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I knew a lot of girls who would spent hours fixing their brows all by themselves -shave here, pluck there. Wow! I call that pure talent or just plain hardwork. teehee.. I, on the other hand, love to leave the job to the experts. Call it laziness or whatsoever, I manage my brows by plucking the stray hairs only after every threading session. Once in a blue moon, I do shave and do major brow fixing all by myself too (this happens when I do not have moolah for theading services
or I am just being kuripot all over again).

Liz of Projectvanity, invited me weeks ago for a Brow Date Event at Wink Laser and Wax Studio. From the moment I received her mail, I did not touch my brows. haha I intentionally grew my brows for this event. This is my first attempt at brow waxing (for real) and I was extremely excited to try it. Hence, the major pagpapatubo ng kilay!

Here is a press release from Wink Laser and Wax Studio:
“Fuzzy” is for describing cuddly teddy bears, warm blankets and bunny slippers, not for you! We know it can be difficult to find professional hair removal services that won’t cost you your firstborn, and still get clean sheets and towels. We exist so that whether you need a quick wax for a weekend at the beach or want a more permanent end to your hairy woes, the Wink experience will make you feel immaculate from head to toe.

Not All Goodbyes Are Painful
Why sacrifice for beauty when you can relax instead? For Semi-permanent Hair Removal, we use a
special diode laser machine that won’t leave painful burn marks on your skin as traditional machines do. In fact, the warm sensation feels more like a relaxing hot stone massage!
Our Face and Body Waxing sessions won’t involve any clamped-down whimpering either. Our professional waxing system utilizes hard wax for sensitive areas and soft wax for bigger areas. In addition, we apply pre- and post-wax care products to protect your skin.

Neat Freaks, At Your Service
Our policy on hygiene will make germophobes rejoice! At Wink, we never reuse sheets, towels or spatulas, and our technicians always don gloves and a mask. Our guests get their own set of waxing implements, and we sanitize and sterilize like crazy in between each appointment.

But We Aren’t A Lab
The colorful, gender-neutral interiors serve as a visual reminder that your comfort is our foremost concern. Spacious suites ensure privacy and are designed to soothe your senses. Your boyfriend won’t have qualms  with accompanying you here (we provide complimentary WIFI access!) so book your appointment now!
This is the room where the waxing procedure takes place. It is very spacious (I can even do cartwheel on the side.. kidding) and super neat! I am in awe of the cleanliness of the room. Then, I noticed something peculiar when I sat on their bed for the procedure. They have paper bed sheets! Neat freaks, this waxing salon is made specially for you! They do not reuse sheets, towels and spatulas. Thus, rest assured that hygiene is at the top of their priority.
Different types of wax
Okay, honestly, I freaked out after before the waxing procedure (I felt as if I am in my dentist's clinic!). I never underwent waxing before and I have low tolerance on pain. So, I was clasping my hand together as if my tooth was to be extracted, surprisingly, it was not really painful. The wax not too hot  (just warm enough) and the experience was overall very pleasant. I like it way better than threading. :)  My skin did not swell too much after the procedure because of the pre- and post-wax care products that were applied on my skin. 
Kamusta naman naka eye makeup ako ng nagpawax! haha!! Kiber! 
After the procedure, there was mini workshop on brow definition workshop by Makeup Factory. I love attending workshops because I am learning a lot of new tricks that help me in my future career as makeup artist. I just have that penchant for learning.. :) 
Picture with Liz (finally!! Until now, I am super shy to talk to her because my fangirl mode is switched on when I am with her) and with Marge of Kikay Trekkie. So nice to talk with you girls after the event and also with Martha (Beauty Junkee).
The mini workshop with the bloggers.

Thank you Wink and Liz for the wonderful event.
FYI: The owner of Wink, Holly, is a bombshell! hihi

For reference here is their full service menu:

Can't wait to try their underarm hair laser removal treatment soon. Ohh, btw, they will be opening in Trinoma soon! Hoooray for this wonderful news.
Have you tried the services of Wink Laser and Wax Studio?

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  1. I have a feeling na you live nearby since you're always in Trinoma. Hehe.. (Stalkerish much?!)
    Anyway, for brow waxing, do they shape your kilay or they just remove the stray hair? I want to have my brows done professionally since I haven't tried it before but I don't know where to go.. :(

    1. Hi Anne!! I live far far away from Trinoma.. haha gusto ko lang dun dahil sa landmark hahahha No Joke. haha They just do cleaning and they just follow the shape of your brows.. pero they did a very nice job on my brows.. napantay nila.. Now, both my brows have arch.. hehe

    2. i love Trinoma too... fave mall ko ata yan... i stay in QC kasi when i go to manila... tapos connected sya to SM North... ubos isang araw mo mag-malling dun... haha... :) anyway, gusto ko rin magpa-professional eyebrow shaping... walang presentation tong mga kilay ko! haha...

    3. yay!! go go go!!! maganda yung ginawa ng wink sa kilay ko!! parehas na nagkaarch.. hehe

  2. ahhh I really want to try this waxing place! been so curious about. it's just so far :( hope they'll have nearer branches soon! :)

  3. Hi, i love your earrings! Where did you buy them?

  4. hi, have you tried the revlite from wink?


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