Revlon Colorstay Brow

This is one of the many Revlon products that I received last December. I was particularly drawn to this product because I have never tried any brow product from Revlon. Since this is from their colorstay line, I presumed that this is long lasting and might be waterproof too. I got the pencil in the shade Dark Brown. 
The product is a retractable pencil with a thick slanted tip. The angled shape makes it easy to precisely outline my brows and the thickness of the pencil makes filling up the brows such a breeze. I find this very travel friendly and easy to use because there is no need to sharpen it. The spoolie that came with this brow pencil is very very nice. The brush is sturdy and the bristles are perfect in cleaning the brows and does a great job of brushing off the excess product applied on the brows. The spoolie is also very useful in blending the product to make it look natural. 
The shade Dark Brown is a deep warm brown that goes well with my dark hair. The pigmentation is just right and is not too dark in It does not have any red tint which I really like. The pencil formulation is thick and a bit waxy. This pencil glides smoothly and does not tug the skin. Since this has a bit of waxy formulation, it keeps my brows in place the whole day. However, there is tendency of this pencil to cake or build up. Applying this with a light hand is advisable while slowly building up the desired color intensity. This stays on my brows the whole day and does not budge at all.  This is fragrance and works well on my skin without causing any irritation.  
This is definitely my go to brow product for weeks now and I am definitely loving it. It works best on clean brows sans any makeup especially foundation or powder. 
With Revlon Eyebrow Pencil/Without

I give this brow pencil two thumbs for ease of use, being travel friendly, and for its staying power.

What is your favorite brow product? 


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  1. These days, I'm loving my Mumuso brow powder. Very natural, easy to blend, and doesn't come off when I blot my oily brows! It comes in a tiny, slim case pa. Travel-friendly!

    1. really? where can we buy it and how much? thanks

  2. Haven't tried this one yet from Loral. Right now, I only use Etude House Drawing Eyebrow pencil and/or Skinfood Choco Eyebrow powder cake when fixing my brows. Will have to check this one out. It looks promising, I must say! =)

  3. Would you know Ms. Donna how much its SRP? thanks

  4. Will update you with the price :)


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