Base Makeup Application: How To Do It Like A Pro

What do you first notice in one's makeup? Is it the lips? The brows? As for me, I always love a flawless face (not literally! Of course with the help of foundation and concealer). I never grew tired of watching Youtube Videos about foundation routine. In makeup school, my fave part was the base makeup application. During my first day in makeup school, I thought that this was the easiest part of all. From the youtube videos I watched and the countless blog posts I have read, I  should be pro in base makeup application even without the proper training (I bet all beauty enthusiasts think this way.. hahahA)!! WRONG!!! I got the biggest surprise of my life when my teacher demonstrated a different way of base makeup application. My gulay!! Their works looked flawless and the skin of the models after the demos all looked like porcelain. It was like having a real life photoshop happening before my eyes. Okay enough of my blabbing, I will be sharing with you how to to apply your base makeup like a Pro!

First, make sure you have a clean face. You all know the drill  PREP YOUR FACE- cleanse, tone and moisturize. This can make or break your foundation. Your foundation and concealer will not hold on to your skin properly if your still has dirt, grime and left over makeup. Never skip this step. 

Then, Prime your face. I am partial to silicone based primers because they can really make one's skin feel so smooth and velvety. In makeup class, there are instances where I applied foundation without primer and it made blending really hard. Primer can also lengthen the staying power of your base makeup.

Next is CORRECTING. Some people skip this process especially if their Foundation and Concealer covers like a dream. If I have a lot of time, I certainly include this in the process because it makes a huge difference. 

The basics in color correcting are:

Green is great for cancelling out redness, broken blood vessels that are
 visible for fair people, and pimples.

Salmon/Peach/Orange are great for under eye circles.

Lilac/Lavander is a great pick me up shade for those with yellow skin tone
 for instant brightening effect. 

Yellow is perfect for brown spots or those with birthmarks or sun spots.
I always use an orange corrector for my dark under eyes. In this picture, I used my NYX Concealer in A Jar in Orange.

Then, proceed with foundation. The type of foundation really depends on what suits your skin type and the coverage you want. I always like using liquid foundation but on clients, HD creme foundation is the bomb. hehe

In this photo I used my San San HD Foundation in Olive, I applied it with my fingers and blot it out with a damp Real Techniques Miracle Sponge. Using a damp sponge to smooth over your foundation does wonders. At first, I am not a fan of this method but  affected my foundation in terms of longevity and finish.  It does make my foundation look so natural. I can finally bid goodbye to caking and creasing, thanks to a damp sponge.
Then, apply concealers on areas that need more coverage. I prefer using liquid concealer.
Set everything with loose powder. Oh no you are not dreaming. I am really promoting the use of loose powder in my blog.. haha I was never a fan but I just discovered how more natural a base makeup looks like when set with a loose powder. :) Use a large puff and rub the loose powder on your CLEAN palm to spread the powder evenly on your tool. 
Then pat/press the puf gently all over your face. NEVER SWEEP! This was my ultimately mistake in using loose powders before. Sweeping the puff will tend to wipe away the products you initially placed and can even cause caking.
I use the Marionnaud Sponge and Snoe HD Poudre Phenomenon
Brush off the excess powder. If you need more coverage, apply powder foundation using a brush.

For normal days (when I am just being a pure foundation whore), I use powder foundation to set everything but I make sure I spritz a setting spray to make my base makeup look more natural.

That's it. This process really made a huge difference on my makeup look. My foundation looked flawless but more natural looking.

Godbless everyone!

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  1. Thank you for this very informative tutorial and thank you for sharing what you have learned in your makeup school! Someday I will enroll myself into a makeup school too I just have to prioritize things first hihi.

  2. I've only recently appreciated loose powders as well, ever since I stared using my ben nye neutral set early last year. lol.

  3. Love it Donna! Thank you for sharing what you've learned from your make-up school. What a great help! Looking forward for more of your posts!

    -Svetlani ;)

  4. I started going over my foundation with a damp sponge after you posted about how your teachers in makeup school would use a damp sponge for foundation. It further blends the product into the skin and takes away the excess, which prevents cakiness. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thanks for the tutorial! I also find it interesting how make-up artists apply foundation. :) You should also have a Youtube account. You'll do great sharing your make-up tutorials! :)

  6. wow thank you for sharing madam;)

  7. I'm still confused on the difference of the primer, foundation and concealer. I have a question (hopefully a legit one): can BB creams and/or CC creams just replace the function of these three as promised by the hype nowadays?

  8. You are a professional! Your end photos speak about how good you are in what you are doing!

  9. oh wow great tutorial! I've definitely learnt a few things

  10. I followed your tips and my skin looked really flawless. thank you for this post. :D

  11. Thanks for sharing this! Definitely helpful when I apply my base before going to work. :D

  12. i have been trying to practice putting on my foundation but i can't seem to get the right technique... i want my foundation to last for hours.... i will try your technique, i hope it works for me....

  13. All the contents you mentioned in post is too good and can be very useful. Fantastic walk-through, I see why post.


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