Maybe She's Born With It, Maybe It's Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

Way back in college (as in years ago), I bought this mascara online (yes uso na nun ang ebay at girltalk) and I got it because of their advertisement that it is their best selling mascara. I used it 2-3x and never used it again. I never liked it before. I had too many issued with the small brush. A few weeks ago (or a month na ba? sorry I do not keep , I received a full size product from Sampleroom Ph of this product in celebration of Maybelline's 100th anniversary. It came in this neon pink plastic makeup pouch. I ndid ot like it during the first few times that I used it but I continued using it due to my frugality/practicality (o sige na kakuriputan na ang term). I promised to buy a new once this ran out. Then one day, I curled my lashes applied this lashes while looking down in the mirror then the magic happened!!! I can not believe my eyes that it turned my non existent lashes to a conspicuously longer and more volumized lashes. 
This is the mascara brush that I find too small. Now, how did I make this mascara work? First, I ensured that my lashes are very well curled then while looking down at the mirror, I made sure I coat my lashes starting from the bottom and working my way up to the tips in a fast motion. I noticed that this technique made my lashes thicker and longer. This is locally available for only 350 pesos. It does not have any strong scent. Despite being waterpoof, this is very easy to remove (of course with makeup remover nga lang). This does not smudge at all and  keeps my curls intact for hours. 

There are two things that I disliked about this mascara. First, I notice that due to it brush, it has a tendency to smear on my lid during the application process. Whenever this happens (which is most of the time), I need to clean up my lids and this adds time to my very lengthy makeup routine. Using a mascara guard  would help prevent this. Contrary to the size of the mascara brush, this mascara is very hard to use on the lower lashline. 
Here are the pictures of my bonggang lashes!!! Panalo talaga!! :)
This mascara is now available at Maybelline counters locally.


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  1. Hmm, I would've thought it would be easier to use on the lower lash line because of its small brush size.

  2. super naenjoy ko din tong mascara na to sis.. kaya lang fail ako lagi sa pagcurl ng lashes ko. medyo straight lashes ko e. anong gamit mo sis na curler? or marerecommend mo na medyo mura?

  3. Na-try ko na din to dati, and di masyado nakaka-volume. And ebay ko din siya nabili dati!! 3 years ago nung frosh ako!! hahaaha

  4. Ilang coat po na achieve ang ganyan sa lashes nyo?Bongga! =)

  5. My sister had bought that mascara and it works a lot better .
    I really wanna try this!


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