Unsung Heroes: Six Products That Are Really Really Good!

Oh how I miss blogging!!! Yay! Finally had the chance to sit and do something fun and relaxing. I have been busy with the gym! Yes, inaraw araw ko si Gold's. hehe Hence, the lack of updates. Sorry nemen girls and gals, I got too excited with my #sexybrideproject that I worked out every night. As in. Walang mintis. hehe Anyways, I will be blogging about these amazing products that I have been loving and using a lot of the past months. These products truly deserve a s pace in my blog and all the raves (I can give). Alam niyo naman if I like a product, I will rave about them talaga but if I don't sorry na lang ibblog ko pa rin kayo. hehe I have always wanted to make separate posts for each products listed in this post but due to my busy schedule, I always forget to that is why I opted to pool them in one post. :)
I have developed this bad habit of heavily drawing my brows. In effect, mukha akong kilay na tinubuan ng mukha. My fiance even hinted that my brows look too strong then I tried applying this mascara and he instantaneously said, "Yan! Mas maganda!!" Eh ako naman kilig diba? So, from then on I have been using this product nonstop. I almost cried when I misplaced it. This is available in two shade - Light Brown and Natural Brown. I have not yet used the lighter shade but I have been using the Natural Brown for months. Despite my continuous and almost daily use of this product, this has not yet dried up. The Natural brown shade suits my dark black brown hair. The shade does not have any shimmer unlike other brow mascaras I have tried. Like its shade name, it looks very natural on me. It does not clump but the product needs to spread/coated on the brows with a spoolie for a better effect.
 The brush is made of plastic and it looks like a tiny toothbrush. :) This mascara is very long lasting and it keeps my brows in place.
I have blogged about this before but this deserves to be in this blog post because this product is probably my HG loose powder. Yes. Kabogera ang powder na ito. I bought this on a whim when I went to Korea. Why? this was on sale for 300 pesos. I just bought this because it was on sale and I have been seeing this online. It is housed in a huge tub/pot. This is a very fine loose powder that applies smoothly on the skin. The shade Original Beige is quite translucent but has that luminous or slightly brightening effect. This sets my undereye concealer and foundation like a dream. I highly suggest this for pro makeup artist and even for everyday use. It does not alter the color of my foundation nor does it add up to the heavy layer of foundation. Hence, it is very advisable to use as setting powder for heavy foundations. This gives a very flawless and photogenic finish. As in. This will be part of my wedding makeup kit. :) Ganon siya kaganda.  
 Also, I find this very suitable for those with dry flaky skin like me because it does not highlight my dry patches. It also keeps my foundation in place. The puff that comes with it is really good. What I only disliked about it is that the opening on the sifter is quite big. You may refer to the photo above. I like this way way better than the over rated Ben Nye Powder. The Ben Nye works best for oily skin but it does not work for me at all. Below is a comparison of this Palgantong Powder and Ben Nye.
You can see that the Ben Nye Powder looks so dry and matte on my skin to the point of being chalky. The Palgantong Powder looks luminous and even. :) Now, you know why I like it.
This is truly one of the best light-medium drugstore concealer in the market. The shade range is beyond amazing. They have 18 shades which practically covers all skin colors and skin tones. I have already finished three tubes of the shade pure beige and I got new ones last last month. I ordered it online for only 120 pesos each. I got my shade, Pure Beige, Beautiful Bronze for contouring and Classic Ivory for highlighting. This comes with a brush tip applicator that might be a sanitary issue for some people. This has a very nice light coverage which be built up to a medium one. The shade pure beige is my perfect match. I can even use that shade as a foundation but I use it to cover up my dark circles. It goes on smoothly when applied but compared to high end concealer like MAC's pro longwear, this does not last very long. Despite this, I keep on using this concealer for everyday use and I always carry it with me because I can touch up my undereye by mid day without adding cakiness on my skin. It looks pretty natural on the skin. 

This is another product that I bough in Korea last November. I was actually looking for Dr. Oil Queen (if I am not mistaken) from Holika Holika but at that time, such product was already out phased out. Since Tony Moly was on sale at Lotte Department, I immediately grab this baby. This is a white translucent powder. No, this is not like a white Johnsons and Johnsons Pressed Powder in White. This is way way better. This does not look too chalky on my skin. I used this on super humid days when my foundation seem to slip off or melt. This magically keeps my foundation intact. This is is also my immediate remedy to remove greasiness or oiliness. Fresh freshan lang ang effect. The downside is that it can have a whitish cast when left unblended. 

A sorority sister of mine gave this cream to me. I immediately used it because I ran out of my  Physiogel Cream. This product keeps my skin supple and well hydrated. This works best on my psoriasis flare ups and keeps my dry flaky patches at bay. This makes my skin very soft and baby like. This does not have any scent plus it did not irritate my skin. On days when I have nasty rashes, this product is the only thing I need to soothe the itchiness and redness. 
Truth be told, I am not a fan of mosaic blushes and bronzer. I really think that most product with such appearance would look too light on  my skin. This product is the total opposite. At first glance, I did not like this blush at all. What's up with the white shade and the mosaic thing going on? I even told myself that the small brush will end up in the trash bin. The first time I tried this blush, I was utterly impressed on how well the shade suit my medium yellow skintone. It made my skin looked blooming and fresh. That small brush is actually really really good. It is quite soft and. it applies the product evenly and smoothly on my cheeks. The blush itself is quite pigmented. The best part about this blush is its staying power. It is one of those powder blushes that stays put for HOURS!!!!! I mean it. I can commute and do zumba and this blush sticks like crazy! Here is a picture of me using it! Oh diba? It looks so pretty. I am still thinkng if this is the blush that I will be using on my wedding but it is definitely shortlisted. :) 
That's it!! What products are you loving lately?


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  1. Saan mo nabiling online shop yung pro conceal sis?

  2. your makeup is so naturally looking. how i wish i can do that. i heard so much about k palette row mascara, will.try it soon!

  3. I would love to try the L.A girl pro conceal hd.been reading a lot of good reviews and its easy to use and it is affordable but one thing i dont like, it was creasing.

  4. L.A Pro conceal is the best <3 <3 <3 But I do have question, san nyo po nabili ung Pangalatong Theatrical Powder? :>

  5. Thanks for this, sis. I'm very curious about your HG loose powder. :)

  6. I agree dun sa LA Girl concealer! I just ordered two sa makeupinboxph! 120 lang din sakanila! :D

  7. You are so beautiful inside-out even without makeup.
    I use this concealer as well! It's really great,affordable,and comes in tons of colors! Love the review! :)

  8. I only try PHYSIOGEL AI CREAM and I love it! It's really the best! Would love to try your other recommendation especially the concealer! :)

  9. where can i buy PALGANTONG THEATRICAL POWDER IN ORIGINAL BEIGE? i need to replace my baby powder :)

  10. Which online shop did you buy your LA girl Concealer? 😁

  11. i want to try the concealer,it looks amaxing,super ganda nyo promise

  12. i love to try the pro concealer

  13. I could vouch for the LA Girl Concealer, it's really good for covering the blemishes and very bleandable. I got so curious with the Palgantong Theatrical Powder and ordered online, haha! I was kind of surprised upon seeing the powder because it looks pinkish, but it definitely is finer compared to Ben Nye.


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