Lezz Go Natural with Burt's Bees Garden Tomato Toner

I was supposed to blog more than one post yesterday. I was really eagerto get home but it seems that stress just can't get enough of me. Oh well. Anyways, I will not rant about my stresses and how I am truly getting tired dealing with difficult people. Change topic na. Hinihigh blood na ako. #charot

Let's talk about toner nalang, shall we?This is for real, people.. I am talking about toner here on my blog. After many years of blogging, I never paid much attention to toners because I have dry skin. Yes, I had been an avid user  of Eskinol but for cleansing purposes only and not as a toner. I have mentioned this before that I used Eskinol and other toners after wiping off my makeup, as an additional cleanser, before completely washing my face with facial cleansers/soap. Ergo, i did not get the so called benefits of using toner on my skin because I washed it off anyway.  The most popular benefit of toner is deep pore cleansing. Having dry skin (but moderately oily on the tzone) with not so visible pores made me think that I do not need toner at all. I mean hey I honestly believe I can get away with just cleanse and moisturizer skin care regimen for the rest of my life. EEENNNGGG.. wrong.. Lately, I have been developing zits on my cheeks forehead and the sides of my jaw.And I was like -- Oh no.. ito na talaga ang signs of aging!! (feeling nasa puberty stage lang!haha) Well,for a fact, I rarely get pimples but I am very prone to rashes. Not all toners work the same, hence, each product is made for a specific skin type. Eskinol for one, can dry out my skin if I follow the cleanse, tone moisturizer pattern.

Then, Burt's Bees held their anniversary where I was privileged to attend. When the bloggers were asked what was their favorite from this brand and majority of them said that it was the garden tomato toner. My favorite beauty blogger, Liz Lanuzo, have raved about this toner in her blog before. She told me that she used it for years. I got really curious about this product but I told myself to keep my expectations low. Reading the ingredients and the label at the back, I can't help but get thrilled - 99.42% natural. Kaloka may .42% pa! hehe

On my first try of this product, I was not sold. Why? I did feel that slight warm sensation on my face. Honestly, I was not happy about it. Sabi ko so, eto na yun? :( Then, I told myself to continue using it just because of the 99.42% natural level written at the back. This time, I made sure I used it properly following the Cleanse, tone and moisturize procedure. After 3 more uses, I was loving it already. After a few days, I did not experience any warm or super slight burning sensation. I usually placed this inside the fridge for instant cooling and refreshing feel every use.

What I noticed is that my Tzone area is not that oily anymore and my base makeup lasts longer. My concealer seldom crease and my foundation does not cake. All thanks to the proper skin regimen that I am now following.   I also noticed that my pores became less and less visible pero meron pa rin. So, do not expect that your pores will be gone after using this toner, okay?Now, I do not get that painful "feel it coming" pimples on my chins and other parts of the face. What I love about this toner is the scent. The scent is LOVE. I do not know but this smells so good that it hit my addiction level bull's eye. Be careful not to use this on the lid or near the eye area because it stings.(as in.)
Despite the heavy and fragile packaging,I am not complaining about it because it looks like a sosyal vinegar bottle!! haha

 I use this nightly (every other day) or sometimes every night because I feel that dirt and pollution has been clogging my pores (the reason being, I only commute to and from work). I also find this toner mild enough not to cause any rashes on my face and not to trigger my psoriasis ( I have mild psoriasis on my face but goes away after steroid application). Actually, this somehow helped in calming my face whenever I have itchy rashes.

Overall, I highly recommend this toner to my readers. It costs 875 pesos but i think this will last me for months. The question is will I buy again? YES, of course! Well, subject to my financial condition at such time. hehe


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  1. it's kinda pricey but feel ko syang i-try... nice nga yung packaging nya... parang vodka... :D

    1. ang nasa isip ko suka.. tama vodka gurl!! hehe

  2. I sooo want to use this but I'm afraid my dry skin can't handle it >,< Tingin mo?

    1. Tellie,, hmm... mas dry ang skin mo sa akin eh... waahh.. i can't tell... try mo kaya muna..I can give you a small amount paalala mo sa akin pag nagkita tyo..:)pwede ko lagay sa parang tub na maliit. :)

  3. Bibihira akong bumili ng toner kasi paminsan lang din akong naglalagay, especially when I feel like I has a lot of makeup caked on that day. Kaya parang 875 hindi na rin sobrang tindi, since it'd probably last me a year. I kid you not. I have toners here that have gone a year. Yun lang nga, nakakastress yung lalagyan niya. Todo sa ingat dapat.

  4. I got open pores and I hate it ! Na try ko na yung wonder pore by etude house.. hindi tumalab :( may masusuggest ka ba na magandang toner ?

  5. Sometimes when I got home from work sobra pagod tulog na forgot to following the Cleanse, tone and moisturize procedure. But reading your blog makes me realize how important it is especially i getting white heads and pimples..

  6. I want to try this because I have sensitive skin, maybe this will work for me :)

  7. Saan po nakakabili online lang po ba? Thanks.


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