formula with Shea Butter, Omega Oil, Arctic Berry and Vitamin E make lips feel smooth and moisturized instantly. Designed to complement different skin tones.
Shades: Mauve Movement, Pink Watermelon, Rich Raspberry, Fiery Red, Tangerine Gleam
Price: Php 299 

The packaging is a plastic one. The clear packaging makes it very easy for consumers to see the shades of the glosses.  There is nothing spectacular about the wand which is the usual doe foot one. I was amazed when I swatched the glosses at the back of my hand. I was extremely in awe because the colors were so rich and pigmented. The color you would see in the clear packaging is the same color you will see when you use the gloss on your lips. The texture is also smooth. The glosses glide easily even on my dry lips. The consistency is not too sticky. It does not feel heavy at all. What I disliked is the scent. It has a very subtle scent which I can not describe. Nothing bad but I like my lip products to be unscented most of the time because of my allergic rhinitis. Despite the richness of the color, I feel that there are colors that are really hard to apply because they tend to bleed and get patchy like Tangerine Gleam and Rich Raspberry. The remedy is applying the gloss layer by layer instead of applying a lot of gloss in one go. Using the ring finger in patting the gloss also helps. The wear of these glosses can last upto 3 hours (without eating and drinking) but I eventually felt drying on the inner part of my lips at the fourth hour. These glosses feel a bit moisturizing on the lips.

Here are the lip swatches:
Mauve Movement is my favorite shade. It is a gorgeous light mauvey pink with micro shimmer. Out of all the glosses, this has the lightest consistency that I can wear on itself. Despite the light hue, this shade does not wash me out but delivers a beautiful dainty color on my lips.
Fiery red is a rich and bold neutral red color. It feels like a liquid lipstick with a glossy finish because of its rich pigmentation. Imagine Snow White's apple red lips turned real. The best thing about this color is that I can even use it on a daily basis. How? I apply it on the lips with my ring finger on a patting motion and it creates that just bitten red lips instantly. 
Rich Raspberry is a deep berry color that apples sheer but leaves the lips with a pink berry glow. 
Pink Watermelon is pretty sheer soft pink gloss with a beautiful touch of shimmer leaning towards a pearl finish. On the lips alone, it delivers a pretty sheen and would definitely work great on top of a lipstick.
Tangerine Gleam is a warm tangerine orange. This is definitely the most interesting shade in the set. The color can instantaneously brighten up your face.

Here are the swatches at the back of my hand:
(without flash)

(with flash)

Overall, I really love these glosses. They are rich, opaque and glides smoothly on the lips. I can use the glosses alone because it can pass off as a liquid lipstick with a glossy finish. My top picks are: Mauve Movement, Fiery Red and Tangerine Gleam. If you ask me what shade will I definitely recommend, it will definitely be Mauve Movement!

Have a safe and blessed Rainy Monday to all.

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  1. Very nice pictures and review!

  2. I got mine in Fiery Red! :) it's really pigmented and true to its color :)

  3. I like Mauve Movement too! :) Babe, teach me how to take awesome pictures! :)

  4. I super love these lip glosses! not a fan of lip glosses too but these changed my mind. not sticky!! I have fiery red and pink watermelon :D

  5. i loooove how the shine shows in all photographs .how i wish i can wear lipstick and gloss at school ^^

  6. I love the Tangerine one, but all of them looks really good. :)

  7. I love that local brands like Avon are upping their game in terms of the quality of their cosmetics. It gives us more options to choose from. Btw, you always take great lip swatches! :)

  8. would totally get these in September! *and saves some for giveaways ;)

  9. It's amazing how Avon is catching up. They have improved and is still affordable! I love the shades :)

  10. oooohh rich raspberry caught my eye! Cute colors! :)

  11. What ingredients are in?


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