Review: Fairydrops Platinum Mascara (Film Type)

Water resistant; washable with soap and water; All day smudge proof; Good for lash extension; No damage for lashes
 US & Japan patented unique brush - Catches even tiny lashes from the roots between the balls and makes sharp triangle bunches! Pushes lashes up, making beautiful CURLS!!!  NO Clump!!!

It contains 5 Kinds of Treatment EssenceCollagen, Squalane Oil, Hyaluronate, Jojoba Oil and Panthenol

The newest mascara from Fairydrops has the most luxurious packaging I have ever seen. The gold packaging makes it look like it is worth a million bucks, don't you think? Fairydrops is one of the mascara brands that I fell in love with. I considered it high end because one tube costs 800-900 plus pesos. This is locally available in all Beauty Bar outlets. 

 The brush of this mascara is one of a kind! It may be the most off looking mascara brush you would ever see but I tell you, it definitely reaches the hard to reach areas. It applies the product almost effortlessly on curled lashes. Just be careful in application because the brush tends to touch the lid during the application process causing smudging on the lids. Ohh.. I hate removing the smudges especially when I am in a hurry. 
 I thought the film type contains fibers but it does not. This mascara is neither dry nor wet in formula. After a few seconds of mascara exposure in the air, the product turns into tacky but manageable formula. After drying, it does not make my lashes stiff and crispy. Mascaras that dries really hard can easily break lashes. This mascara gives my lashes that much needed volume and lift! It also holds my curl for hours to almost the whole day! Hands down!!!The sad news, too much layers can definitely cause clumps and spider lashes. This is smudge proof  and the mascara shade is intensely black and pigmented. It easily washes off with soap and water. 
Here is a picture of my unnoticeable lashes!
After two coats of Fairydrops Mascara.. 
 Perfectly curled lashes
After a hard day's work, I did not re-curl my lashes in this photo!Bongga noh?

I definitely recommend this mascara to all of my readers It may be a bit pricey but if you want a mascara that can hold your curl for hours, this one is definitely a great choice!

What is your favorite mascara as of the moment?


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  1. I'm a sucker for gold packaging! Haha. This makes your lashes thicker, but it definitely looks like it would've clumped had you added another layer. It's nice that it holds curls because many mascaras don't!

  2. The packaging and ingredients are tempting me, but it's so expensive when there are so many good mascaras that are way cheaper.
    Though at the moment Majolica Majorca's mascaras are my HG, which is also, unfortunately, quite expensive.

  3. Very volumizing but there's a slight clumping issue. I don't know if it'll be worse on my lashes because mine are so thin and they bunch together easily

  4. I like your pictures here, did you use natural lighting? Ang off-topic.. Hehe.. Napansin ko lang, something's different kasi.

    Currently, I'm using Face Shop Mascara. It was given by a friend who went to Korea. Okay naman sya, i'm not really particular naman kasi sa mascara but a unique wand makes me happy. Kahit na hindi ko alam yung function nya, basta if the wand is kinda unique, natutuwa ako.. :D

  5. oh, i would really love to try this but it is quite expensive for a mascara... my HG mascara has been Maybelline for the past few years! :)

  6. I am skeptic with the "good for eyelash extensions" part :P


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