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After a long day at work, how do you spend your "Me Time"? More often than not, I honestly tend to neglect "me time" moments. I have tons of to do list at home and my concept of relaxation is going to spas and parlor to have a massage or have my nails done. For a minimum wage earner like me (oh... forgive me if I always call myself this way. This is my so-called mantra to prevent me from over spending like cray cray), going to spas and parlors weekly can be quite costly. Trust me. When I was in Baguio last weekend, I visited a Spa there and it costs me 1000 pesos! That's my one week allowance for crying out loud. For frugal people like me (in other words kuripot na kagaya ko), having a relaxing "me time" is now affordable. It is like bringing your own spa within the comforts of your own home -- the tipid way. This is why I love Watsons for their wide array of various brands for makeup, personal care and hygiene products. My Fiance would always joke me that I would always visit Watsons over and over again as if I am a supervisor of some sort. Yes. Ikot lang ako ng ikot and a new product would always catch my eye. hehe 

Watsons has launched their bath to basics campaign which aims to educate people the importance of maintaining good bathing habits for a healthier skin. For me, it works both ways --pampering and grooming yourself. My choice of pampering products change depending on my mood and weather. Lavender and Green Tea are my all time favorite scents. For warm weather, I prefer cooler scents or fruity ones.  On rainy day, just like what we have experienced days ago, I prefer sweet and musky scents. Also, I prefer bathing in warm water. One of my must have pampering product is a good body scrub. If you have been reading my blog way way back, it is not a secret that I have a love/loathe relationship with body scrubs. Not all body scrubs work for me. There are those that can really cause my psoriasis to flare up. Yep, that how sensitive my skin is. But can you blame me if I am always on the look out for a body scrub that is perfect for my skin? Brody scrubs  Luckily, Watsons has tons of them. You would know that Gluta C is one my favorite. It is very affordable like 100 pesos a tub and it gets its job done. You can view my review here:

A Bonne also has these new creamy salts. I tell you this is way better than their dry salts that are not advisable for those with sensitive skin. These creamy salts lather better and the granules are not too scratchy and harsh. They feel like sugar not salt which is better diba? 

I love this Double White Vitamin C because of its fruity scent and its promise of giving me a lighter and glowing skin. 

Another discovery is this Moist Skin Care Mineral Salt that feels like a granulated powder and applies heavenly on the skin. It smells good too. I highly recommend this to my readers. I know medyo biased ako since I love lavender. hehe As for Asian Lulur, I am not a fan of this product. However, out of all the scrubs I mentioned, this one is the easiest to massage and blend on to the skin because of its runny texture. Also, if you like minimal scrubbing/exfoliation, the beads in this scrub are bigger and sparse, hence,more gentle on the skin. 

There are also tons of soaps to choose from but after I scrub my body, I veer away from whitening soaps. I always go for moisturizing soaps like Dove or a body wash to prevent my skin from drying. 

 Of course, to keep myself fresh all night or day, I use lotion and deodorant after. I am loving this whitening anti perspirant from Nivea. It is very handy and smells fresh.
A new discovery is my current travel buddies from Cosmo Skin. They are light and do not take up much space in my baggage. This set comes with a bath sponge to exfoliate my skin. I prefer bringing this one during my out of town travels than a towelette because this dries faster. This Cosmo Skin Duo ALPHA ARBUTIN known for skin whitening. The Lavender scent plus the whitening factor this duo have are totally plus points for me. Napaghahalata niyo bang nag aadict na naman ako sa whitening products? The reason? I noticed that my arms got darker! Kaloka. Siyempre hindi ako makakapayag because I want a fairer and glowing skin for my wedding. 

Can you share with me your favorite bath or pampering product from Watsons? 

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  1. The Watson's generics are my absolute faves! The hand soaps and hair masks are super good! I also like getting supplies like tissues, wipes and cotton rounds <3 <3 <3

    1. Tellie!! :) yes.. hoard kung hoard diba? Have you tried their purederm makeup wipes?grabe I can't live without those talaga..

  2. Cool! Love how Watsons came with another campaign. I agree! My favorite scents is also green tea. Super refreshing. My "me time" is basically having a facial treatment. :) But since I don't have enough time and budget, I do facials by myself at home. :) Been into scrubs these past few months and I include that on my "bath rituals" haha syempre not everyday. :) My favorite is the Asian Secrets. The green one. Super bango and I love how my skin feels after using it. :)

    1. I will give the Asian Lulur another shot!! :)

  3. Did you visit North Haven Spa? now I feel guilty because I recommended it to you via IG! Hehe..
    Watson's is my favorite store too, I always find something to buy there plus they have awesome deals so sulit.

    1. hahah mismo!! no worries! I enjoyed the experience.. very nice place.. :)

  4. The cofee and moist prods look promising, will buy on my next watsons visit!

  5. My favorite bath products from Watsons are their lotions, hand soaps, and cream bath wash! :)


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