The Eyeliner Battle: My Top 4 Picks

Aside from HG  foundation and  concealer, one makeup product that every girl should invest in or have is a good black eyeliner (or brown or any shade that will make your eyes pop, I always prefer black). Whether it be high end or from the drugstore, a smudge proof and waterproof is definitely a lifesaver. Ohh.. This is just my two cents because I have had numerous misadventures with not so good black liners. There were countless of times that I magically develop double lash line by mid day or that moment when people think that I suddenly turned goth or something. The only words that I could say when I face the mirror was -- Oh S@#$@#! Do not ruin your first date or your wedding by using an eyeliner that easily smears. 

Here are my top four liners that I highly recommend in their respective rank (based on my personal opinion):
My top liners swatched

Eye of Horus Eyeliner
(Price: 950 pesos)
This is one is the bomb!! In my (I lost count.. sorry) years of being a beauty enthusiast, never had I use such an eyeliner with such awesome pigmentation and budge proof formula that can withstand the humidity of Manila! Seriously, this glides very smoothly on my waterline, on my lashline and makes tightlining easy as 1+1! It is also waterproof and dries relatively quick (depends on the number of layers). It also does not fade nor change color throughout the day! 

Makeup Factory Automatic Liner 
(Price: 650 pesos)
The shade swatched at the back of my hand is not even the black shade, it is in the shade No. 3 (I apologize I can't find the shade name on the box or on the pencil packaging). It comes with a sharpener that creates a nicely pointed tip and a smudger.  This is a super creamy liner and the pigmentation is really great. It is also smudge proof but tends to fade on the 4th hr after application. It does not smudge once dried and waterproof. I also find that there is a need to sharpen the tip every now and then because the pencil itself is quite fat and I have a hard time creating thin strokes with it. 

K-Palette 1 Day Tattoo Real Lasting Eyeliner Pencil 
(Estimated Price : 795 pesos)
K-Palette never fails to wow me. I have already finished these liners a month ago. I love how handy this candy be. I do not need to sharpen it because the pencil itself is very slim. It is not at par however with the liquid version of the 1 Day Tattoo. The shade is very pigmented and if you are in a hunt for a nice brown liner without a hint of red, this one is a must try! It stays on my lid for 4-5 hours but fails terribly to maintain it longevity when used to tightline. It tends to smudge on the outer corner of my eyes after two hours or so. Just a note: this liner is very creamy that it has tendency to break if you apply it with a heavy hand. 

Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner 
(Estimated price: 450 pesos but bought it only for 273 pesos in Watsons, Galleria. 
I think the sale is still ongoing)

My first love. Yes. Admittedly, this liner was my much coveted HG liner way back in college. I even bought one in Duty Free because it costs less there. Back then, this was price 400 pesos I think. And yes, 400 pesos was way too pricey for me in college! I live with a 150 pesos budget everyday until law school!!! No joke! I wonder why my brother's allowance is now twice as much (hmpf!!!) Anyways, I love how this stays on my waterline for hours but it tends to transfer on the lower lash line when I used this for tightlining. It also tend to smudge on the outer corner of my eyes after 2-3 hrs of use. It also has a tendency to fade a little by mid day but I still love it. Wait for it to settle and it stays budge proof once applied. It goes on smooth when applied on the upper lid and especially on the waterline. Staying power when applied on the lid is not so great compared with the liners I previously mentioned.

The smudge/budge proof test:
Eye of Horus is definitely the winner!

Placed the back of my hand under running water and rubbed these liners to death!
Unbelievable as it may seem but Eye of Horus stayed put like an adhesive! Hands down to this liner!

My to buy/to try liners:
Milani liquefye and Essence Long Lasting Liner

What is your favorite black liner?

** Please take note that I have dry skin and these liners might not work well with oily lids.**
Godbless everyone!
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  1. Nice to read a post from you again Ms. Donna! :) I really want to try that Eye of Horus, but it's kinda expensive. I think I'll go with the Make Up Factory or K Palette one. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love how DEEP the EOH's blackness is. I just wish I could smudge it properly and get more mileage out of it!

  3. I haven't had a gel/pencil eyeliner not smudge on me (I don't even have oily lids) so I'm a bit apprehensive about try out new ones, but that Eye of Horus one looks so good! I just wish they had an actual store as I hate buying online.

  4. would love to try the EOH.. i've read a lot of good reviews for the K-Palette one too... tried lots of brands... every single one smudges on me... uuuggghh.... oily monolids...

  5. Wow, san ka nakabili ng eye of horus? hmm. super tempting!

  6. awww, eye of horus is really interesting though a bit pricey.... but looks really worth it...

  7. I agree with Eye of Horus! I was surprised when I first tried it on and it was soft as butter! It doesn't smudge too, with my super oily lids, an eyeliner will only last 2-3 hours on my lids after that, i'll look like I haven't slept in 3 days!

    BUT, have you tried sharpening your EOH liner, Donna? Coz I sharpened mine last week and it lost its buttery texture.
    ang hirap na nyang gamitin ngayon, super waxy and ang hirap na i-apply sa eyes.. I used Face Shop's eyeliner sharpener so I think I used the wrong sharpener?

  8. Oh wow. This post made me love my EOH liner more!

    Hi Anne, whenever I need to sharpen my Eye of Horus pencil, I put it in the refrigerator for a few mins first just so it's easier for me to sharpen it afterwards. :p


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