Current Addiction: Gluta-C Intenive Whitening Body Scrub

 I just love the feeling when my BF touches my arms and would comment out of the blue,"Ang smooth naman!" Oh diba? I feel like mas makinis pa ako sa artista!hehe Thanks to my newest favorite, achieve na achieve ang softer skin!

 My body scrub mishap three years ago made me super duper wary in buying body scrubs (the scrub triggered my psoriasis as in all throughout my body.. my self-esteem hit rock bottom back then). I bought the body shop body polish but it was not good enough. I got the pomegranate and it does not smell good as the strawberry. I also tried the Asian Secrets Lulur Body scrub. This is a fail product for me. I find the texture very bland and runny like a lotion. These two products did not exfoliate my skin really well though they are more gentle than the Yoko or Abonne Scrub.

 I was about to give up on my search for the best Body Scrub until Gluta C sent me a box of their wonderful goodies. I immediately grab this tub and the fresh citrusy floral scent greeted me. I instantly fell in love with the scent. I got so excited to try it that I took a bath immediately after smelling the product!Swear! haha I was even more thrilled when I started lathering the product on my skin (can you feel my excitement in wriritng this post?hehe)! This is the scrub I have been searching for all these years. The beads are very fine(think of bigger granules of refined sugar).It lathers smoothly and gently on my skin. I do not have a hard time spreading the product on my skin. Also, it distributes really well either on wet or dry skin because of its cream base (not runny compared to Asian Lulur). 

My skin instantly feel softer and smoother after using this product. I can really feel that it exfoliates my skin really well. The scent lingers on my skin  for a few minutes to an hour after using it.   

For 99.75 pesos, this is one great product. I am almost through with this tub and I plan on getting my second one as soon as I ran out. HG Status/Level reached!
I use this twice a week and it has definitely made a difference on my dry skin. Though the promise of having a whiter skin is not yet seen, I will definitely keep on using it. 

Have you tried this Body Scrub?

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  1. I was following a Korean Cosmetics instagram account, I could always see they post something lik gluta frosta.
    Never was sure of what it is and how it works.

  2. I'm also still in search for an awesome body scrub that fits the buck. hehe I've also tried the products you mentioned except for yoko and abonne scrub (I'm scared to try them LOL) Like you I too don't really get the fuss over Asian Secrets LuLur body scrub. Doesn't really work for me. I've also used The Body Shop Wild Cherry Body Scrub, it smells awesome but it was blah! Also tried Human Nature Body Scrub, it was okay but the brown rice grits wasn't really working for me. I've seen that Gluta-C Body Scrub at Watson's but never really paid much attention to it. Will give it a try next time I drop by at Watsons. thanks for reviewing this sis ^_^.
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  3. I hope St. Ive's brings back the scrubs they used to sell here in the Philippines. Those were good. Now, pyro Apricot scrub lang for the face. Thanks for this. Will try this one.

  4. I used to buy lulur, it works just fine for me or is it just because ive never tried any body scrub prior to that one. I like the after bath feeling that I can even skip lotion because of the smoothness it gives. Now, Im trying purbahasi, its also a lulur body scrub I bought from watsons and Im a bit disappointed. I might give this a try as soon as I finish my scrub.

  5. Can this product really whitens your skin? Please reply thanks

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  8. Is it advisable to use your body scrubs twice a day? I bought my Pasjel Sweet Sugar Scrub at, because I have dead and dull outer skin layer and I wish to remove it. It is very affordable compared to other body scrubs. I'm open for all types of opinion and suggestions. Thank you very much!

  9. Using this for about a week or two and yes, it really exfoliates my skin! I applied it on damp skin. And i don't know if it's just me but i think this scrub whitens my armpit. 😊


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