What's New: K-Palette Lasting 2Way Eyebrow Pencil

K-Palette has recently launch their newest Lasting 2Way Eyebrow Pencil. If you are a fan of their liquid pen and brow duo, then, you might be interested with this newest brow wonder. This brow duo comes in a twist up pencil and a sponge tip applicator where powder gets dispensed. 
The Sponge is in white and has that rubbery feel compared to the sponge tip of the liquid and powder duo. This shape of the powder sponge is a semi pointed dome which makes application easy and precise. 
The pencil, on the other hand, is thin or slim. I have issues with slim retractable pencils because I have a very heavy hand, thus, I tend to break them easily. Surprisingly, this pencil did not break at all. This 2way Eyebrow Pencil comes in three shades:

Light Brown (01)- a light brown shade. The powder has hints of golden tones to it.
Natural Brown (02) - If you are undecided on which shade to get, No. 02 is always the safest and most versatile shade of KPalette brow products. I have been a fan of this shade whether it be in liquid form or in their 2way collection. This shade a true medium brown with no hints of red at all. It matches my brownish black hair perfectly. It looks very natural on me.
Grayish Brown (03)-  This is a ash brown shade. True to its name, it has a dark gray hue that is perfect for a stronger brow game. 
As always, K-Palette never fail to impress me. I know I sound like a broken record or more of a paid advertiser of K-Palette. With all honesty, this product is really really good if you want a very natural brow look. The pencil is not at all waxy. The pencil has a sheer texture but the color is vivid and adheres very well on my brows. I like to outline my brows with the pencil with light feathery strokes. After that, I fill in my brows with powder and sometimes I go back with the pencil again to darken some areas. The brow powder has a very silky consistency and the color is quite buildable. Sometime, I do the reverse like apply the powder first then outline the brows using the pencil. Either way, I am impressed on natural and clean my brows look. The pencil and the powder are both blendable. The best thing about this 2 way brow pencils is that they are very long lasting and insanely waterproof. I do not need to retouch my brows too much throughout the day. Sometimes, I just grab the pencil and fill in some gaps and areas (especially the tail) and my brows look on point once again. This 2 way brow pencil is also waterproof yet very easy to remove with the use of makeup remover. This did not irritate my skin despite having psoriasis patches on either my brows every now and then. 

The cons? I just find the pencil part a bit short. I have been using mind for almost a month now and I fervently hope that it will survive another month.hehe

Here is my before and after look using the K-Palette Lasting 2 Way Eyebrow Pencil.
I highly recommend this 2 way Eyebrow pencil to all of my readers. Since this is waterproof, I am rest assured that my brows will not do any disappearing act despite the heat, water or sweat every time I hit the gym or the beach. 

This retails at 795 pesos at Beauty Bar.

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Have an awesome summer everyone! Godbless!!

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  1. It's a bit expensive for a short pencil, but I guess you're paying for the formula!

  2. This is really good.


  3. Beautifully done eyebrows.This helped me a whole lot. I really recommend it.

  4. Hi, may i know if you can go swimming with this? Thanks! :)

  5. Hi! May i kmow if you can go swimming with this? Thanks!


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