Me Time with Cedar Salon

I was planning to color my hair weeks ago because I will be having my prenuptial photoshoot soon. Thankfully, God heard my prayers because Cedar Salon invited me to their launch. I was very thankful that one of the services they offered to us was hair coloring. Ang bait talaga ni Lord. Alam niya kasing ang dami ko ng gastos for my wedding so He made a way for me to have hair coloring for free. :)  

I am not really fond going to salons because of my scalp psoriasis. I often felt shy and intimidated going to experts because some would insensitively ask me out loud regarding my scalp condition. Due to this, I would rather dye my own hair at home or have it trim at some unnamed parlor along the street. As years went by, I noticed a huge difference with regard to cut and color made by salons vis-a-vis street parlors. Salamat sa mga salon event invites, I get to experience what is it like being pampered in a salon.  So when Cedar Salon invited me, of course, I immediately said Yes! Cedar Salon is a very cozy and welcoming salon with Asian Zen vibe in its interiors. It is located in Wilson Street San Juan and just entering the salon is an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. 

I love how there is an ample leg space between the mirror and the chair. The salon lay out is minimalistic and sophisticated. Despite having an event and being jam packed with bloggers, I really felt pampered and well taken care of by Cedar. Their staff was very efficient and friendly regardless whether I was done or not, they asked me politely if I needed anything or if I feel comfortable. This was a plus point because I had a bad experience with a salon event where they asked me to transfer my seat without even asking if I am finished or not. Ang ending nagbabu ako agad. Maldita lang ang peg ko. 

 The services of Cedar range from premium hair cutting services to technical and coloring to hair/ makeup. Their prices are not that expensive too considering that they use high quality and luxe hair products such as Schwark
I really wanted to have a bayalage but I wanted to do that for my wedding day. Instead, I chose hair coloring. I really don't know the color suitable for me so I asked the stylist to pick the shade that will suit me best. He colored my hair golden brown. I love the fact that they duly noted and followed my request when I told them not to color my roots so the hair color will not touch my scalp. After my hair color, they proceeded to apply a deep repair treatment.  The hair treatment was applied in a massaging manner and I almost fell asleep because I felt like I was in a spa. :)

I also had my manicure and pedicure. Lemuel did this service and I highly recommend him. He removed all my dry skin and ingrown.

Here is the before and after photo of my hair.
I am really loving my hair color. I think Golden Brown suits my skintone perfectly. The color has the right amount of brightness in it. They also gave us Bonacure Hair Therapy form Shwarzkopf.

My overall experience with Cedar Salon was a very nice and solid one. The ambiance of the salon and the friendliness of the staff were a plus points. 
You may call them for an appointmet at (02) 726-7960. Cedar Salon is located at 200A Wilson St., Brgy. Addition Hills, San Juan (right beside Emperor Restaurant and is just across Alex III). 

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  1. An accomodating,friendly and nice staff will always a big factor for me. Sometimes I experience na bigla yung nagaayos sakin magcocomment na ang kapal daw ng buhok ko:D hirap si manay beautician sa pagrebond kaya nagrereklamo na. Haha. Anyway, ang cozy at ang linis ng Cedar salon. Looks relaxing. Tapos ok din naman ang price ng services nila. Infairness golden brown is a good choice. Btw, high five to Lemuel for the job well done:D

  2. Your new hair looks gorgeous! I also feel really shy to go to salons because I have crazy hair and often times they always make comments on how I should do this or do that...but i'm glad you got to experience this before your photoshoot :) I love that color too!

  3. I just colored my hair from black to ash blonde after years of not having any hair treatments. Nainggit ako kasi may mani pedi ka pa which I badly needed right now. Nagsusumigaw mga ingrown ko lols. Big factor din talaga ang customer service sa mga salon. And the color suits on you Ms. Donna :)

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  5. After ive read the 'cozy' part in the first part of your post, i immediately scrolled down to see the pictures and voilaaa~ I want to go thereeee! Im a sucker for cozy places. Haha! Its so cool! Not like the typical commercial salons at the mall or across the street wherein its kinda boring. For me kasi super laki na ng impact if place palang e bongga na plus their staffs. I'll just share to you about my experience last time na nagpagupit ako, since nagmamadali ako dun nako pumunta sa salon sa may street malapit sa school and the dresser chopped of my hair and iniwanan ako agad after. But nung nakiusap ako na gupitan pa onti since i want it a bit shorter, ayun di na maipinta ang face! Dinagdagan pa bayad ko. Kaasar. Disaster ang kinalabasan ng hair ko. Huhu. I swear i will not risk it again sa puchu puchu salons lang. Im happy that the staffs there are accomodating, lalo si Lemuel! I can tell that he's so much accomodating to you ms. Donna. Kudos to those people like him. And my my, ang ganda ng kinalabasan! Super love your hair, kainggit! Hihi.Bagay po sayo yung color. :)

  6. I also wanted to go on a salon that has friendly stuff and do extra care and satisfied their customers. I have many horror experience with salons near our area. One time, i had my hair trimmed and I said cut 2 inches only but I went home with my shoulder length hair. Another is, I have it layered but the gay hair dresser made it super short. I have a favorite salon in Rob Pioneer and I love their services too. Cedar salon's price is a little bit higher than from what I pay with that salon in Pioneer but seeing the cozy feel and trusting your review..if I will be asked, i want to go them too and pampered myself...Btw - your hair color will make you look more younger and maputi.nice! :)


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