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This post, albeit late for June, just reminds me that konting kembot na lang it is my big day. Wedding bells have been slowly ringing in my head and my emotions are all mixed up. Sorry for always bringing this topic in my blog posts. I turned into a bridezilla a week ago and I am now pacified. haha I received this Caronia Bridal Collection last June and I am loving some of the pro care products from them. The polishes from the Bridal Collection are very classic and elegant. With photos showing off stunning wedding rings and blooming bouquet, Brides are encouraged to wear the best mani on their most special day! Complement wedding accessories with picture perfect nails using Caronia White Rose, Platinum Special, or Silver Platinum for a simple yet elegant finish.

The colors are not new to me as my mom has been an avid fan (like forever) of platinum shades. When she saw the colors from the bottle, she did not hesitate to use them (agad agad). hihi

Aside from the Nail Polishes, I love their Pro Care Line. I am using these together with other brands and they are very nice. I love the Nail Hardener and Base Coat and the Fast Dry Top Coat. 
Nail Hardener and Base Coat
Help strengthen your nails to resist breaking and smooth out ridges with thus dual purpose nail hardener and base coat.

Fast Dry Top Coat
Lets your polish dry in 3 minutes flat (or 40% faster than your average nail polish).

Kwik-Dry  and Cuticle Conditioner
Protect your nails while it dries and at the same time nourish your cuticles. All you need is one drop.
They also gave me their products from the Salon Care Line which consists of the following:

Nail Polish Remover 
Removes Nail Polish fast without drying nails and cuticles. This acetone-based formulation is fortified with moisturizing ingredients to prevent drying and discoloration.

Cuticle Remover 
It softens and helps remove overgrown cuticles for a gentle manicure experience. Its white formulation does not leave stains.

Cuticle Sanitizer
Cleans, disinfects, and sanitizes nails while it keeps cuticles healthy looking.

Love Caronia Nail Care products because they are very affordable and they work really well. For more information about their latest products, 

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  1. I love your "bride"posts sissy. Im excited for your wedding day. congrats already ☺

  2. Magaganda ba yang mga shades? I love caronia too. Lahat yata ng nail products ko are from their brand. Though the frosty nail polish line ang di ko masyado bet but the regular line are the best. Congrats again! Soon welcome to the wife's club. Hehe. Late na pala, maaga pa work ko bukas. I had so much fun reading your post:D bukas ulit!


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