Fight Darkness with Belo Essentials Deo and Underarm Whitening Cream

When I started going full time with private practice of law, I felt that I have all the time in the world until a client reminded me that I should observe work hours or else I will be drained in no time. True enough, my schedule was a disaster for days! Now, I am learning to have stricter delineations on my work schedule and rest period. Anyways enough of my chika. :) Few weeks ago, Sampleroom sent me the newest Belo Essentials Deodorants and UA Whitening Cream. I needed these because I stopped my old deodorant because I felt that it has not been helping in whitening my UA, rather, it has been causing it to darken. Tsk. Naku talaga! Kelangan pa naman flawless at makinis ang peg ko for my wedding mula ulo hanggang kuko. hehe 
According to Belo: Fighting underarm darkness? Power-up with the #BeloBeautyDuo! Use the Whitening Anti-Perspirant Deodorant by day for smoother skin and minimized pores. Then apply the Whitening Cream at night to whiten skin at the cellular level. Deo by day and the Whitening Cream by night – banish dark underarms with the #BeloBeautyDuo!

I am currently using the Whitening Anti-Perspirant Deodorant. This is a great two in one product perfect for the summer because it does a great job of counteracting unpleasant body odor. The Scent is not citrusy (no no ang citrus scents for UA unless you want that maasim effect) and strong but smells very fresh and pleasant. Since this is also an anti-perspirant, it keeps my UA dry throughout the day. This product is works very well in keeping the sweat at bay and controlling any odour.

Price: Whitening Anti Perspirant Deo Spray (140ml) - Php 184.75
          Whitening Anti Perspirant Deo Roll On  (40ml) - Php 92.75
The Whitening Cream is my favorite among the three products sent to me. I have to admit that there are times when I am just in a hurry to go to the office or elsewhere that I tend to forget to apply my deo. Pero sa totoo lang, I do not use deo that much. I do not swear easily so I use deodorant like 3-4x a week (sometimes even less) but with Manila's humid weather, I would always fear that bacteria growth on my UA is faster and as such, it can cause me body odour. Good thing, this Whitening Cream has a very nice scent and for me (as in para sa aking opinion lang po), it also helps prevent body odour by working overnight. Yes may ganong factor akong naiisip. This smells really good. It is a very lightweight cream, not sticky and is readily absorbed by my skin after a few seconds to a minute (pag marami ka nilagay) of application. This contains Alpha Arbutin and Hydroxyphenoxy Propionic Acid . It helps in preventing redness caused by habitual plucking and waxing. I noticed that my chicken is less visible lately.
The best thing about this Cream is that it can also be used on inner thighs, elbows, knees and well even areolas (meaning this is a very gentle cream because it is dermatologist tested,Hypoallergenic and clinically formulated ). I love the squeeze tube packaging as well. This costs Php 349.75 per tube.

How do I use this Cream? After taking a shower, I apply a gentle and whitening toner on my underarms then after a few minutes, I apply this cream on both UAs.

That's it. I will make a follow up review if this can really make my UA lighter/whiter. 

Have you tried these newest products from Belo Essentials?


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  1. I'll start using this product na din just bought mine,Waa lang ako ng night cream =)

  2. I tried this because I've had dark patches under my arms for years.
    but when I tried this it worked amazingly thank you so much <3

  3. I'll this belo whitening cream instead

  4. hello po. ask ko lang po if it really woks po sa dark underarms? thanks po

  5. This product helped me whiten my underarms! Check out this review:

  6. Yep, totally worked for me. There was a great difference especially with the color. Check out this review :)

  7. Hi thanks for your review :) First read about Belo deodorant on and they highly recommend it :) Juat need a second opinion to try it out hehe

  8. hi where can you buy these products?

  9. Hi ,where I can buy this product.. I really wanna try this..


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