Makeup Battle: Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder vs. Nichido Final Powder in Ivory Glow

 I was never a fan of loose powders. Aside from the fact that this product is very messy to work with, most loose powders I have used in the past just made my skin looked drier. I am more of a 2 way powder foundation type of woman because I love coverage and compacts are perfect for touch ups. When I entered makeup school years ago, I discovered the art of baking and that started my love affair with loose powders. So when I got married in December, I was in the hunt for the best loose powder to set my makeup. After a lot of research, I settled with Laura Mercier Translucent and it was a life changing decision (charoot). This loose powder has become my ultimate holy grail at tinitipid ko pa talaga ang pag gamit dito. Lately, I have been hearing about the Nichido Final Powder. Some say it is a dupe for the Laura Mercier Powder. Siyempre ako hindi ko matanggap!! I do not believe that a 150 pesos powder could match my HG powder costing a hefty price of Php 1650!! Thus, I decided to put these two powders to a test and compare them if they are really alike despite the disparity of their prices.
 Nichido Final Powder
This is not a new product from Nichido. I have been seeing this powder at Nichido Counter for years now. This has a lot  of shades from the lightest shade, to shimmery pinkish tones, to bronze colors. Ivory Glow is the lightest amongst the shades (kung hindi ako nagkakamali). This comes in a plastic tub with sifter. The powder puff that came with it is not useful and feels scratchy on the skin. This has a weight of 25 grams. This has a powdery scent which eventually dissipates after a few seconds from application. The shade Ivory Glow is a light beige color. The packaging does not say where it is made. I presume it is either made in China or Taiwan.

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder
This has been in the beauty market for quite some time now and spotlight was drawn to this powder due to the baking technique. Most youtubers I like love this powder so much. This has more product with 29 grams weight. It is made in the USA. It does not have any scent. This has a very pale yellow almost light ivory color. 

 When swatched side by side, I can not tell the difference. 
 When used on the face, I can't hardly tell the difference as well!! Anong kalokohan ito?!!? haha

To give you a background on the state of my skin, at present, I have super dry and troubled skin and my psoriasis flare up is at its worst due to pregnancy.  So ayan. If ever you have oily skin or combination normal - oily, I can not vouch if these powders will have the same effect on you. 

When swatched, I can't hardly tell any difference between the powders. Both powders are finely milled and smooth. Both powders feel lightweight on the ski. I noticed that Laura Mercier gets easily absorbed by the skin or it easily melts/blends with my skin as compared to Nichido that may need a wee bit more of patting plus there is a need to brush off the excess. The Laura Mercier feels slightly silkier compared to Nichido. (as in slight lang) This is actually unnoticeable pero nagrereview ako so fineel ko talaga ang both powders to differentiate each other. The Nichido Powder also has a bit of brightening effect but Laura Mercier has a more translucent finish and does not add any hint of color to the skin when applied. As for the finish, I must say Nichido looks smoother and more airbrushed on my dry skin as compared to the Laura Mercier. Even my husband commented that the Nichido part looks smoother!! Anuveyen di ako makapaniwala! The Laura Mercier also caked on my under eyes and specifically on other dry areas of my face and the Nichido remarkably did not cling to my dry patches. I feel that my super dry skin (now) does not work well with the Laura Mercier but looking back on my wedding when my skin was at its best, the Laura Mercier gave me a naturally immaculate finish! Pak na pak siya before!! What happened now?

As for longevity, both powders mattified my skin throughout the day. Both powders did not alter the shade of my base (concealer and liquid foundation) except for the slight brightening effect of Nichido. When worn side by side, I can honestly say I can not tell any huge difference between the two.

In terms of application, Nichido works well with a dry powder puff while Laura Mercier works well with a dry powder puff and a damp sponge. I tried applying the Nichido powder with a damp beauty blender and it was a disaster. 
 With Nichido Powder
 With Laura Mercier Powder

Can you tell the difference?

Overall, I love both powders but in this makeup battle, Nichido Final Powder in Ivory Glow wins FOR THE PRICE !!!!! Grabe ahh!! I do not think I will ever purchase Laura Mercier dahil kay Nichido. For 150 pesos, I get seamless and smooth finish. I also love the fact that Nichido works well with my super dry skin. At hello, 150 pesos?? San ka pa? Kelangan ko na ata maghoard ng Nichido!! hihihi

PS: On second thought, mas love ko pa rin ata si Laura Mercier. Pero hindi talaga ako makapili  between the two eh sa totoo lang. 

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  1. i hope you can also test them kung may white cast.. love the review btw.

    1. Sure ako walang white cast ang laura mercier kasi gamit ko siya nung wedding ko ;)

  2. Here is the link to my wedding makeup and photos of my makeup during my wedding.

    I will test Nichido if may white cast sa flash photograpy :)Thanks for the suggestion :)

    1. Yay! And thanks for the review. I bought the Laura Mercier one, but heck if Nichido is really as good, I wouldn't need LM anymore. Do let us know if may white cast si Nichido or wala. I'm loving this segment btw. Super helpful.

