Holy Grail Toner: Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner

2018 is a year dedicated to my first love - skincare. Yes, hindi po foundation ang first love ko. Haha Long before makeup, I was a skincare fanatic. I remember I spent a good amount of my allowance on facial wash, moisturizer, and sunblock. However, I never followed the cleanse, tone, moisturize routine because I purposely skip the toner part. I was never fond of toners. I tried a few toners years ago and I never liked them. I felt that the toning the skin is a superfluous routine. Instead of prepping my skin with toners, I bank on rich moisturizers but for years I exeperienced flaking and dry patches all over my face. I always thought using heavy duty moisturizers will fully hydrate my skin but it did not work out as I expected. In December 2017, I discovered the Dear Klairs Supple Preparation Toner (my first love) and it serves as a gateway for my love for toners. Then, I chanced upon Gothamista on Youtube. She feautured the Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner as one of the best toners she have tried. This toner is developed and manufactured by Pyunkang Oriental Medicine Clinic in South Korea that specializes in treating patients with sensitive skin. In fact, according to articles I found online, this clinic developed Pyunkang Yul skincare line to primarily cater those people suffering from atopic dermatitis.

When compared to the Dear Klairs Toner and Missha Time Revolution Essence, this toner is more runny and lightweight. This feels like water on my skin. This toner is made of 91. 3% milk vecht root extract. This toner does not contain unnecessary ingredients such as fragrance or dyes. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. My skin is combination dry and sensitive skin with psoriasis. I have psoriasis since I was in grade 5 and hydrating my skin is always a must. This toner is so lightweight that I find it perfect for the seven skin method. Once applied on the skin, I can instantly feel immediate hydration. 

This removes the tight feeling on the skin after every wash. It also preps my skin very well for my next skin care routine. This made my moosturizer adhere better on my skin. I also noticed that the incorporating toners in my skincare routine made my skin more hydrated. 

The Pyunkang Yul Essence Toner is so refreshing and has made my skin look more supple. I also experienced less skin irritations and rashes ever since I used this product. It also works on areas where I have psoriasis flare ups. Overall, I love this toner so much and it has got be my ultimaye skincare discovery for 2018!

I bought this product at Althea Korea for 540 pesos. 

What is your favorite toner?


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