Eau Thermale Avene Now in MNL plus Avene Micellar Lotion Review

If you regularly visit a dermatologist like me, you have probably heard about Avene from your doctor. This brand has been in my skin care radar for years now but I have never dared tried it because I wanted a brand that is readily accessible in the market or drugstore. I remember that I need to buy this brand from my derma or worse, order it online. Great news to skin care junkies and those who would love to try this brand, Avene is now available in MNL!Let me give you a brief and interesting background about Avene:

"Eau Thermale Avène originated from Avène, a small town in the South of France that is famous for its thermal spring with “healing water.” It all began in 1736 in Avène, a small village located in the south of France. A horse, belonging to Marquis de Rocozels, was allowed to run free for fear of possible contagion as it had a severe skin rash. The animal drank the spring water emerging at a locality called "Verdu", at the foot of the Black Mountain, overhanging the Orb; the horse rolled itself several times daily in a pond fed by this same spring. Shortly afterwards, the horse was seen to have recovered its shiny hair and was soon completely cured. The date of this surprising result is not exactly known but it was probably 1736. The name of the spring is Sainte Odile Spring. The story of this cure, considered at the time to be miraculous, spread rapidly. Doctors in the surrounding regions advised their patients to use warm Avène thermal spring water for their skin disorders in the thermal establishment founded in 1743”. Today, Avène thermal spring water has been an active ingredient in all of the products of the brand – from cleansers to sunscreens." (From Avene PR)

So how did Eue Thermale Avene became such a big brand in skin care? Thanks to Pierre Fabre, a French Pharmacist that developed Avene as a brand. "He incorporated the thermal spring water into skin care products. Eau Thermale Avene is a range of skincare specifically designed for sensitive, intolerant and allergy prone skin. It has its basis in dermatology treatments and is the No 1 Dermo-cosmetic in France and No 2 in Europe for all products sold through the pharmacy channel. Avene is sold in pharmacy and is the link between medicated skincare and cosmetic skincare. The range contains products that are suitable for acne prone skin, atopic skin and extemely reactive skin - it is recommended by dermatologists in many countries throughout the world." (From Avene Website)

Maintaining that dermoscosmetic status in the industry, Avene is sold in leading drugstore nationwide such as Mercury and in some SM department stores. I saw this in Megamall yesterday. Their best seller is the Avène thermal spring water. 

I have not yet have the chance to use the Spring Water religiously but I have been very excited about their Micellar Lotion. It was the first product I immediately roadtested when I cam home from their event. The Micellar Lotion is a 3in1 product  which is a gentle no rinse cleanser, toner and makeup remover in one. This comes in a 200ml Bottle. The Lotion is really lightweight and it felt like water when applied on the skin. It has a very subtle clean and fresh scent to it.
 It feels so gentle and it did not irritate my skin at all. What I love about it does not leave any sticky or greasy feel on the skin. It felt like I washed my face with water and my skin felt so clean. It can remove foundation and blush very well. The downside? I have a very hard time removing my waterproof mascara and eyeliner using this one. I leave a cotton pad drenched with a few drops of  the micellar lotion on my eye for a few seconds and tried gently rubbing off the mascara and eyeliner with it but it can not entirely remove the makeup on my eyes. So, when it comes to  waterproof eyeliner and mascara, I still prefer using cream makeup cleansers. 
One bottle costs around 600-700 pesos. I highly recommend this to those with very sensitive skin and those who do not use eye makeup like mascara or eyeliner on a daily basis. It does a great job of removing base makeup such foundation and blushes. What I really love about this product is the fact that it does not sting my eyes or lids. It also did not cause blurry vision when I tried removing my eye makeup by rubbing a cotton pad with micellar lotion gently on my lids, waterline and even on my lashes. 

Have you tried any Avene Product? Which one is your favorite?


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  1. Avene is great! My derm reccomends La Roche Posay & Bioderma products, so it really must depend from doc to doc.

  2. OMG! You have the micelle solution!!! I have the creamy cleanser. It's suuuuper nice but I'm more curious about the micelle solution!


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