Review: Revia Hair Color by Verona

Revia is one of the newest hair coloring brands in the market. This brand is available at Watsons nationwide and retail for a very affordable price of 285 pesos. This hair color is available shade. I got the shade Light brown, Dark Brown,Dark blond and Hazelnut. Each box comes with a hair color, activator, after hair cream and plastic gloves.
The instruction was simply to pour the coloring cream in the bottle of activator then mix together (very well). I had a hard time mixing the activator and coloring cream. The coloring cream was too thick that I needed to mix it on a separate mixing bowl. This hair dye does not have any scent and it did make my eyes water. Some strong hair dyes do make my eyes water which is a sign that it is made of strong formulation. 

I did not use this dye on myself because I just had a free hair color at a Salon. So, my lola was the eager beaver to try this new hair color. As you can see on the photo, my lola has thinning hair with white roots as you can see. She also has very sensitive scalp. The box of the Revia Hair Color has an advisory for patch for 24 hrs but my Lola was so eager to have her hair colored so we skip the whole patch thing process.  I just told my lola, "La, pag humapdi or kumati hugasan natin agad ang hair mo!" I was praying she will not get irritated because she might suffer from blisters. Thankfully, there were no irritation or negative reaction. Buti na lang or else patay ako sa Tatay ko. hehe

The activator plus the hair color cream together is not too runny nor liquidity. Hence, I took time to carefully massage the product on the roots. I started applying on her hair near the nape going upwards. The top portion of the hair easily absorbs hair coloring products that is why it is the last portion where the hair dye should be applied. 

On the box,it says rinse after 30 minutes but I asked my lola to let it stay for another 10 minutes because she has lots of white hairs. 
Here is a before and after shot.
What do you think?
After I colored my grandmother's hair very evenly, everyone wants me to color their hair. Ako na ang parlorista!!!! Naman!

Tips on applying Revia Hair Color:

1. Mix the coloring cream and activator on a bowl.
2. Use a comb to separate the hair by layers and make sure you start with thin layers and start from applying from the roots to the ends of the hair. Do not forget to massage after finishing a section.

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  1. Wow, this is only 285? It covers up white hairs nicely!

  2. Mas bet ko parin po talaga yung L'oreal. Pero mukhang maganda naman po ang result sa grandma mo po. Miss Donna Try to go to Heavens po. Maganda rin service nila. First time ko mag pakulay dun before, and tumatagal po talaga sya ng more than half a year

  3. I used 3 boxes of this to color my hair (I've got thick and long hair kasi). Dark blond turns reddish on me hahha

  4. Just tried this on my little sis mukhang mali lang ako ng apply cause it didn't have a significant change on her hair. I guess I should have used two boxes kasi thick hair siya and mas matagal pa sana kasi black talaga hair niya :) I can see it worked for your grandma :)


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