  3. they look very different base on the pictures even though you are claiming that they are almost the same

    1. The Lord rebuked me for my previous reaction. For me it looks and feels the same noted on your comment. Godbless :)

  4. Girl, thank you dito! Matagal na ako naghahanap ng decent but affordable na loose powder. I think I'll purchase the Nichido powder asap! Thank you sa review! xxx

  5. Wow Atty., great post! Biglang gusto kong tumakbo sa mall at bumili nito. Can you suggest Nichido loose powder na may yellow finish to offset to light foundation shade? By the way, I'm glad you are posting more blogs now, I missed reading your posts. Thanks

  6. Thank you so much for this post! One of my biggest frustrations is that there are few to no bloggers who sample local products – not just the very popular ones like Happy Skin, but also the "drugstore" ones. Looking forward to more!

  7. In all honesty, Laura Mercier looks waaayyy better on you. It looks seamless on your face whereas Nichido looks kinda "cheap" on the face.

  8. Nichido has a bronzing loose powder (i just forgot the shade's name but I think it is the darkest) according to their SA it is for "bronzing" but as I swatch looks like a body glitter when you blend it to you decolletage.

  9. The price of the product doesn't guarantee its effects. There are products that are cheap but can do the trick ♥ I'm a Nichido fanatic ever since, because their products are affordable and suitable for amateur makeup enthusiasts :)

  10. Wow what a great review! πŸ‘πŸ™Œ
    Hi Miss Donnarence 😍😍😍
    I am Anna DiΓ±o. I am a makeup enthusiast like you po. I am a nursing graduate po but got pregnant right after I graduated from college. After that I never continue the career I chose. I became a full time Mom since 2010. I dedicated my all to my kids.. And now since they're not babies anymore. I have a little time to browse the net and read your blog posts po. Pero since I dont have a job, i really can't afford to buy stuff for me. I always think of my kids, their needs first. So i am really gratefulπŸ™for generous people like you po na sana mapili ako sa mga giveaways. Because I don't have enough money to buy for myself. If ever I have new things these are all given by my parents. And so grateful for them as well.
    Thank you Miss Donnarence and thank you for inspiring me..😍😘♥

  11. Before, hindi ko ganong pinapansin ung nichido powder ko, nsa drawer ko lng sya. Like you, i prefer two way cake foundations because of ghe coverage. But when I learned the art of baking. I was like wowww! Nakakamattify nga sya ng skin and keep your makeup lasts. Nichido is my hg setting powder. I like that you love it too.

  12. my BFF is a fan of nichido powder and she will attest to it for its parang HD coverage and I believe her and you as well :P

  13. I had NICHIDO before, i bought it because of positive reviews . Because i need loose powder to set my foundation and I wanted a cheap but good product I gave it a try.
    For me + for price tag ; + if you want the brightening effect because it adds bit color on your face when applied. + for students , moms , gals on a budget. + because may choices ka ng shades

    Negative (- ) for me because I dont want a loose powder that adds color on my face when applied .

    ~~~ Laura Mercier , never tried yet. But I believe Mabibili din kita, sana? Haha. Hopefully.
    The reason why I wanted to try this product even if the price is wow! Ouch on my wallet. Because they say it really melts on your face and disappears when applied . no additional hint of color, translucent lang.

    I guess depending on our needs yung magiging the best product for ourselves. ��

  14. I had Nichido before, practically I bought it because its cheap and I wanted a loose powder to set my makeup. + for on budget students, moms etc. ; + for those who wants a hint of color when applied on face
    (-) sya for me because I dont want a slight color or hint of color that adds when applied , minsan kasi it doesnt match sa foundation shade ko yung loose powder.

    Laura Mercier , I wanted to try this for a long time even if its ouch on my wallet, I know , hopefully it will �� me. Simply because its translucent and melts on face daw beautifully according sa mga reviews on blogs and youtube,

  15. Nichido! Classic! Underrated pero one of the trusted affordable makeup brand. Naalala ko tuloy nun college days ko po nun parttimer sa isang foodchain at arcadecenter. Gamit ko eto not the loose powder and tho. Hahaha. Thanks much for the review. Im currently on a look out for a good affordable loose powder kaya ill go and buy this. Now i wonder whT shade to buy tho. Baka same na rin sa inyo. Acidic din kasi ako.

  16. Thank you for this review! I've been eyeing Nichido loose powder for quite some time but nagdadalawang isip ako baka di naman pala okay, sayang lang din yung 150Php. Now I'm fully convinced at bibili na ko mamaya. God bless! :-)

  17. I already bought one yesterday. The same shade and I can say it's lovely! My glow nga yung face ko and fresh looking kahit pawis na. Your review actually convinced me. lol

  18. Hi! I've been eyeing Nichido loose powder and just couldn't find a lot of local reviews until I found your blog. Was about to buy Laura Mercier kahit masakit sa bulsa. Haha. Buti na lang i stumbled upon your blog, by the way i have psoriasis too. Thanks for reviewing this product. It's a big help. :)


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