Leaders Insolution 2-Step Double Effect V-Line Facial Shaping System Review

I am back!I know I have been not actively blogging lately that is because I celebrated my 30th birthday (ang tander ko na I know) and I had to deal with a  major toothache. Praise God I already had it removed yesterday. Having a very very very low pain tolerance, I used up 5 vials of anesthesia and the procedure lasted for at least an hour at take note, my fiance was beside me holding my hand as if I was undergoing labor. Hay. Kaloka. Thankfully, Dr. Darwin of Shinagawa was very patient. 

Anyways, enough of my personal chika. I have been receiving a lot of Press samples from Leaders Insolution. Honestly, I am not a fan of masks but the masks from Leaders are really good. I have super dry skin and I noticed that the Leaders Masks makes my skin very moisturized. In Asia, particularly in Korea, the V-shaped face is very much coveted because it gives off a youthful appeal. There is also a plastic surgery procedure called the V-Line Surgery due to this trend. For this post, I will be reviewing the Leaders Insolution 2 Step Double Effect V-Line Facial Shaping System. The V-Line Surgery trend is most probably the reason why Leaders Insolution came out with this mask. This mask is really something new. From the name itself, I can not imagine how this product works until I opened it. This is a double effect mask that helps cools, hydrates the skin and smoothen facial lines. It also promises lifting, firming and firming effect on the V Line or Jaw Line. 

The first mask is your usual mask where it has all the essence for whitening, brightening, etc. Like most of Leaders Insolution's mask, the first mask is soaked in a very rich essence. It comes out dripping wet so make sure to remove the excess essence to avoid getting into the eyes.

Step two is the lifting and firming. It comes in this VERY sticky mask with two holes on both ends. Later on, I came to realized that needs to be worn. Please refer to my photo below. 
Ayan!! mukha akong may bali sa panga!!  When this second mask is worn I had a hard time smiling and even talking. It was not painful. Actually, wearing it was quite amusing. I wanted to wear it for an hour but I took out the mask after 30 minutes. There is no mention on the label how many hours can we wear the vline shaping. Did it take effect?I did see a very slight v line form after I removed it.However, I did not see any difference on my jaw anymore after a few hours. I do noticed that it my jaw area became more firm because this mask really lifted and stretched my jawline like a bandage. I think that wit repeated use, this mask can really help in shaping the jaw to a very very minimum extent.

This mask costs 248 pesos. Leaders Insolution has new branches, pay them a visit if the location is near you: SM North Edsa. SM Cebu, SM Cubao, and SM Davao.

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  1. If there is one missing in my skincare regimen, that is putting a facial mask. Ive seen a lot of facial mask reviews but until now, hindi pa din ako nakakabili. I realized that my face looks dull and not glowy. Hope I could try this Leaders Facial mask soon. Thanks for sharing!

    Mommy Rockin' In Style

  2. I'm always in hurry to hit the sack and I rarely put on a mask much more a two step one ( I find it funny how could a mask make my square face v-shape?) Anyway, I usually observe older people to have sagging jaw and perhaps this masks aims to delay it...am I right?

  3. How many masks are there in one pack for the price of 248?

    1. one yung usual mask tapos yung isa yung nasa baba ko but I do not consider that as a mask hehe

  4. I've tried the regular masks pa lang from Leaders which costs about 140+ and I liked the result naman afterwards. Medyo pricey lang to pero worth checking out kahit once lang siguro ^-^

  5. Oh No. LET ME TRY THIS! ill buy nga. I want to achieve that Jaw line too hahaha! my face is bilog grrr!.

  6. Thanks to Liz, I'm a big fan of Leaders masks! It has so much essence so as Liz suggested, I squeeze the extra off the mask and store the remaining essence for later use. Hassle lang na wala pang Leaders malapit sa area ko. :(


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