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Before the year ends, Maybelline surprised the Philippine market with their newest lip polish. Are these tubes familiar to you? If you are an avid youtube watcher, perhaps your favorite beauty Guru in the US must have feature these lippies know in other country as the "Color Elixir". The packaging is quite deceiving but a total genius in my opinion. My mom even thought that it was a lipstick due to the lipstick bullet figure it shows but it is actually more of a gloss due to the liquid consistency, the wand and brush applicator. 

What is Maybelline Lip Polish?
This is the hottest lip sensation from Maybelline. With one swipe of a flat smoothing applicator wand, lips are polished with pure, hyper saturated brilliance. The secret potion? A trio of concentrates: potent color extract like a lipstick, concentrated balm, and infused glassy shiner serum of a lip gloss.

This new lip polishes come in 8 delightfully luscious shades. 
The packaging does not have the name lip polish on it. You can refer to the 6 lip polish on what I am referring to. The lip polish is merely printed on the plastic cover of these lippies. 
The colors are gorgeous! They look so pretty when swatched, sadly, the formula is not consistent. There are one of two shades that are really hard to apply and are not saturated. 
 The first thing I noticed about this product is the brush applicator. The brush is a tear drop shape or leaf shape brush that makes application super easy. It can reach the inner corner of my lips. I honestly think that this is the best (if not then one of the best) lip brush of a gloss I have ever used. 
Consistency is very nice. It does not feel heavy at all considering that I am not a gloss fan at all. No icky of sticky feel at all. It blends easily but the are colors that appear patchy and does not deliver and even finish despite loading up on color like Glam 12 and Glam 15. I do not find it very moisturizing but it does not dry out my lips, just make sure your lips are well moisturized because it can highlight dry chapped lips and it will smoothen/soften them out like what lip balm does. 
Pigmentation is relative. Some are really pigmented and rich like a glossy liquid lipstick while some have a translucent finish. Those with deeper shades leaves stains on my lips. All has a beautiful glossy finish but not over the top shine. I noticed that it lasts fairly well on me like 2-3 hours. 

I think that I can use some colors on their own (especially those that have a more saturated and opaque finish) while I can use all of them on top of my regular lipstick to intensify the color of my lips.

Here are my lip swatches:
(Applied 2-3 coats, worn alone without balm or lip liner)
 Glam 12 is a deep neutral shade with silver flecks. I have a hard time using this color because it does not spread easily on my lips. You can see that there are parts that have concentrated color. Despite this, it looked perfect on top of my red lipsticks. 
 Pop 6 is one of the most gorgeous shade in this line. It is a warm reddish orange color that suits my yellow skin tone. It also makes my teeth look a bite whiter! I love the fact that it has no shimmer. I can also layer this color or tone it down for everyday wear. This can be worn alone or top of a lipstick.
 Glam 2 is a super pretty coral shade. This has gold glimmer as well.
 Pop 5 looks heavenly on the tube but loses it appeal on my dark lips. It looked like an ordinary gloss on me but when swatched on my arm it looks like a bubblegum pink. This, however, worked great with my Wet n Wild Pinkerbell. :)
 If there's one color I would highly recommend everyone to get, it is definitely Glam 6. The shade is phenomenal. It made my teeth looked pearly white and the color is amazing. It is a gorgeous deep plum/cranberry color that leaves a stain on my lips. This looked so photogenic, I swear when I did my lip swatches using this shade all pictures looked great!!
 Glam 15 is a nude or pale peach shade. I really wanted to like this on my dark lips sadly, I can not wear this alone because it looked too light or milky on my lips. It works well with nude lippies. 
 Another favorite is Glam 5 which is a frosty pinky lilac shade. I never thought this would look great on my dark lips but look it did! Like Glam 6, this color is trendy for 2014.
Glam 13 also lands on my favorite list. Need I say more? Just look at it on my lips and it is a perfect my lips but way better shade on me. It is utterly pigmented and goes on smoothly on my lips. It is brownish peachy pink shade. 

Overall, these lip polishes are really nice. Some can be worn alone or as a lip duo partner for your favorite lipstick. My favorites are Glam 6, Glam 5, Pop 6 and Glam 13. 

Maybelline Lip Polishes are sold for 379 pesos (correct me if I am wrong please).
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Have you tried this polishes? What are your picks from my swatches?

Have a blessed day to everyone!

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  1. your lip swatches are great

  2. they look like they bleed alolt..but they dont have these in the uk anyway =(

    Tzeyien89 Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  3. I never thought Maybelline lipsticks can be so good. The colors are all nice and what's even more surprising is that these can be bought at affordable prices!

  4. Nice photos! I should show these to my sister! She's been looking for a good lip gloss for a while now. :)

  5. Once again, I LOVE YOUR LIP SWATCHES! <3 I would prefer these to be more pigmented since they're really going for color. But I super agree. Glam 6 made your teeth REALLY WHITE! When I saw Glam 2 I'm like, oooh it lightened her teeth. 6 went even further!

  6. I think Glam 6 really looks good on your lips. Thanks for all the photos. It helps readers decide which ones to get.

  7. had no idea about make ups or girly thing but will let my wife read this!! :) nice review!

  8. Maybelline's new lippie collection is so luscious and so affordable! :)

  9. those are so pretty! 5 and 6 are my favourite

  10. Wow, Pop 6 is definitely my kind of shade! Look at how bright it is! Oooh and the staying power isn't bad too~

  11. Wow - their new collection is so fab!!! <3 I am a fan of matte ones but these looks lovely too - have to try it sometime!

  12. wow we have not get this yet. cant wait to try it soon. thanks for the sharing ~ awesome pictures

  13. my girlfriend have glam 2. its beautiful nd so sexy... thanks for share it :)

  14. omg maybelline has that!? i must check that out!


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