DIY Monday: Undereye/Salmon Concealer

 Having a terrible case of dark under eye circles is probably the worst thing that I have inherited from my mother. When I was younger, I swear  I feel hella proud with it. For me it was like sporting a Wednesday Adam look. Now, I look effortlessly haggard and stressed even early in the morning. #Kaloka Well, I have found the best concealing technique to say bye bye to dark circles. Here is my blog post about it:

Using an orange concealer has been life changing but it has definitely added a few minutes to my everyday makeup routine. I thought of buying a new salmon concealer which works as a corrector and concealer in one but I decided to do a DIY concealer instead. I have too many makeup in my kit why not make use of them to the fullest, right? Yes.. effort ulit itey! haha 
These are the things I used for this project. As a substitute for the orange concealer, you may use a matte orange eyeshadow (powderized) or an orange lipstick (quickly melt it under a very low heat). 

The things you need:
1. Orange pigment/eyeshadow/no shimmer lipstick/concealer
2. Long Lasting Foundation or BB Cream (Preferably oil free and one that has a good and thick coverage)
3. Silicone based primer (Optional)
4.Eye Cream (Optional)
4. Small jar and spatula for mixing

I bought the jar at Daiso for 66 pesos. It came with 2 jars, 2 bottles, a spatula and a siphon tube. 
I scooped out the orange concealer and melted it under low heat. Make sure you start with a small amount of orange pigment or concealer to control the shade. You do not want to end up with just a lighter version of orange concealer. Also, if you put a lot of orange, it is really hard to correct.
Then, I added a long lasting liquid foundation. I chose my Revlon Colorstay and I also added Estee Lauder Stay Matte Double Wear Liquid Foundation. Again, the amount depends on the shade you want to achieve. 
I decided to add a silicone based primer to prevent my DIY concealer from  creasing and seating on the fine lines under my eyes. I also added a small amount of eye cream to prevent dryness and caking. Make sure to mix the ingredients carefully and thoroughly.

Here is a swatch of my DIY undereye concealer:
without concealer/with concealer

I just dab a few dots and work my way around my eyes in a patting motion. It did covered my dark circles really well, don't you think?
Did it last long?
Well, here is a picture of my under eye after 5 hours.
The photo speaks for itself. Ohh,, just take note that I have dry skin. You may tweak the formula or the ingredients I suggested to suit your skin type.

Have a blessed day to all.

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  1. Thanks for this! I have the same orange concealer but I don't use it everyday, so I will do this DIY to save time, and conceal my undereye circles! <3

    Kindly visit my blog, if you have time! Thanks!

  2. i love diys! thanks for sharing ms donna!

  3. Another awesome DIY! Thanks!

  4. Will eye shadow really work? I love doing DIYs and mixing stuff... like a chemist!

    1. Hi Tellie! I have tried pulverizing e/s before and it mixed with the liquid foundation.. try heating them on low heat if they do not mix together.. :)

  5. Wow! Panalo to! Galing lang after 5 hours. Will try to do this din. :D

  6. wow thanks for u sharing i will make it too

  7. Woot! this DIY is off the hook! super cool ^_^
    Random Beauty by Hollie

  8. wow awesome!! bat diko naisip to.. hehehe thanks for this post. instead of buying maybe i should try to do this.

  9. thank you so much for that wonderful information!I have also dark under eye circles and sad to say iI can't afford to buy those nice correctors!Im so happy you did a DIY about this :)


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