Review: Shield Soap (Germ Protection and Moisturizer in 1)

For recent years, I had been an avid fan of whitening soaps. (Yes, the idea of having fairer white
 skin has cluttered my mind. Thanks to media for hyping fairer women as the more beautiful). 
Growing old, however, I am now looking for other factors in buying soaps. One is affordability
 (budgeting my money for grocery has never been an easy breezy task), scent
 (I take note of my family’s needs not mine alone and my father and brother.. 
Uhmm,, let us just say that they tend to perspire a lot and need all day protection from body odor) 
and moisturizing benefits 
(having dry skin.. I have limited myself to brands that caters to my skin type).

I grew up knowing one of the most trusted family bath soaps in the country. 
Remember their commercials where they feature areas in the body that usually get germs? 
How about the need to wash your hands because of the germs that might have attached to it. 
Now that’s a classic!!! In the our local market, this Leading Brand is not alone in the 
anti bacterial soap arena - Shield. Hmmm Both sounds too defensive noh? 
Defensive against unseen germs and harmful bacteria that can cause illness 
and rashes to our skin especially to young children. How do they differ?
A week of using both products alternately answered my question.

Let us start with the oldie but goodie – the LEADING BRAND

In the bathroom or wash area, the Leading Brand is one of the most trusted brand because
 of germ protection properties. The scent of pure white is really strong. It stays on the skin like forever
 especially on the hands. For those with sensitive olfactory nerves like mine, this can be a bit disturbing 
at first. The strong scents subsides and leaves a fresh scent. When my sister used this soaps,
 I smelled her from afar!!! I really think that this is perfect for men
 like my dad and brother because
 they need extra protection from sweat and odor. 
One thing I do not like about the Leading Brand
 is that it has the tendency to make my skin drier which is a big No No for me. 
Despite this, it does make my skin feel fresh the whole day! 
Goodbye icky and sweaty feeling even if I commuted the times I used this soap. 

This also does not melt easily. Imagine, I discovered that our water pipe in
 the bathroom has a leaked 
and this soap was soaked with water for hours but it did not melt. 
For beauty enthusiasts, this soap is perfect for cleaning your brushes!!!Yes, you heard it!
 Due to its anti bacterial property, I also prefer using to clean my brushes and
 the scent of the Leading Brand on my tools’ bristles last! 
For around P15.00 at 60 grams this is a very affordable soap.

It was my first time to hear about Shield Soap which surprisingly  is priced around
 P10.50 at 60 grams.
  That’s almost 30% more affordable than the Leading Brand!
Shield is not as strong scented as the Leading Brand. Despite this, the feeling of freshness 
is okay and can last up to hours. What is very noticeable
 with the packaging is the added feature
 of active skin moisturizers. True enough, it feels very silky on the skin. My skin does not feel
 tight after using this soap. Also, it does not melt easily too.

Between the two, I love Shield more because it did not dry out my skin. 
Also, the scent is very nice as well. For 120 grams, 
I think this beats the Leading Brand by a point. Also, my family prefer this soap more than the leading brand. My father asked me to get a bath soap from our cabinet and he told me 
to specifically get Shield and not the leading brand. 

 I do love the Leading Brand as my brush cleaner.

Have you tried both products?
What are your thoughts?


**Products were sent to me for review purposes. This review post is based on 
my experience with the products and my honest views about them.

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  1. hmmm... the Leading Brand as a brush cleaner? ma-try nga... :D

    i haven't seen Shield in our local stores yet... might try it... i agree... almost all affordable/cheap anti-bacterial soaps are very drying... i don't have dry skin on my face, it gets oily pa nga... pero my body, especially my legs have very dry skin... i currently use the imported Ivory soaps.. i love the green variant (yung packaging, the one with aloe vera i think) kasi it's mabango... the blue one, yung original smells like Perla for me... hehehe... madali lang sila malusaw... might try Shield once it arrives on our local stores' shelves... :D

  2. Usually, there's a tradeoff between moisture and anti-bacterial. This is pretty amazing since it has both. And it's really inexpensive!!!!

  3. Yes Donna! We have this too yung 3 variants pa. Recently mom has been so into it. Kasi mura na tapos di pa madali matunaw. Though Kojic ang ginagamit ko for everyday, I use this to wash my face at evening then during weekends kapag long bath routine ako. I use this prior to exfoliating my skin.

  4. I cant find this anywhere. Where can i buy one of this?

  5. Why Shield is not available even in Watsons? :(

  6. Hi Miss Donna,
    Haven’t tried it yet but I want to purchase this next week. Do you use a cleansing tool? What is it? I would recommend Clarisonic.
    ~Pauline @Clarisonic Philippines

  7. The soap's price somewhat plummeted now it is P24.00! what's with our market? every time a new year comes prices always tend to get more higher and higher.


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